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"This…" School Head Mo and School Head Zhao fell silent.

They had seen the young man's talent in beast taming and smithing, but in the Way of Medicine… 

One must know that treating a patient was an extremely complex study. Due to differences in constitution and cultivation technique, each patient's condition was unique. Even if two people were suffering from the same ailment, the medicine that was effective on one might not necessarily be effective on the other. 

In order to make the correct judgements for a treatment, knowledge was not enough. One needed vast amounts of experience as well.

As such, most physicians chose to roam the world and even frequent battlefields. Only by expanding their horizon and encountering more patients would they make progress in the Way of Medicine.

As such, the older a physician was, the more skilled they were likely to be.

Even if Zhang shi possessed superb talent, he was only twenty this year. Could he really be a match for the experienced You Xu who had lived for nearly a thousand years?

"I think so… I asked him, and he seems really confident," Zhao Bingxu replied.

Despite his positive words, his tone carried slight traces of hesitation.

So far, he had only seen the other party's aptitude in smithing. As for treating a patient… never before. Without anything to work with, it would be hard for him to make an accurate deduction.

"Please be assured, Zhang shi will surely emerge victorious!" Seeing the conflicted and worried expressions of the trio, the middle-aged man who had just reported the matter to them spoke up.

"Zhang shi will surely emerge victorious?" The four school heads turned to look at the middle-aged man doubtfully.

Zhang Xuan was going to face one of the top physicians of Hongyuan Empire, how could that fellow be so confident of the outcome?

"It seems like you are still unaware," the middle-aged man said.

"You should have heard of the Three Great Trials of the Physician School, right?"

"The Three Great Trials? Do you mean the Malady Platform, Wall of Dilemma, and Tower of Physicians?" School Head Mo replied.

Those three infrastructures formed the basis of the Physician School, so even the other school heads had heard of them as well. 

"Zhang shi… In the first ten minutes, he tore down the Wall of Dilemma. In the next five minutes, he left the Malady Platform crumbling. While strolling through the Ancestor Forest to return to the Tower of Physicians, he induced the shattering of all the tombstones erected there… After which, in less than ten minutes, he managed to clear the 4-star to 6-star physician examinations, leaving the wills of the predecessors in the Tower of Physicians feeling defeated, thus resulting in the collapse of the Tower of Physicians as well," the middle-aged man said with a bitter smile on his face.

"The current state that the Physician School is in was caused singlehandedly by him… How could a person who possesses such astounding medical skills possibly lose?"

"T-this…" School Head Zhao and the others widened their eyes in shock.

When they arrived at the Physician School, they had also been perplexed to see the mess it was in. To think that the culprit behind this would be that fellow as well!

Tearing down the Wall of Dilemma, crumbling the Malady Platform, destroying the Ancestor Forest, and demolishing the Tower of Physicians… Just how formidable must one's medical skills be to be able to achieve all of these feats?


Standing beside School Head Mo, the head of the Physician School, Zhong Dingchun, who had remained silent all this while, staggered weakly upon hearing those words, and muttered in disbelief, "All of this happened… just because You Xu was unwilling to sell a medicinal herb to Zhang shi?" 

The middle-aged man nodded. "From the current news we have, that seems to be the case!"

"You Xu, screw your grandmother…" Zhong Dingchun nearly spurted a mouthful of blood out of sheer frustration.

Freaking hell! Do you think that it was easy for the Physician School to come this far? Yet, you caused such a mess just by offending a single person. How do you expect me to face the preceding heads of the Physician School?

With this, I will become the most disgraceful school head in the entire history of the Master Teacher Academy…

During my administration, a student actually managed to cause such devastating damage to the Physician School, and through legitimate means at that… The heck, just what have I done so wrong to deserve this?

I was doing nothing in my residence when this came out of nowhere. You Xu, are you sure you aren't a spy sent by others to do me in?

Zhong Dingchun gnashed his teeth furiously. "After this, I will make sure to strip him of his position as the vice head and make him grind himself to dust reconstructing the Tower of Physicians… No, that won't quell my anger. I will make him clean every single toilet in the Physician School…"

The other vice school heads helped their own school by bringing in top-notch talents and maintaining order, but this fellow… not only did he break his promise, he even set such a talent thoroughly against the Physician School…

What will others think of the Physician School when they learn of it?

Just why in the world did I appoint this darned thing as the vice head of the Physician School…

"My condolences!"

Seeing the frenzied state that School Head Zhong was in, School Head Mo and the others shook their heads and sighed deeply.

Of all people You Xu could have offended, he just had to pick on the most monstrous student the Master Teacher Academy had ever had since its inception.

It was fortunate that the other party had only torn down the Tower of Physicians before challenging You Xu to a Life-and-Death Physician Duel. If he had headed to the other facilities as well… this day might just have been the final day of the Physician School!

At this point, Wei Ranxue couldn't help but heave a long sigh of relief. Thank god that the examination for our Terpsichore School is much easier… Otherwise, who knows what could have happened to our Terpsichore School!

While attempting to take the blacksmith examination, Zhang Xuan had destroyed half of the Blacksmith Guild along with the entire Passageway of Corridors. It was even worse for his physician examination—the Physician School lost its Wall of Dilemma, Malady Platform, Ancestor Forest, and Tower of Physicians, and it seemed that a vice school head was still waiting to get onto that list…

It was truly fortunate that she had made the wise call to apply for the 6-star terpsichore emblem for Zhang Xuan directly. Otherwise, her small Terpsichore School couldn't possibly have survived the Zhang Xuan Ordeal.

Hearing those words, School Head Mo's eyebrows immediately began twitching. "Then… should I apply for a 6-star beast tamer emblem for him, too? What if he suddenly thinks of taking the examination in a few days' time?"

"…" The middle-aged man.

"…" The other three school heads.

Meanwhile, amidst a huge gust of wind, Vice School Head You Xu landed on the platform.

Placing his hands behind his back, he gazed at Zhang Xuan menacingly with narrowed eyes. Carrying a domineering aura as if the entire world was in his grasp, he sneered coldly, "With your measly capabilities, you dare challenge me? I won't bully you. I will let you choose what kind of duel we shall have!"

A duel between physicians could be mainly classified into two categories—quantity and quality!

In a duel of quantity, the physicians would be gauged based on the number of patients they could treat to a satisfactory degree within a set period of time, conventionally two hours. On the other hand, in a duel of quality, the physicians would be tasked to come up with a prescription for the same patient, and they would be judged on how easy it was to concoct the prescription, its price, and the effectiveness of it.

"As expected of Vice School Head You, he sure is magnanimous!"

"Of course! As a 6-star pinnacle physician, it's a piece of cake for him to deal with a freshman…"

"You're my idol, Vice School Head You!"

Under normal circumstances, the challenged person in a Life-and-Death Physician Duel would have the right to select the format of the duel, and yet, Vice School Head You decisively gave away this advantage to Zhang Xuan. His magnanimous actions immediately won him the applause and admiration of many amidst the crowd.

Did you see that?

That is the magnanimity that a master teacher should have!

For a freshman who has barely learned peanuts about the Way of Medicine to be so arrogant as to challenge a veteran such as Vice School Head You… Even if he's given you the advantage of choosing, can you win?

"There is no doubt; that fellow Zhang Xuan will surely lose. Just because he has achieved that little bit here and there, he forgot his own place. Today, Vice School Head You will beat him back to where he belongs!"

"I heard that he established a new student faction called the Xuanxuan Faction or something a few days ago. Those freshmen sure are brazen to attempt to overthrow the long-established hierarchy right after their enrollment. As their ringleader, he must be punished sternly as a warning to others…"

Upon hearing that Zhang Xuan was so brazen as to challenge a vice head of the Physician School, many of the seniors couldn't help but gloat gleefully.

This is the Master Teacher Academy, not whatever rundown village you come from. Instead of lying low obediently, you chose to go around causing trouble. Now, you shall suffer the consequences of your actions!

Hearing the discussions below, You Xu felt a surge of confidence, and he mocked Zhang Xuan coldly. "Why? You are the one who challenged me. Are you scared speechless now that I am standing before you?"

Seeing You Xu's majestic disposition, another round of cheers broke out beneath the stage.

In stark contrast to the delighted cheers of the crowd was Sun Yuan, who was on the verge of bursting into tears after rushing over to the platform as fast as he could and seeing what he saw.

His teacher was currently overloaded with confidence, but if his teacher had seen what he had seen just a moment ago, he wouldn't be acting in such a manner…

Not daring to waste a single moment, Sun Yuan hurriedly sent a telepathic message over.

"Teacher, I have a matter that I must inform you of right now!" 

"Right now? Can't you see that I'm busy?" You Xu's eyebrows shot up in displeasure.

His student, Sun Yuan, might be a talented physician, but wasn't he way too lacking in his sense of timing? Couldn't Sun Yuan see that he was busy over here?

"This matter is really urgent, so I can't put it off. Otherwise, I fear that teacher might be disadvantaged in the duel!" Despite seeing his teacher's livid expression, Sun Yuan knew how important this matter was, so he pushed on.

"Disadvantaged?" You Xu frowned.

"Yes. Zhang shi, just a few moments ago, managed to clear the 6-star physician examination!" Fearing that his teacher would lose his patience, he hurriedly got straight to the point.

"He cleared the 6-star physician examination despite his lacking cultivation as a freshman? It seems like he does possess some true capability…" You Xu was stunned for an instant before nodding slightly.

It was no wonder the other party had won the favor of School Head Zhao and the others. He was indeed a talented individual.

But, so what?

The other party was a freshman who had only recently cleared the 6-star physician examination. On the other hand, he was a veteran who had immersed himself in the Way of Medicine of nearly a thousand years. Did he need to fear an inexperienced brat?

"Not only so, he went to the Wall of Dilemma… and singlehandedly, he solved all of the problems on it!" Sun Yuan continued.

"Wall of Dilemma? Is that even within the means of a new 6-star physician? Let me guess, he went back without even solving a single problem, right…"

You Xu was in the middle of his sentence when the meaning of Sun Yuan's words suddenly struck him, and he froze. "What did you just say? H-h-h-h-he solved all of the problems on it?"

"Yes, and that's not all…" Sun Yuan swiftly went through what he had encountered previously.

"The Malady Platform collapsed?

"The tombstones in the Ancestor Forest shattered out of sheer embarrassment?"

"While clearing the 6-star physician examination, he left the lingering will of the predecessors ashamed of their ignorance, thus inducing the collapse of the Tower of Physicians?"

"So, he is the culprit of the mess I see before me…"

Every single matter that Sun Yuan spoke about was like a bolt of lightning striking You Xu. In that instant, he felt as if someone had thrown him down an abyss that was thousands and thousands of zhang deep, and it was just a matter of time before he went splat.

Putting everything aside, he couldn't even solve a single question on the Wall of Dilemma. Yet, the other party actually solved more than five hundred of them in a single breath…

Was that even humanly possible?

I am facing such a monster in a Life-and-Death Physician Duel?

You must be pulling my leg, right?

You Xu had thought that the other party was just a mere chick which he could squash with one hand tied behind his back. Yet, he realized that his judgement had failed him, and the other party was actually a majestic dragon of the heavens, an existence who could destroy his world with a breath!

"That's right… I fear that the odds are against Teacher in this duel!" Sun Yuan said worriedly.

You Xu's body swayed weakly, and it looked as if he would collapse at any moment.

How in the world is this 'the odds are against me'? More like I don't even have a single odd in my favor at all!

If he were to really compete with the other party, it would definitely be his head that rolled.

If only he'd known that this would happen, he would have never agreed to it.

"Why didn't you say so earlier…" You Xu couldn't help but berate in fury.

If only Sun Yuan had told him this earlier… What was the point of telling him this now that he had agreed to the duel? His acceptance had already reached the Physician Guild headquarters; it was too late to back out now.

"Didn't Teacher tell me to warm up some fine wine to wait for your return," Sun Yuan replied indignantly.

It wasn't that I didn't want to speak, but you didn't give me a chance to do so!

You Xu's mouth twitched. "Warm up some fine wine…"

As the memories regarding everything that had happened earlier flashed through his mind, You Xu couldn't help but feel extremely stifled inside.

I only refused to sell you a Ten-leafed Flower, did you need to leave the Physician Guild in such a state?

To challenge me to a Life-and-Death Physician Duel on top of everything else…

Even if I win this duel by some chance, I will still be skinned alive by the school head!

Just what the heck is this!

Looks like I have reaped what I have sowed. As bitter as the fruit may be, I have no choice but to swallow it…

In that instant, You Xu felt his eyes reddening.10 chi, or 3.58 meters (11 feet 9 inches)

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