Library of Heaven's Path
1481 Luo Xuanqing's Wrath
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Library of Heaven's Path
Author :Heng Sao Tian Ya
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1481 Luo Xuanqing's Wrath

The person who had assaulted him was none other than his future brother-in-law, Luo Xuanqing!

Before he went to the Zhang Clan, he had helped Luo Xuanqing deal with his lightning tribulation, and as a show of trust in him, the latter had also confided in him his plans to assassinate him and tried to entrust the task to him. They had been as close as real brothers then! Why would Luo Xuanqing suddenly turn against him now?

If not for his recent breakthrough, which allowed him to dodge swiftly, he might have sustained heavy injuries by now!

"Die!" Luo Xuanqing bellowed.


With a deafening roar, Luo Xuanqing flitted forward like a streak of lightning, and in the blink of an eye, his punch was already right before Zhang Xuan.

He had already reinforced his Dimension Sundering realm cultivation completely, allowing him to call forth far greater strength than before. For one, the sheer might of his strength had compressed the space so much that Zhang Xuan felt as if someone had lifted a metal sheet and was hurling it at him.

"Are you out of your mind?" Zhang Xuan did not expect the other party to make a move on him without any hesitation, using such a vicious technique toward him. His hair immediately stood on end.

At this moment, he had not fully fused his Primordial Spirit and physical body together, and if not for his tenacity pushing him on, he would have already fainted.

While he had recovered sufficiently to move about, he could only summon a fifth of his original strength in his current state. Thus, he had no choice but to evade Luo Xuanqing's attack.


Barely after he had dodged, a resounding explosion echoed, and another spatial rift was torn open where he had been standing at previously.

Luo Xuanqing's Saint 8-dan cultivation, paired together with the innate comprehension of space due to his Luo Clan bloodline, granted him tremendous fighting prowess. Even ordinary Saint 8-dan pinnacle experts would not stand a chance against him!

Si la!

Despite his strike missing, Luo Xuanqing continued rushing at Zhang Xuan, launching attack after attack frenziedly.

His silhouette seemed to be weaving through the very fabric of space, shockingly moving at a speed faster than even the Heaven's Path Movement Art. In the blink of an eye, he was already standing right before Zhang Xuan once more, not giving the latter any chance to take a breather.

"I went to the Zhang Clan because I had something up. I really didn't have time to kill your target for you!"

Thinking that Luo Xuanqing was angry at him for not helping him assassinate himself, Zhang Xuan anxiously tried to explain himself as he dodged from side to side.

Unfortunately, the explanation only seemed to have provoked Luo Xuanqing further.

After seducing my younger sister, how dare you act as if nothing is wrong at all?

You shameless cad!

"You b*stard!" Luo Xuanqing roared angrily as he thrust both of his palms toward Zhang Xuan.


In that instant, Zhang Xuan felt the surrounding space collapsing on him, rendering him immobile.

If not for his current condition, he definitely would have been able to break Luo Xuanqing's Spatial Seal even with his Phantasmal Space realm pinnacle cultivation. However, the giddiness plaguing his head was already making it an arduous task for him to remain in the sky. He was in no position to protect himself.


A punch sunk into Zhang Xuan's chest, causing his face to turn pale. He was rammed right into the ground, creating a huge pit beneath him.

"Please, I'm begging you all, don't fight here, alright? We have just fixed this place…" Elder Su cried desperately as he watched the battle between the two.

The Formation Master Guild would be destroyed each time the King of Destruction descended upon them. It was one thing if the two of them had gone there to take an examination, but why the heck did they have to choose to fight there?

Just how in the world did our Formation Master Guild offended the two of you for you to do this to us?

Paying no heed to Elder Su's cries, after punching Zhang Xuan into the ground, Luo Xuanqing pushed himself against thin air and whizzed right toward him once more.

Peng peng peng peng!

It was as if Luo Xuanqing's arms had multiplied into eight; countless punches just kept raining down upon Zhang Xuan.

Zhang Xuan was completely incapable of dodging the punches at all. Under the furious barrage of attacks, blood spurted from his lips.

"Stop it, are you insane?" Zhang Xuan hurriedly drove his zhenqi to heal his wounds as he bellowed angrily.

Just how had he hit Luo Xuanqing's nerves this time around?

They had parted on a good note, so why would the other party suddenly assault him as if a madman without saying a single word at all?

"Insane? If I'm insane, you are the one who has driven me so!" With reddened eyes, Luo Xuanqing charged forward and sent a kick toward Zhang Xuan.

"You…" Knowing that he would sustain severe injuries if he was hit, Zhang Xuan suppressed his giddiness and waved his hand.


The space before him collapsed slightly, warping Luo Xuanqing's kick away from him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

While he might only be at Phantasmal Space realm pinnacle, as one who had cultivated the Heaven's Path Divine Art and the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel, he was already able to go toe-to-toe with ordinary Dimension Sundering realm pinnacle experts. As powerful as Luo Xuanqing was, if he used his Eye of Insight and Library of Heaven's Path, the other party would not stand a chance at all.


Luo Xuanqing's kick ended up striking the ground, sending a massive tremor through the earth as a huge crater was formed on the spot.

After missing his strike, Luo Xuanqing huddled his body together and rammed it right toward Zhang Xuan.


Zhang Xuan wanted to dodge, but another sudden bout of dizziness caused his reaction to be delayed, resulting in him being struck squarely in his chest.

Hong long long!

As if a steel plow, he rolled several rounds on the ground, tearing a gorge several dozen meters long.

A sweet sensation welled up at the back of his throat, and yet another mouthful of blood spewed from his mouth.


After spurting the blood, Zhang Xuan suddenly froze on the spot, seemingly realizing something.

There was no doubt that Luo Xuanqing's attacks were very powerful, and the words that he had said were also filled with anger toward him, but Zhang Xuan found that the other party's attacks were, in fact, superficial. The impact of his blows did not sink deep into his body to puncture his organs and ruin his physiological functions. In other words, he would only sustain external injuries from the assault, and this was far from sufficient to claim his life!

Furthermore, his attacks also seem to be hastening the fusion between my body and my Primordial Spirit.

On top of that, Zhang Xuan also realized that Luo Xuanqing's attacks were highly beneficial to him. The two heavy blows that he had sustained had alleviated the giddiness in his head significantly, and his body did not feel as heavy and hard to maneuver as before.

It looks like he isn't really trying to kill me… Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief as he no longer tried his best to dodge Luo Xuanqing's attacks.

At the same time, he could not help but become even more bewildered as to what Luo Xuanqing was up to.

Peng peng peng peng!

As Zhang Xuan was not dodging anymore, all of Luo Xuanqing's attacks fell squarely on his body. While the powerful might striking his body caused him excruciating pain, his overpowered Primordial Spirit was also slowly fusing together with his physical body once more, alleviating the discomfort and heaviness he felt.

Every single move that Luo Xuanqing has executed harnesses the energy of space, and it's precisely this energy that is resolving the incompatibility between my body and my Primordial Spirit. Zhang Xuan was able to swiftly make sense of the situation.

It might not have been an intentional action on Luo Xuanqing's part, but perhaps due to his Luo Clan bloodline, every single strike of his caused some spatial energy to seep into his body, which aided in pushing for the fusion.

He had been deliberating over this problem for a very long time, not knowing how to resolve it, but who could have thought that suffering a beating from Luo Xuanqing would actually be the key to it?

All along, he had been the one to pummel others in order to treat them of their ailments…

What goes around does come around after all!

Peng peng peng!

Soon, upon seeing that Zhang Xuan had been completely disfigured from his pummeling, the heavily panting Luo Xuanqing finally came to a halt.

It had to be said that Zhang Xuan was really resilient to beating. He had expended all of his strength punching that fellow, but even at the end of it, that fellow was still standing as if nothing had happened at all. From the looks of it, that fellow's defenses were at least on par with Yuan Xiao's.

Stretching his fatigued body, he lay down on the rubble not too far away from where Zhang Xuan was.

"You must make sure to treat my younger sister well! If I ever learn that you have let her down, I'll make sure to kill you with my own hands!"

"Y-you…" Zhang Xuan widened his eyes in shock.

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