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"Many thanks, Teacher." Xue Ying was slightly startled, though he still bowed and thanked the other party.

Old Mother Ying Shan who stood by the side revealed a grin too. She felt that it was normal since Xue Ying was the most dazzling cultivator in the history of Southern Cloud Nation. Even Ancestor Fan took the initiative to accept him as a disciple, so what if the King gave Xue Ying a Magic Dragon?

Southern Cloud King nodded. He turned towards the five other disciples of his and gave a nonchalant smile: "I guess you should know about your disciple brothers and sisters by now."

The personal disciples of the King were famous characters within the Southern Cloud Nation. The weakest was a Conferred King, and that was someone famous already. Hence, Xue Ying naturally knew about them.

"Greetings, fellow Senior Disciple Brothers and Sisters." Xue Ying greeted.

Of the five figures in front of him.

The Eldest Disciple Brother was Monarch Greedy Peng, and also one of Southern Cloud Nation's three Monarchs! Monarch Greedy Peng had followed Southern Cloud King way before the other party created the nation. He was extremely loyal to the King. That time, the Southern Cloud King had experienced really miserable days as well. Naturally, the King had old affection for Monarch Greedy Peng and was willing to give all sorts of treasures to him. Only then was Monarch Greedy Peng able to break through to the Cosmos God realm.

The second disciple brother was 'Gong Liang Yi', currently at the tenth level power. He was an extraordinary genius from the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion who reached the eighth level at the Unity realm and was also a native citizen of the nation. He joined the sect under Southern Cloud King.

Senior Disciple Sister 'Empress Ghost Li' ranked third. She was also at the tenth level power, though she was slightly weaker when compared to the second senior brother.

Fu Ling Yun, Fu Ling Xiao

This pair of brothers were ranked fourth and fifth respectively. That time when the Southern Cloud King was in dire straits, the strongest by his side wasn't Monarch Greedy Peng. Instead, it was another exceptionally outstanding tenth level expert known as 'Fu Chen'. Fu Chen followed the Southern Cloud King all the while. He might be the King's subordinate, but they were like brothers. After Fu Chen died, the Southern Cloud King spent a tremendous amount of effort to raise the two remaining children. When they broke through to the Primal Chaos realm, the King even promoted them to his personal disciples, providing them with a vast amount of resources.

Nevertheless, the talent of these two brothers was ordinary. Even after being treasures were thrown upon them, they remained at the ninth level still.

Hence, from this point, it was easily determined that the Southern Cloud King was someone who remembered old affections.

"Junior disciple brother." The five of them chuckled. In front of their teacher, all of them were enthusiastic and friendly.


On the second day.

It was also the day of the conferment ceremony. The actual conferment had already been done, and on the actual day itself, Xue Ying just had to walk across the stage.

The majority of them liked using their own names as their title conferment! Furthermore, when they created a clan, their name would become the main title for the entire clan.

These titles would also be used to give the city a name, and the name of the residence. All the cultivators did not like to publicize their original name. Xue Ying had also given himself a title–'Flying Snow'. This was the fake name he frequently used, and also the name of his spear which he gave when he was still a mortal.

The entire Southern Cloud Nation was bustling with activity. The royal palace was even filled with many Aristocratic Marquises. Furthermore, some experts from neighboring countries came especially to congratulate Xue Ying too, causing the atmosphere of the ceremony to become even livelier. Even though Xue Ying did not like the crowd, he still had to deal with the Monarchs and Aristocratic Marquises! There were quite a few Cosmos Gods who came from outside the nation. As for the people responsible for managing the branches of those powerful organizations, there were even more who came.

There were quite a few branches of those organizations from the six great ancient nations here, of which their origins were quite huge.

Nevertheless, cultivators still regarded power as the most important. Without power, the statuses of these cultivators would be low even in huge clans. Unless they were 'crown princes' of the sort–as the first child of the Southern Cloud King, he would be pampered.


After the Conferment.

A new city, the 'Flying Snow City', started its construction within the Southern Cloud Nation. This was Xue Ying's city. After all, every Conferred King had a city he owned! Furthermore, being the sixth tenth level expert within the Southern Cloud Nation, his city was exceptionally big–of the same level with Ying Shan City. The construction of this city, even after dispatching many cultivators to build it, would take more than 100 million years.

After all, the most laborious task of building such a huge city would be to carve the entire array. Once this array was constructed, the moment Xue Ying stayed within, he would be powered by the array so much that ordinary Cosmos Gods would be beaten up by him!

But before the city was constructed.

Xue Ying would live temporarily in the capital.


Time passed.

In the blink of an eye, it had been 300 million years since the conferment.

Southern Cloud Nation, Flying Snow City.

The Flying Snow City had already been constructed. Xue Ying brought some people from the Ardent Fire Marquisdom over as well. They were primarily some of the elites from the lineage under his father Ying Shan Lie Hu who came along to help manage the Flying Snow City. Xue Ying did not have the time to maintain a city. Other than the 'Flying Snow City', nine other cities were constructed too, and they were being protected by Xue Ying's sleeping incarnations.

"Hahaha." Ying Shan Lie Hu felt his days becoming colorful. The Flying Snow City was a huge city, and it would definitely bring immense benefits to him. This mission of being the city master would usually be conducted by both Rong Xing Lan and Ying Shan Lie Hu, of which Lie Hu naturally enjoyed being in the glamorous limelight.

Within the Void God Pagoda.

Xue Ying was currently cultivating within. He was seated on that huge rock floating in midair within the God Pagoda.

His body was ordinary and did not emit any powerful aura. This was the normal state of the Southern Cloud Sacred Body when it reached tenth level grand perfection. One had to know that even after reaching the tenth level grand perfection stage, one would not have reached the pinnacle in void-ification. Reaching the pinnacle in the void-ification would allow the cultivator to become one with the essence of the void. That cultivator could completely disappear from sight, and many powerful Cosmos Gods could not even sense the slightest strand of aura from him.

Currently, even though Xue Ying's aura was kept ordinary and reserved, he was still quite a distance away from reaching void-ification pinnacle.

After all, the owned by the Southern Cloud King required the cultivator to reach Cosmos God before it could be grasped! It was impossible for the cultivator to understand it at the Primal Chaos realm.

'I still have to create it myself.' Xue Ying did not lose motivation. He had seen before the scaled-armor from 'General Mo Gu' of the Destruction Devil who had the shadowless talent. The mystical inscriptions on the scaled-armor were naturally formed. They were simple yet mysterious. Xue Ying felt that it was possible for him to grasp it at the Primal Chaos realm. But creating it was ultimately still a difficult task.

Of course, his current concentration wasn't spent on void-ification.

Instead, it was spent on the Southern Cloud 12 Sacred Styles.


With a thought, Xue Ying's body emitted a faint light. Many imprints started lighting up on his body. This body was really a darling of the void. After all, his previous Voidwalker body enabled him to fuse deeply with the void. Now that Xue Ying had the Southern Cloud Sacred Body, it expedited the whole process in allowing Xue Ying to unleash this fist.


That fist was filled with immense power. It was incomparably heavy–as if it brought the entire force from the void together into one single smash.


No sound could be heard. That sound was only a concept heard by relying on perceiving the void.

Xue Ying had even sensed three black fog spherical body particles–the smallest and most minute essence of the void–shattering apart. At this moment, the fist blasted out with a horrifying might! It felt as if the fist had connected to a nightmarish world because the crack was too small–the naked eyes could not even see it.

But nonetheless, a strand of mysterious aura still came out from that crack. Closely following that, the crack formed by those three shattered particles naturally healed.

"That world…" Xue Ying saw it.

This was the clearest he had ever seen it in his life.

Arch Destruction destroyed the cage of this origin world. Even though the crack was so small that the naked eyes could not see it, Xue Ying could still 'see' it genuinely by relying on that extremely tiny crack.

'By relying on the mysterious aura emanated from that crack, I can cultivate the avatar technique.' Only then did Xue Ying reacted. He had fallen into a daze for so long that the strand of mysterious aura had long dissipated.

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