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Standing on the great floating rock, Xue Ying's body was faintly emitting light. He held onto the Scarlet Cloud God Spear and struck it out once again. This strike seemed ordinary, yet it contained the power of the entire void. Eventually, its power converged and brought about the destruction of the essence of the void. Everywhere the spearhead passed produced tiny cracks. It was indeed the weapon Scarlet Cloud Paragon Master used in the past. This stab had produced a crack a few times bigger than previously.

It was too difficult to break the essence of the void and open up the cage.

Even 'Void Primogenitor' from the Primal Chaos Void did not achieve it. Many Cosmos Gods could not do so either.

It wasn't about having power. One had to find the right 'direction'.

For instance, once the direction towards grasping the avatar technique was found, even Primal Chaos experts could learn it! Just like how Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master did so. And if one attempted doing so without having any clues whatsoever, they would be like Sacred Master, Old Monster Stone who could not create the avatar technique despite reaching that level.

It was the same as the 'Arch Destruction'!

This was an incredibly profound use of the Dao of Void. It was about blasting out at the surrounding space, and once that space could no longer withstand the force, it would result in some collapse of its essence!

The 'Arch Destruction' was a tenth level technique! Actually, the 'Shatter Void' was a simplified technique in the same Dao of Void, though it was at the ninth level. And once this technique is simplified further, it would be the eighth level technique, the 'Smoke and Dust Scatter'...

Same logic.

'Spectacular Painting' was the other secret impartation technique at the tenth level. Its simplified version was the ninth level technique, the 'Realm Heart Blade'.

Southern Cloud 12 Sacred Styles…

In reality, it was about moving deeper along two different directions. The 'Spectacular Painting' and 'Arch Destruction' techniques were originally Cosmos God moves. In terms of their profoundness, they had transcended beyond any moves created by Xue Ying in his previous life. He could barely unleash them by relying on the tenth level grand perfection Southern Cloud Sacred Body. And these two moves could still continue to be improved further, though the cultivator had to reach the Cosmos God realm before they could learn them.

'Once the direction is right, a tenth level technique could easily break apart the cage.' Xue Ying relied on the tiny cracks formed when the black fog spherical bodies broke to once again 'see' the outer world. This sort of 'observation' was also a perception based on his senses.

The Realm Heart Great Land was truly vast.

Xue Ying saw that piece of incomparably colossal land, and also the surrounding planets revolving near this land.

He had even vaguely seen what was beyond this 'Realm Heart Great Land' origin world. At an incomparably far distance away, there was another vast origin world.

'Another Origin World?' Xue Ying softly nodded, 'Other than the Primal Chaos Realm and the Realm Heart Great Land, there are other Origin Worlds.'

'But Yuan actually permit absolute talents from the Primal Chaos Void to reincarnate into the Realm Heart Great Land. It seems the Realm Heart Great Land should have quite a deep foundation across many of those Origin Worlds.' Xue Ying made his conjecture.

He kept using the 'Arch Destruction' and perceived the world outside.

Even though every single time Xue Ying perceived the outer world, he would feel stunned–this feeling of stepping into a higher level of life was making him obsessed–he understood that he was ultimately still a life caged in this world. What he could do was merely pry open a small little crack.


Many mysterious aurae came into this Origin World from the higher dimension.

Xue Ying immediately revolved the 'avatar technique'. This cultivation technique was actually a soul technique. Xue Ying immediately began absorbing those strands of mysterious aura into his soul, fusing that energy within. At this moment, Xue Ying felt his soul trembling. It seemed his soul was undergoing a qualitative transformation, and he understood that this was a good change.

His body seemed to become more compatible with the void. It felt comfortable as if he was born to be part of the void.


Because the crack formed was ultimately too small, the mysterious aura that entered was weak too. Xue Ying cultivated for about ten days or so before feeling that his soul could no longer be improved.


A blurred figure suddenly flew out from the white-robed Xue Ying who sat on the great rock. He landed by the side and sat cross-legged. That figure was madly absorbing the World Energy and was turning corporeal rapidly. Eventually, it turned into a golden-robed Xue Ying.

'I've succeeded.' Both Xue Yings' looked at each other.

Even though he had two bodies, their memories were the same.

Nevertheless, this new body which was just condensed out was only an ordinary fleshy body. It did not have the Southern Cloud Sacred Body or the Scarlet Cloud God Spear. It could not unleash a technique at the tenth level power.

'The mysterious aura absorbed by my soul is too little. The rate of metamorphosis is too trivial. Under the suppression from the supreme law, I can only form a single avatar.' Xue Ying thought. He understood after obtaining the complete avatar technique that the reason why one could not form avatars was purely due to the supreme law. But by absorbing this mysterious aura from beyond the cage, it would allow the soul to evolve.

This evolution process was different from what other living beings experience. If one did not absorb this mysterious aura, even Cosmos Gods could not produce avatars.

And as this metamorphosis upgraded, the number of avatars one could have would increase too.

The two avatars looked at each other.

The golden-robed avatar was much weaker. In Xue Ying's plan, it would not be used to fight and kill. Hence, he had placed the remnant energy from the 'Realm Heart Order' into the soul of this golden-robed avatar. After all, with two parts of the soul', the Realm Heart Order energy could only choose to stay in the soul of one of them. Even though the white-robed avatar was stronger, it would ultimately be risking its life outside. Who knew if he might fall one day?


Xue Ying continued cultivation day by day, month by month.

One one side, Xue Ying was studying the void. He had long grasped both styles of secret impartation techniques. Naturally, Xue Ying was currently comprehending the profound mysteries inherent within the 'Scarlet Cloud God Spear' and to deduce the 'void-ification' technique. He always sought to reach the pinnacle of void-ification at the Primal Chaos realm! Xue Ying was currently studying in different directions of the void, and this was helpful towards stepping into the Cosmos God realm in the future.

On the other side, Xue Ying had spent more than half his time cultivating the 'Mirage and Illusory realm'.

The Mirage and Illusory realm had long reached the Primal Chaos realm, yet it was still being improved continuously! Since his realm had reached a sufficiently profound stage in his previous life, and that Xue Ying did not face any bottleneck yet in this current life, he was improving in leaps and bounds. He had even created another ninth level technique in this Dao.

The Void Dao was bumpy for him since Xue Ying had not created any ninth level technique in his previous life despite the solid foundation.

As for the Mirage and Illusory Realm, even though Xue Ying started slowly in them, his progress advanced faster further on. In a single breath, he was able to create a ninth level illusory realm world. The 18 scriptures on Mirage and Illusory Realm had all been studied by him. Furthermore, Xue Ying's current soul was much stronger by 3-4 times that of ordinary Primal Chaos experts. This was the benefit he garnered by proceeding along a Dao path that focused on the soul aspect.

After all, the 'Mirage and Illusory realm' belonged to this aspect.

'This is already the upper limit under normal circumstances for Primal Chaos experts.' Xue Ying thought.

'Unless there is a tenth level secret technique or a powerful secret treasure meant for augmenting the Mirage and Illusory Realm.' Xue Ying pondered.

It was different from other Dao paths.

The Dao path of the soul was rarely cultivated. Like in the Primal Chaos Void, Xue Ying was the first to actually cultivate the 'Mirage and Illusory Realm' within the laws and profound mysteries system to the Primal Chaos Realm! Adding up those ancient cultivators, not a single Cosmos God expert in this aspect existed.

This Dao path… was clearly much harder to cultivate as compared to other Dao paths where the cultivator could interact with water, fire, thunder, particles or space. The Mirage and Illusory Realm was purely a new structured world. It was akin to creating an entirely new world and was incredibly difficult.

Even in the Realm Heart Great Land which had deep foundations, any tenth level Mirage and Illusory Realm secret technique would absolutely not be publicized! Its degree of preciousness was not any weaker than secret impartations that led one directly to the peak.

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