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The reason why it was so precious was one, 'Mirage and Illusory Realm' Cosmos Gods were few in numbers, and two, secret techniques focusing on the soul aspect were horrifying!

For instance, the 'Mirage and Illusory Realm'.

What did an illusory realm at the tenth level represent?

One had to know that many tenth level experts including Xue Ying and Old Mother Ying Shan all relied on external power. For instance, relying on the Southern Cloud Sacred Body or the Scarlet Cloud God Spear. Just by relying on the realm itself, a cultivator could reach the standard of the ninth level at most. Only by relying on external items could the cultivator exert strength at the tenth level. The power of their souls was quite similar to experts at the ninth level.

Only a few cultivators…

Like Xue Ying who had great accomplishments in the Dao path focusing on the soul could improve it further beyond those at his level. Otherwise, the strength of the soul would be limited by a ceiling. Even by devouring 'Essence of Chaotic Origin' or the 'Essence of Blood Spirit' would not nourish the soul as much as those like Xue Ying who cultivated the Dao focusing on soul aspect to such a profound stage.

The Essence of Chaotic Origin was a potent existence condensed from the collection of the essence energy in the Origin World. It was similar to that of the 'Origin World Rock'.

As for the Essence of Blood Spirit, the reason why Black Devil Great Lake carried out Blood Sacrifice was because of this. It was about massacring many lives and collecting the strands of origin energy from the soul of a being, refining them before finally resulting in the 'Essence of Blood Spirit'. It was exceedingly useful to the soul once applied. But its price was extravagant.


The ninth level illusory realm world was sufficient to affect many experts at the pinnacle of Primal Chaos Realm. The majority of them could only exert 40 to 50% of their force. Those with weaker heart temperament would likely fall into the illusory realm.

And a tenth level illusory realm? That was abnormally frightening! Even experts with powerful heart temperament like Old Mother Ying Shan would likely be unable to resist against this technique that could typically be used only by Cosmos Gods. Because by relying on treasures to reach the tenth level, the souls of these cultivators would not be able to resist against such illusory realms. One could say that a majority of tenth level experts were doomed in front of a tenth level illusory realm. Either they fell into it, or they would struggle to maintain a strand of consciousness awake, yet they would not have any ability to resist.

This was a heaven-defying technique.

Once the Illusory realm was exerted.

Either those with a mighty soul and could resist against it.

Or they could not and were doomed. Their life and death would fall into the control of someone else.

'Tenth level experts' could rule a territory within the Realm Heart Great Land. Even when faced with Cosmos Gods, most could easily escape. But facing a horrifying technique on the soul aspect of Dao path, they would simply fall in front of it.

Hence, such 'Mirage and Illusory Realm' secret techniques would undoubtedly be a core secret impartation technique of any organization.


Firstly it was very difficult to cultivate the Mirage and Illusory Realm to the pinnacle and grasp the tenth level illusory realm at the Primal Chaos Realm. Very few could do so, and they could be counted with one's fingers in the entire Realm Heart Great Land.

Secondly, secret impartation techniques at the tenth level were only owned by three great organizations. They were the 'Summer Wind Ancient Nation', the 'Primogenitor Ancient Nation' and the 'Towering Sky Ancient Nation'.

One had to know that the six great ancient nations like the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation who was vaguely the strongest, yet they did not own any 'Mirage and Illusory Realm' tenth level secret impartation technique! One could see how difficult it was to acquire this.

Thirdly, secret treasures on the Mirage and Illusory Realm!

That was the only way one could exert a tenth level 'illusory realm' outside the three great ancient nations at the Primal Chaos Realm. This also led to secret treasures meant for Mirage and Illusory Realm to be extravagant! One single piece… that could only exert the tenth level power at most and were useless to Cosmos Gods would be worth close to 10 billion cosmos crystals. It could match the value of secret treasure weapons used by powerful experts like the Scarlet Cloud Paragon Master.

If it were a Mirage and Illusory Realm secret treasure that could augment the power of a Cosmos God, that price would be even more exaggerated!

The price of this secret treasure was high, and the difficulty of comprehending the absolute art within the secret treasure was even higher. Only those who were talented like Xue Ying would have the hopes of learning it. But even still, the price was still high.

'My realm is sufficient. What I lack now is the secret treasure.' Xue Ying thought.

The most apex secret impartation technique of the Mirage and Illusory Realm?


Even the strongest Myriad Realms Ancient Nation could not get it. And the other three great ancient nations would not let outsiders learn it either unless Xue Ying decided to join them.


Being one of the six personal disciples of the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion, Xue Ying's status was naturally high. He had utilized the entire intelligence network which the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion had across the Realm Heart Great Land, and was able to immediately obtain information regarding those who sell Mirage and Illusory Realm secret treasure in public.

There was only a single Mirage and Illusory Realm secret treasure that was helpful to even Cosmos Gods, and it was known as 'Heart Devil Scepter'. This was left behind by 'Heart Devil Religious Master', a Mirage and Illusory Realm Cosmos God that had already fallen. Its price was unknown! One had to negotiate with the seller.

Other than that, all the Mirage and Illusory Realm secret treasures were of the Primal Chaos Realm the tenth level. There were a total of eight pieces, and their prices range from 12 billion cosmos crystals to 20 billion cosmos crystals.

'There are really too few Mirage and Illusory Realm secret treasures.' Xue Ying sighed inwardly. This was what the six great ancient nations and more than a hundred countries were selling. But because those who required tenth level Mirage and Illusory Realm secret treasures were few and far between, Xue Ying was not worried that he could not purchase any of them.

The only question was if he could afford it?

Borrow cosmos crystals from his teacher? The Southern Cloud King was extremely wealthy, and he was willing to spend on his disciples too. But 10 billion cosmos crystals? Xue Ying did not dare to ask!


During the years of cultivation, even though Xue Ying had some vague understanding towards the 'Cosmos God realm' in both the Mirage and Illusory Realm and Dao of Void, it was clearly not an easy task to cross that step.

"Xue Ying, come over now at this moment." Southern Cloud King summoned him.

Xue Ying immediately brought his Magic Dragon and left the Flying Snow City, heading towards the capital.

Within the royal palace, in the meditation cultivation ground of Southern Cloud King, he remained seated cross-legged on the black grass field. Behind him was a deep mountain range covered in a white fog. And now, there was a tall and thin middle-aged man standing beside the King.


Xue Ying greeted respectfully when he arrived.

"Have you grasped both the secret impartation techniques?" Southern Cloud King asked.

"I did." Xue Ying answered.

"What about the avatar technique?"

"I've succeeded in training that too."


Southern Cloud King softly nodded, "I have a mission for you. Once you completed it, you will be awarded 20,000 contribution points."

Xue Ying carefully listened.

20,000 contribution points?

That was very high already. Within the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion, the absolute art scriptures of the void lineage were things personal disciples did not have to exchange with points for. As long as they cultivated an absolute art scripture to the Primal Chaos Realm pinnacle, they could select another. One could not be too greedy when he had yet to finish grasping the technique.

As for absolute art scriptures that were not of the Void Lineage, the disciples would have to exchange for them. Personal disciples could exchange for them using just one-tenth the contribution points. For instance, the cost 500,000 contribution points for inner disciples, yet personal disciples could get it at 50,000 contribution points. Actually, there was no need to exchange for other absolute art scriptures when the disciple primarily cultivated in the Dao of Void. The 'contribution points' also had another use, and that was to exchange them for all sorts of precious treasures. Similarly, personal disciples only had to use one-tenth the original points to exchange for them with his teacher.

20,000 contribution points could be used to exchange for precious materials worth two billion cosmos crystals.

It was more or less sufficient for him to achieve tenth level grand perfection in the Southern Cloud Sacred Body for his newly-formed golden-robed avatar.

"Currently in the Fiery Zhao Nation, the 'Sky Sword Sect' is rampantly spreading their religion, suppressing my Southern Cloud Sacred Religion." Southern Cloud King said, "The Black Devil Four Nations have always been the core area for my Southern Cloud Sacred Religion to spread, so the influence of Sky Sword Sect has always been weak. But now, they actually came in so fiercely. The Fiery Zhao Nation is the most chaotic country out of the Black Devil Four Nations. That might be the reason why Sky Sword Sect chose to target them first. That country lacked an expert protecting it. You should go over now and help 'Marquis Qu Ming' and think of ways to suppress that Sky Sword Sect. We can't let them go rampant in the Black Devil Four Nations."

The ten great religions.

The other eight originated from the six great ancient nations. They spread really wildly within the ancient nations, though they did not bother about some tiny country.

Only the 'Sky Sword Sect' and 'Southern Cloud Sacred Religion' were competing fiercely for the sake of this.

It was to the extent that the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion did not suffer from any losses! Because behind the back of Sky Sword Sect, they were supported by 'Summer Wind Ancient Nation' and 'Myriad Realms Ancient Nation'.

But no matter what.

The Black Devil Four Nations was the most core foundation ground for the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion to spread its religion. Since the Sky Sword Sect dared to barge in, the Southern Cloud King would naturally not allow them to do so.

'Head towards the Fiery Zhao Nation?' Xue Ying understood.

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