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After Xue Ying finished giving his orders, he brought his magic dragon and headed towards the front entrance of Southern Cloud Sacred Palace.

"Why aren't you opening the doors!" Marquis Qu Ming roared out.

"Hong long long~" The two towering doors were pushed open with a boom. Actually, everything that happened outside could be seen clearly from within the Fiery Zhao Nation capital's 'Southern Cloud Sacred Palace'. It was only that they had been frightened by how 'Chang Su Wang, a ninth level expert and his group of subordinates were turned into a piece of art'. Chang Su Wang was someone who cultivated the Sky Sword Undying Body to grand perfection. Even Cosmos Gods had a hard time trying to kill him.

One single move?

In a single instance? Turned into a piece of art?

As the doors open, a group of experts from the Southern Cloud Sacred Palace stood by the entrance in an orderly manner. They were led by two Primal Chaos experts. This group of 100 people gave off a grand aura as they saluted: "Senior Disciple Brother Xue Ying!"

This was the rules of Southern Cloud Sacred Religion.

All outer disciples had to greet inner disciples, senior disciple brothers or sisters, respectfully. And inner disciples were one rank lower than personal disciples and had to do likewise.

"Mn." Xue Ying nodded in acknowledgment. He brought his servant in.

"Brother Chun Qi, why are you not arranging a place of accommodation for Brother Xue Ying now?" Marquis Qu Ming shouted out.

"Yes yes."

One of the leading handsome and tanned Primal Chaos male naturally acknowledged, "Brother Xue Ying, please follow me."

All the disciples present, and even the cultivators to the distance that were paying attention to this place–no matter if they were just ordinary cultivators spectating or experts from the Fiery Zhao Nation royal family who hoped the two great religions fought, or the great devils from the Black Devil Great Lake, felt a chill down their spine when they that white-robed young man being escorted by the disciples from the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion.

"What a Ying Shan Xue Ying. He is indeed an expert who reached the tenth level strength in just 1.5 billion years and could fight against White Cloud Devil Master directly. After becoming a student of Southern Cloud King, he has become more terrifying." An old Primal Chaos Realm devil sat alone in a restaurant a few million kilometers away as he spectated the proceedings.

He knew that the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion would definitely retaliate when the Sky Sword Sect forced their way in. In his opinion, he was merely startled when Xue Ying appeared. Nevertheless, watching that technique, 'Spectacular Painting' that turned an expert like Chang Su Wang into a piece of art, and for that scroll of painting to be hung in the outer walls, had honestly stunned him.

"Spectacular Painting, one of the two secret impartation techniques of Southern Cloud 12 Sacred Styles. This is a tenth level technique. However, it absolutely cannot suppress Chang Su Wang." This old Primal Chaos man felt a chill deep his heart, "Chang Su Wang has died just like this without any fanfare, to the extent that I can't even find out how he did? This is too scary. He is so much scarier than during the Blood Sacrifice."


"Ying Shan Xue Ying is strong to this extent?" The experts from the Fiery Zhao Nation royal family felt their courage wavering. The Fiery Zhao Nation was the most chaotic of the Black Devil Four Nations. But precisely because it was chaotic, that made the experts here even crazier. Which of them did not rise from slaughtering others?

They were all excited to watch the battle between two of the ten great religions, the Sky Sword Sect, and the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion.

It's just that this Xue Ying was too brutal.

Seeing his technique which seemed soft like the wind, it was executed so casually, yet precisely because of this, the experts watching the battle felt great trepidation.


"Hang it somewhere more distinct. Right, right, that's the place." Marquis Qu Ming had spent quite a long time just on hanging this piece of art. Even though it was a simple task, he deliberately spent more effort and time, and even specially inlaid simple arrays on the frame of the art just to make it shine consistently–it was really dazzling.

"The two of you, stay here and guard it well." Marquis Qu Ming arranged another two subordinates of his.

Actually, with many arrays covering the surface of the outer walls of the Southern Cloud Sacred Palace, there was no need to worry about this art being damaged. The reason why Marquis Qu Ming did so was to slap the face of 'Sky Sword Sect'.

The battle between the two religions was ruthless.

On the surface, they dared to set up a blockade and kill some of the outer disciples. In the dark, things were worse! After all, to the 'Southern Cloud King' and 'Sky Sword King' who sat high above, these two religions could earn them massive sums of cosmos crystals. Cosmos crystals represented resources, and they would naturally not retreat in front of adversity.


"They have turned into a piece of art?"

"Really? But that is an expert of Primal Chaos Realm!"

After Marquis Qu Ming finished with hanging the piece of art, he returned to the Southern Cloud Sacred Palace. At that time, many observers rushed over. Even experts had teleported just to have a glance at that art with shock.

It was not just them.

As the news spread, quite a few aristocratic clan disciples from the Fiery Zhao Nation rushed over in their carriages. They came to look at that art and lamented. After all, 'Chang Su Wang' was quite famous in the Sky Sword Sect. For the sake of spreading the religion, he had significantly contributed. Such an outstanding character was turned into a piece of art and hung there?

"It's that Ying Shan Xue Ying?"

"The Southern Cloud 12 Sacred Styles''Spectacular Painting' isn't this formidable right? Chang Su Wang was eliminated so easily by it?"

Everyone was talking about this event.

It was to the extent that even aristocratic clan disciples who were situated in sleazy places were bragging about this matter too. They were relatively powerful in terms of their backgrounds, and most could find out legends on the two secret impartation techniques, 'Arch Destruction' and 'Spectacular Painting'. They were bragging about this matter even though most of them were only at Unity Realm in reality. Some were even ordinary Void Gods.

The weaker the cultivator, the more they loved haranguing about matters on those legends.

Clearly, Xue Ying was considered an absolute legend to them.


At a distance more than 50 million kilometers away from the Southern Cloud Sacred Palace.

Two figures stood in midair. They were looking in the direction of the Southern Cloud Sacred Palace. One of them, a cold violet-robed male had an expression that seemed akin to being covered in a layer of frost. By his side was an enchanting red-haired girl who muttered: "Master."

"What a Ying Shan Xue Ying." The eyes of the violet-robed male flickered with coldness, "It was said that the legendary Ancestor Fan wanted to take him in as a disciple. He is indeed quite outstanding."

He, 'Thunder King' Mo Chao, was the chief manager for the Sky Sword Sect's mission to enter the Black Devil Four Nations.

He was merely an inner disciple of the Sky Sword Sect, but his status was higher than other personal disciples because he was one of the two 'Dao Protectors' that the Sky Sword Sect had currently. His teacher was even more mysterious. Even though it was not publicized, the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion could vaguely deduce that he should be a horrifying existence from the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation.

"Master, what should we do?" The enchanting girl said with a soft voice from the side, "Should we invite the two emissaries for help?"

This time, the mission to enter the Black Devil Four Nations was crucial to the Sky Sword Sect.

Hence, the Myriad Realms Sky Sword Sect and Summer Wind Ancient Nation both dispatched an ultra-powerful expert to aid them in the dark. After all, these two ancient nations had earned quite a lot from 'Sky Sword Sect' over the long years. They would certainly provide help in crucial moments like this.

"The two of them? This Ying Shan Xue Ying has eliminated Chang Su Wang with the flip of his hand. I can't even see clearly what technique was it that he used." The violet-robed male sneered, "Without understanding how powerful Ying Shan Xue Ying is, it is impossible for the two ancient nations to act."

Even though they were relying on the two ancient nations.

The experts from the Sky Sword Sect still held resentment for the two great ancient nations. After all, they were spending so much effort and risking their lives to spread the religion, yet most of the cosmos crystals had been taken away by the two great ancient nations. Furthermore, those cultivators from the ancient nations were ostentatious, and they, experts from the Sky Sword Sect, still had to endure it! They felt resentment and sullen, yet they had no choice. Who could offend the two great ancient nations?

"The Southern Cloud King isn't acting. The moment he did, it is something so amazing. It seems we have to spend more effort in the following days." The violet-robed male frowned slightly.

What he did not know.

Was that the Southern Cloud King had not known his disciple was so powerful. Furthermore, after this matter happened in the Fiery Zhao Nation, Southern Cloud King was also startled when he received news of it.


Southern Cloud Capital, within the meditation cultivation ground of the royal palace.

"Xue Ying, this brat, is so powerful?" Southern Cloud King was astounded. There were still three black-robed men standing to his side, of which one of them said solemnly: "King, do the three of us still have to set off?"

"The Sky Sword Sect came in like torrential rain. It isn't easy to deal against them. I originally wanted to make use of this opportunity to temper Xue Ying, yet who would have thought that I am still underestimating this disciple of mine." Southern Cloud King smiled, "Now that he has performed excellently in the Fiery Zhao Nation, then let him continue. The three of you can rest first. Wait until something crops out before acting. Withdraw for now."

"Yes." The three black-robed men acknowledged orderly. Following that, they turned into fog and disappeared.

The eyes of the Southern Cloud King were filled with curiosity.

Given how wealthy he was, it was unlikely that the strength he had was limited to what he showed others. The six great ancient nations wanted to gain from him, yet he was able to resist for so many years. He naturally was confident of his foundation.

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