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In terms of survival capabilities.

Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms were much better than Natives of the Divine Realm and Ascendants if everyone had the same strength.

The difficulty of killing some Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms with the strength of 'Early Stage God Emperor' or 'Middle Stage God Emperor' was very high. If this life form could unleash the strength of a Grand Perfection God Emperor, then it was impossible for anyone short of the three Great Chaotic Origin Ancestral Gods to kill them. It was the case for Hidden Willow Valley Master and God Emperor Fire Phoenix .

"Rest assured. Fire Phoenix and I are close-knit sisters. Such minor affair is not a problem." Cloud Phoenix City Master immediately turned to God Emperor Fire Phoenix.


With a flash fire, God Emperor Fire Phoenix had already come close to them. She looked at Xue Ying with shock: "God Emperor Flying Snow, are you prepared to leave the Divine Realm already?"

"Not yet. I am just making my preparations." Xue Ying said. The way he mentioned it was vague.

"Good, good, good. You can be at ease that your disciple will be protected by me!" God Emperor Fire Phoenix immediately nodded, thought she gave a cunning smile at the end, "But I have a request."

"Do say." Xue Ying said.

To the side, Cloud Phoenix City Master was momentarily shocked. Reaching their level, it was a very simple matter to accept and protect a disciple. Yet she wanted to ask for something in return? Given the identity of God Emperor Flying Snow, other Grand Perfection God Emperors would likely aid him since it was such a minor affair! It was only because she, Cloud Phoenix City Master, was the number one expert on the God Emperor Ranking List, that Xue Ying chose to ask her instead.

Hence, hearing that her little sister planned on asking for something in return, Cloud Phoenix City Master could not help but feel helpless.

"In the future if you were to become a Chaotic Origin Lifeform, I hope you will remember to take me away from this world." God Emperor Fire Phoenix looked at Xue Ying.

"Becoming a Chaotic Origin Lifeform?" Xue Ying chuckled, "Alright, I can promise you this. Just that do you trust me that much?"

"I feel that your chances of becoming a Chaotic Origin Lifeform is as miniscule as others." God Emperor Fire Phoenix shook her head, "Hearsay it is incredibly difficult for Ascendants to breakthrough to the Chaotic Origin Lifeform as you guys do not have any Chaotic Origin Bloodline. But there should be some advantages you Ascendants have. Perhaps you might become one in the future? Wouldn't that mean that my fate would change from then on?"

Xue Ying nodded with a smile: "Alright, I hope that your wish will be realized as well."

He had a faint understanding.

That among all Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms, these that were the most ordinary––God Emperors (Emperor Realm)––did not really have good days as well.


There was no time to lose.

Xue Ying was afraid that the three Great Chaotic Origin Ancestral Gods might come and take him away. Just like how they took away the other Grand Perfection Ascendant God Emperors! Hence, on that day, Imperial Wind Qing Yin formally joined the tutelage of God Emperor Fire Phoenix.

"Disciple greets Teacher." Even though Imperial Wind Qing Yin was slightly confused, she still obediently listened to Xue Ying's words, and was currently taking in God Emperor Fire Phoenix as her teacher.

"Good, good, good." As God Emperor Fire Phoenix looked at her new disciple, she found her quite satisfying, "I am planning to return to the Cloud Phoenix City today. You should follow me."

Imperial Wind Qing Yin turned to Xue Ying with some hesitation.

She clearly trusted Xue Ying more.

"Go." Xue Ying said, "I am planning to devote myself to cultivation in seclusion. Now that everyone knows me, High Mountain City is no longer an appropriate place for me to stay. I plan on leaving. You should go to Cloud Phoenix City. It is more appropriate for you to cultivate there."

"Teacher plans on leaving?" Imperial Wind Qing Yin was startled. She was clearly unwilling to part with her teacher.

"We met in the past. And today is the time we part." Xue Ying said.

"Alright." God Emperor Fire Phoenix added from the side, "Your Teacher Flying Snow is planning on entering closed-door cultivation. You should not disturb him any longer. I'm afraid that when he enters closed-door cultivation this time, he'll unlikely respond to you even when you send a transmission over."

Xue Ying was startled for a while before nodding: "That's right. This time, I am not willing to accept any form of disturbance during my cultivation."

Imperial Wind Qing Yin was incredibly unwilling.

She could not even send any voice transmissions to her teacher?

"When can I see Teacher again?" Imperial Wind Qing Yin asked.

"Possibly a very very long time later." Xue Ying felt complex in his heart.

He was unclear himself when he might see this disciple again once he left this world.


On that day itself as night came.

Xue Ying left behind a storage treasure for his female disciple before silently leaving.

"It is time for me to leave this world."

Xue Ying stood in the Great Wilderness just outside High Mountain City. He was currently giving this city one last look.

After arriving in this world, Xue Ying had practically lived in seclusion within this place.

'I should not delay any longer. The more I do, the more likely the three Chaotic Origin Ancestral Gods might arrive to bring me away.' Xue Ying immediately turned to the wristband on his arm. Blood inscriptions started appearing on it. Following that with a thought, Xue Ying activated it.


A blood-red bubble wrapped around him completely.

Following that, his surroundings became blurred.


He disappeared from this world and headed to the next.


Half a month after Xue Ying left this world.

The three Chaotic Origin Ancestral Gods stood amidst a piece of gold lightning. They were currently waiting patiently.

"He is here." Golden Sacred Ancestral God said.

The three of them raised their heads.

Only to see a colossus object flying in the Chaotic Origin Dimension. Only after it came close did it transform into a human. This was a thin old man with a sharp mouth and monkey-like cheeks.

"Big Brother Cheng." Empress Heaven's Will took the initiative to welcome him. Golden Sacred Ancestral God and Extreme Star Ancestral God followed closely behind. After all, in terms of social network, Empress Heaven's Will had befriended many more Chaotic Origin Experts than the two of them. For instance, this incoming expert had an incredibly good relationship with Empress Heaven's Will.

"Who would have thought that it is Big Brother Cheng who came personally this time." Empress Heaven's Will was incredibly enthusiastic, "Both you and I haven't met for a very long time already, right?"

"Little Sister Heaven's Will." This thin old man cast away his beard, sighing, "It has indeed been a long time. Looking at Little Sister Heaven's Will, it seems you are close to breaking through? Haha, by then, there is no need for you to be stationed in this Lightning World Tribe any longer."

"How can I compare to Big Brother Cheng? Big Brother Cheng, are you responsible for this matter today? The Overlord actually let you come to bring that little fellow away?" Empress Heaven's Will asked.

The thin old man was relatively delighted: "Currently, Big Brother has let me take on the role as a tiny patrol in the fifth region under the Overlord. Your Lightning World Tribe is currently within the fifth region, and is also within the region I am responsible for. Naturally, I came to greet and usher that little fellow."


The three Chaotic Origin Ancestral Gods including Empress Heaven's Will were shocked.

They had been 'born as Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms'.

And the region governed by the Overlord totaled nine huge regions! A total of nine huge regions meant there were nine patrols!

Chaotic Origin Experts were split into two categories.

The first category included Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms. Like those who had a Chaotic Origin Bloodline and had undergone an Ultimate Awakening, because their ancestors could be traced back to an Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform, they themselves would return back to their ancestral roots once they completed the Ultimate Awakening. As a result, they would join the tribe of their ancestors, becoming an Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform.

As for the second category, they included cultivators who cultivated step by step from scratch. They would either grasp an Origin World and step into the Chaotic Origin Level, or they forced their way through to the next level. Those of the second category were usually stronger.

Comparatively speaking…

Those of the first category were discriminated.

For him to take on the responsibility as a 'patrol' meant he was absolutely a great general under the Overlord.

"Big Brother Cheng is truly amazing! If I recall correctly, the other eight patrols aren't Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms, right? Big Brother is born as an Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform yet you could become a patrol. This is truly amazing!"

"Big Brother Cheng." Both Golden Sacred Ancestral God and Extreme Star Ancestral God could not help but flatter the other party.

Nonetheless, this came from their inner hearts.

This Big Brother Cheng was definitely the pride of their tribe!

"It is the Overlord who knows how to appreciate us." The thin old man stroked his beard, "Oh right, where is that little fellow at? Is it truly the case that he is as you said, so powerful in his soul that he could cause a cultivator with Half-Chaotic Origin Lifeform Body to suffer from great injuries?"

"How do we ever dare to lie about such a huge thing! Big Brother Cheng, please, come and have a seat. We will immediately bring that little fellow known as God Emperor Flying Snow over." Empress Heaven's Will said.

The three of them brought this patrol over to their residence first.

At the same time, they multi-tasked and began searching for that God Emperor Flying Snow in the Divine Realm.

"Mn? He isn't at the High Mountain City?"

"Where is God Emperor Flying Snow?"

"Where is he?"

The three Chaotic Origin Ancestral Gods examined the Divine Realm and were shocked by what they sensed.

Following that, they immediately scour through the entire Divine Realm! They even checked through the entire Lightning World Cluster.

Nothing. Nothing. They could not find him at all!

"He is gone?" The thin old man stroked his beard with a frown.

"Right. He had abruptly disappeared after entering the Great Wilderness just outside High Mountain City." Empress Heaven's Will and the other two Chaotic Origin Ancestral Gods were incredibly nervous. They had executed all kinds of methods they had, and succeeded in tracing down to the final scene where Xue Ying left. Nonetheless, they merely 'saw' Xue Ying arriving at the Great Wilderness before disappearing from the world. As for the scene of that blood-red bubble appearing, that was something they could not trace down at all.

"For him to disappear so silently without the three of you discovering it either." The thin old man frowned. In his heart, he had a feeling of what just happened.

Being an Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform, for him to reach his high position and be on the same level as other Chaotic Origin Experts who had grasped an Origin World showed how extraordinary he was.

"The three of you are truly… you should have captured him immediately the moment you discovered him." The thin old man frowned.

"We have never thought that it is possible for him to disappear from the Lightning World Cluster." Empress Heaven's Will and the other two felt helpless. They had some postulations about what had happened, yet no matter what, they did not dare to intrude into this matter any longer.

The thin old man stood: "Alright. Let this end here. I have to report to the Overlord."

Saying that, the thin old man waved his sleeves before breaking apart this Divine Realm and left for the vast Chaotic Origin Dimension.

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