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So hungry!

His stomach was even starting to consume the energy in his body. If this continued on, his fleshy body and muscles would soon be digested, turning him into a bag of skeleton. Half a year later and he would have completely used up his energy reserve, resulting in death.

Xue Ying could not care about anything else now. He immediately diverted part of the energy of his body towards his stomach to satiate his hunger temporarily. Coming to this world, due to the difference in laws, his body had dropped down by a realm, becoming just a Middle Stage God Emperor! And now, he was dissolving part of the structure of his body into energy.

"How long do you think you can survive just with your fleshy body?" The black-robed male sneered at Xue Ying from the side, "How can your weak little fleshy body compare with that of a Chaotic Origin Lifeform? You all are ultimately weaklings that have yet to jump out of the cage. Those Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms might not be intelligent and have not dug out much of their potential––which as a result, are stuck at the God Emperor Level. But they are born in the Chaotic Origin Dimension. Every single piece of their body contains energy comparable to that stored within Chaotic Origin Crystals. Only by eating their meat could you satiate your hunger! Hence, you should hurry up and go hunt down some Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms."

Xue Ying nodded.

There was some qualitative differences between their fleshy bodies with those of Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms.

It was only due to the difference of their realms that made them comparable to Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms in strength.

"Alright." The black-robed male said, "You should hurry up and choose one of the five great assembly locations to go to. I'll send you to a place close to one of them. And you have to escape to the inner section of the assembly location all by yourself."

"Escape?" Xue Ying understood why the other party said that.

"Yes. Chaotic Origin Lifeforms are rife in this world. Even though I might send you to a location close to one of the assembly locations, you would still face ambushed by the Chaotic Origin Lifeforms. This is also the simplest trial. If you could not survive, you would simply be eaten by the Chaotic Origin Lifeforms! That would mean an end to your path of cultivation. I believe you should not be willing to die like this after bitterly cultivating to this stage and even coming to this world, right?" The black-robed male chuckled, "If you aren't willing to resign yourself to fate, then you should prepare yourself well. The moment you give permission for me to send you over, I'll immediately do so."

"How long can I stay here for?" Xue Ying asked.

"It is getting dark soon." The black-robed male looked outside, "Once the sky brightens, I'll have to send you off no matter what."


Xue Ying nodded.

He could not care about anything else now. Xue Ying immediately sat down and began recovering his strength.

He had to leave when the sky brightens?

If he wanted to recover his previous Chaotic Origin Refinement Body, it would take at least eight to ten years before he could maintain it at the 'Late Stage God Emperor' Realm. This slight bit of time was definitely not sufficient.

But 'Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique' was something he should be able to succeed in grasping according to the laws of this world given his current Dao of Void Realm before dawn! As long as he created a version of 'Great Destruction Realm Teleportation' Technique' that could be executed in this world, his survivability would greatly increase.

"Si la." Xue Ying immediately sat down. He lightly waved his hand, causing the void to form ripples. Xue Ying could even see the membrane of this world faintly. Beyond those walls contained turbulent Chaotic Origin Energy and many mysterious inscriptions that seemed like chains swimming in the sea. Seeing the dense number of mysterious inscription shackles stifled Xue Ying. He even felt that he could not resist against it at all.

It was not just a difference of one level.

"What are you doing?" The black-robed male laughed, "Researching on the void? Are you planning on researching out a void penetration technique?"

Xue Ying looked at him with bewilderment.

"You should just forget about that. Many Ascendants have come to this sacred world from other worlds. Those who have arrived here are at least Late Stage God Emperors." The black-robed male explained, "There are bloodline cultivators, cultivators who comprehend the Dao, cultivators who refined the world… cultivators with different paths. There are even some who specialize in movement movement techniques! Nonetheless, it is impossible to penetrate through the void in this sacred world!"

The black-robed male shook his head, "Nobody could do so! Comparatively speaking, it is much easier to become a Chaotic Origin Lifeform."

"It is impossible for us to teleport?" Xue Ying's expression changed slightly.

If that's the case, then this world was very much dangerous. The moment he fell into a predicament of being attacked by a group of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms, it would be hard for him to escape out of it.

"Don't your worlds call this place an 'Exiled Land' or the 'World of Despair'? If everyone could penetrate through the void, how can this world be qualified to bring despondence to everyone?" The black-robed male teased.


Even though the hall spirit of this palace told Xue Ying about it, Xue Ying remained seated there and giving it a try.

After attempting for two hours later, Xue Ying confirmed that the other party had not lied.

'What a terrifying suppression.' Xue Ying thought, 'This suppression comes in various aspects like gravity. It is fine if this suppression is more intense by a thousand times as compared to the Lightning World. The void is even sealed shut, making it completely impossible to penetrate through the void.'

In the previous Lightning World, teleportation and great movement techniques had been suppressed. However, in this world, even the Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique was completely forbidden.

It seemed the world that Yuan sent him in was gradually becoming more cruel.

"I prefer calling this world the Sacred World." That black-robed male harped on, "To you cultivators, even though this world is much more dangerous, it is filled with greater opportunities! The voluminous amount of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms is also an opportunity for all of you. If you grasped it properly, it'll be possible for you to reach the Chaotic Origin Level. Hence, even though this place is a World of Despair, it is also a holy land for cultivation!"

Xue Ying chuckled. He turned his attention to researching on his Chaotic Origin Refinement Body.

The sky darkened…

And once the night ended, the sky brightened.

"It is time to leave." The black-robed male said, "Choose an assembly location."

Xue Ying stood up. He sighed inwardly. It was just a short night, and the improvement to his Chaotic Origin Refinement Body was simply negligible.

"Where did the previous Ascendant go?" Xue Ying had a thought and immediately asked.

"The previous one?" The black-robed male chuckled, "It's the Scarlet Cloud City."

"Then I shall go to the Scarlet Cloud City too." Xue Ying answered.

There was a huge possibility that the previous Ascendant of this world was Great Emperor North River!

Because it had not been too long since Great Emperor North River came to this world.

"Alright." The black-robed male waved his hand and engulfed Xue Ying, "Go. I hope you can live for a longer period in this world."


Xue Ying felt his surroundings change. When he appeared, he found himself standing amidst the wilderness.

He was surrounded by overgrown weeds that were taller than humans.

"Mn?" Xue Ying gradually floated up. He floated to a height taller than the surrounding thicket, casting his gaze far and wide.

With his vision, he could easily spot a grand city some distance away. This was none other than one of the five assembly locations in this 'Cultivation Sacred World'.

'I have to rush to that city. Hearing from that hall spirit, there are some Ascendants who died before reaching the assembly location?' Xue Ying thought. Hearsay those who could ascend to this world were at least a Late Stage God Emperor! Clearly, all of them had cultivated to a profound stage and had come here seeking to reach a higher level.

'I have to be careful.'


Xue Ying completely concealed his aura before executing the Void Devil Insect Body Technique and proceeded in the direction of the city.

His figure had completely fused into the void. Even the naked eyes could not see Xue Ying.

'What a powerful suppression.' Xue Ying murmured inwardly. The suppression was simply too strong. His flying speed in this world was way slower than it was at the Lightning World! Any single piece of rock in the Lightning World could not be moved by a True God. Yet the gravity here was a thousand times stronger.


Suddenly, an illusory figure appeared in the distance. It stared at Xue Ying.

Xue Ying was startled: 'I am discovered.'

He had completely concealed his aura and fused into the void. Nonetheless, he was still discovered by a lifeform.

At this moment, Xue YIng could not care less. He immediately executed his illusory realm domain. Compared to his 'Void Domain', his soul technique now was much stronger! Xue Ying sent his domain over as a probe. He had temporarily not attacked the lifeform.

"Sou sou sou…"

The region covered by the illusory realm domain was huge––a full half a million kilometers.

When this came down.

Xue Ying discovered with shock that other than the Chaotic Origin Lifeform that was staring at him, at this moment, many other Chaotic Origin Lifeforms were rushing in his direction within this half a million kilometers region. Furthermore, there were many other Chaotic Origin Lifeforms that were entering his illusory realm domain currently!

It appeared that these Chaotic Origin Lifeforms belonged to the same tribe.

All of them had a half-translucent body with violet spots on it. Almost every single part of their bodies were formed by the manifestation of shadow and death. This was clearly a race specialized in shadow and death. They had differing degrees of aura, and the strongest of them could match those on the level of 'Fire Phoenix God Emperor'. Furthermore, Xue Ying's illusory realm domain had easily discovered a total of 53 Chaotic Origin Lifeforms, of which 16 had reached the Grand Perfection God Emperor Level!

'So cunning.' Xue Ying was frightened by what he perceived, 'It is actually summoning its companions? And it is so terrifying?'

Currently, Chaotic Origin Lifeforms of the same race were pouring into the region of Xue Ying's illusory realm domain.

'I can't care less anymore'.


Xue Ying fled to the side at high speed while at the same time, executing the third Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm killing technique. He no longer dared to delay any further.

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