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"Brother Flying Snow, the most essential towards survival in this Sacred World is food." God Eagle Snake sighed, "Without sufficient food, all of us might die of hunger! Hence, how much food we have determines how long we can live for."

"Food is equivalent to life!" Scarlet Demon nodded with a sigh, "Ever since I was I born, I have never experienced what being hungry is. I had already jumped out of the River of Time when I was born. Hence, my life is eternal. Who would have thought that during my journey of cultivation, I ended up becoming one of the three Great Emperors across many clans back in my world––absolutely an unparalleled existence. But as my days were too lonely and mundane, coupled with a strong desire to jump out of the cage… that pushed me to head towards this forbidden ground. And the first thing I experience after reaching here is an intense hunger! I have never experienced this before ever since I was born. And now, my life is determined by food. Without food meant death for me."

As Xue Ying listened, he gradually understood how vital food was.

If he wanted to meditate?

Enter closed-door cultivation for 100 billion years? If he wished to do so in this Sacred World, he first had to prepare sufficient food for him to last through the period!

"And because of the need for food, we have to leave the city and hunt for food. Even though we might be vigilant and careful, there are still occasional deaths." God Eagle Snake said.

"Indeed, it is not easy to get food." Lightning Xiao murmured.

"You shut up!" Scarlet Demon and God Eagle Snake exclaimed almost at the same time.

Lightning Xiao chuckled. He brought up his cup of wine and continued drinking. Apparently, he chose not to speak anymore.

"It is not easy to harvest food in this world––that statement applies to the majority of experts within the city. But to Lightning Xiao… you are still lacking food?" God Eagle Snake sneered. Scarlet Demon explained to Xue Ying who did not know what was happening: "Brother Flying Snow, you do not know that it is impossible for one to penetrate through the void in this world. We can only fly! And every time we leave the city to hunt for food or to save someone… speed is essential. Lightning Xiao is the second fastest person in the entire Scarlet Cloud City! Even the three City Masters can't fly faster than he. With such a frightening speed, many teams that chose to leave the city would frequently seek Lightning Xiao for his help. He would occasionally choose to go out and render his help to other team, using his speed to ferry the group of cultivators or to escape. Either way, he would earn plenty of meat from this service!"

Lightning Xiao murmured: "Since I am saving the lives of everyone, I should naturally be given a larger share."

"Saving the lives of everyone? Most teams can't pay you for your service. Usually, it's the teams led by the three City Masters that you gladly provide your service for." Scarlet Demon curled his lips.

"You guys are simply jealous of me." Lightning Xiao continued drinking with a grin.

God Eagle Snake continued speaking to Xue Ying: "Brother Flying Snow, approximately more than 80% of the cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City are Grand Perfection God Emperors! And the remaining 20% are Late Stage God Emperors. This is as most cultivators who come here are overlords back in their home worlds. Even though few come from each world, this number would still add up over the years. There have been several cultivators who fell in Scarlet Cloud City, yet we still have a total of 3,000 over cultivators."

Xue Ying was speechless when he heard that.

He could understand the rationale though.

Just a single Lightning World had more than 30 Grand Perfection God Emperors. There were even experts like Cloud Phoenix City Master who were much stronger than most Grand Perfection God Emperors.

"Within Scarlet Cloud City, there are even several cultivators much stronger than most Grand Perfection God Emperors, and the three unparalleled City Masters." God Eagle Snake said, "We are experts that came from different worlds, yet the three City Masters are the most dazzling amongst us all."

"The three City Masters? How strong are they?" Xue Ying felt curious.

"The three City Masters––one City Master and two Vice-City Masters––are comparable in strength." God Eagle Snake sighed, "The City Master 'Weather Leaf' is also a Dao Cultivator. As Dao Cultivators do not have any Chaotic Origin Bloodlines, they purely cultivate the Dao. It is hard for them to improve in strength, yet Dao Cultivators are usually much stronger and have better control of their strength than many others. Most Dao Cultivators could fight against those of a higher level."

Xue Ying nodded when he heard that.

Dao Cultivators should be similar to Ascendants in the Lightning World. They were like he who comprehended the laws and profound mysteries.

"The City Master has not only refined a Half-Chaotic Origin Lifeform Body, he has even promoted his 'Sword Dao' to the Half-Chaotic Origin Level." God Eagle Snake said, "Cultivating Dao and to advance two Daos to the Half-Chaotic Origin Level. There is only one such cultivator in the entire Sacred World! And he is in our Scarlet Cloud City."

Xue Ying was speechless when he heard that.

Half-Chaotic Origin Level.

Xue Ying's Dao of Void had yet to reach the Half-Chaotic Origin Level. He was lacking just by one step. One had to know that Dao Cultivators could fight with those on a higher level. According to the saying in Lightning World, 'Grand Perfection Ascendant God Emperors' were absolutely stronger than most Grand Perfection God Emperors. His strength would likely be much stronger than Cloud Phoenix City Master.

This City Master 'Weather Leaf' had advanced two Daos to the Half-Chaotic Origin Level? How strong must he be? There was only one such existence across all five cities in the entire Sacred World!

"Even though the other two Vice-City Masters are incredibly proud and arrogant, they still admire the City Master and are willing to be his deputies." God Eagle Snake sighed, "The other two Vice-City Masters––one is 'Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor' who called himself as a 'Witch'! The cultivation method of witchcraft is slightly more unique. Most would fuse the bloodlines of other Chaotic Origin Lifeforms into one's body. Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor is the most terrifying Witch in this city. He could unleash nine different types of Grand Perfection God Emperor Realm Chaotic Origin Bloodlines. When nine of them were fused together… he could simply kill most Grand Perfection God Emperors with a flip of his hand. Those nine bloodlines were exquisitely chosen by the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor, and they complement each other incredibly well. His strength is comparable to the City Master."

Xue Ying nodded.

Scarlet Demon continued: "Let me introduce the other Vice-City Master, 'Wu Xiao'. He is supposedly a descendant of a terrifying Chaotic Origin Expert. The bloodline in his body is incredibly powerful. After digging out the potential of his bloodline, he is able to eat the myriad existences. Furthermore, his body is also the strongest in our Scarlet Cloud City! He also has the strongest strength. Even I can't compare with him in this aspect."

Scarlet Demon was most confident of his body and strength. He was proud of himself even across other Grand Perfection God Emperors.

But compared to 'Vice-City Master Wu Xiao', he was completely suppressed.


Soon, food was served.

Xue Ying and the other three drank and chatted while they ate. It was primarily God Eagle Snake and Scarlet Demon speaking, with Lightning Xiao adding on a few sentences and Xue Ying listening from the side with curiosity. His understanding of the Scarlet Cloud City was simply too lacking.

The three City Masters came from different worlds.

Weather Leaf and Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor originated from slightly weaker worlds.

But Vice-City Master Wu Xiao… according to rumors, his old ancestor back in his world was actually a terrifying Chaotic Origin Expert. Vice-City Master Wu Xiao was the most outstanding descendant that old ancestor had, yet he was stuck at the Half-Chaotic Origin Lifeform Body Level, and was unwilling to let things by. Hence, he chose to take a gamble in this world!

"Here in the Scarlet Cloud City, we have to frequently go out and hunt for Chaotic Origin Lifeforms. But the outer world is too dangerous. Hence, most of the time, we will go out in teams." Scarlet Demon explained, "And whenever a team decides to move out, what everyone cares about most is if you have some powerful techniques that could be of great help to the team."

"For instance, Lightning Xiao's speed is very fast. He is faster than even the three City Masters! In the entire Scarlet Cloud City, he is ranked second in speed. Whenever the three City Masters form teams, they would invite him occasionally." Scarlet Demon said, "Or another example is our team's Ancestor Ying. He is best at domain scouting. Many require his help too."

Xue Ying naturally remembered what happened earlier on.

That black-robed man who wielded a scepter was the first that unleashed a transparent figure right from a huge distance away. That domain weakened all Shadow Reapers within the region of half a million kilometers. Furthermore, that man had even transformed into concentrated mist.

Ancestor Ying?

"Approximately 80% of the experts in the city are Grand Perfection God Emperors." God Eagle Snake said, "Hence, you would only get invited by various parties if you are strong in certain aspects. Furthermore, you would also be given a larger portion of the final spoils of war. Others like me are only ordinary members. There is no need to speak about Lightning Xiao, even Scarlet Demon has an incredibly powerful body which made his days much better than mine."

Xue Ying could feel the pressure felt by these two newly-made friends, and he immediately diverted the topic away: "If we want to hunt down the Chaotic Origin Lifeforms, there is a need for intelligence on them, right?"

"Let me give you a map of where the Chaotic Origin Lifeforms are distributed at." The taciturn Lightning Xiao suddenly spoke, passing over a set of intelligence to Xue Ying directly, "There are a total of 3,000 over experts in Scarlet Cloud City, and every single one of us will have a set of the Chaotic Origin Lifeform distribution."


Xue Ying immediately started multi-tasking to understand this distribution map.

The distribution map even recorded various techniques each Chaotic Origin Lifeform tribe specialized in, and some of the strongest combatants amongst them. This distribution map… could be considered as a 'distribution of enemy forces'. Xue Ying and the others would have to rely on them in the future as they choose to go out and hunt for food.

This glance turned the expression of Xue Ying slightly sour.

Lightning Xiao, Scarlet Demon, God Eagle Snake, and that old man 'Fu An' were all observing Xue Ying. They wanted to see the reaction of this newcomer.

"Is this for real?" Xue Ying was incredibly stunned.

"Of course. That is why this world is known as the World of Despair, the Exiled Land, and the Survival's Land." God Eagle Snake laughed.

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