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"Prisoner?" Xue Ying murmured. He was incredibly shocked. He understood that the Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms existed practically everywhere in this Sacred World. But Xue Ying did not expect for a 'High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeform' to exist here!

Jumping out of the cage would promote one to the Chaotic Origin Level.

Just like a sentient being going from a two-dimensional world to a three-dimensional world, this sentient being would have a leap forward in his life essence. At the same time, there were different degrees of strength between sentient beings living in a three-dimensional world. Some might be ants crawling on the ground, and some were gigantic dragons flying in the sky. It was natural for a gap to exist between their strength, a gap that might be 10 millions times wide!

The same logic applied here.

These commonly seen ordinary Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms were in such great numbers that it felt exaggerated. They were also of the lowest level, and were weak. Xue Ying and other overlords standing at the top of all sentient beings that had yet to jump out of the cage, could fight with them! And it was possible to kill these Chaotic Origin Lifeforms too!

But the bottleneck for such cultivators were when one refined a Half-Chaotic Origin Lifeform Body. As long as the cultivator broke through this bottleneck, he would be qualified as a Chaotic Origin Expert.

'Chaotic Origin Expert'. Among Chaotic Origin Lifeforms, only 'High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms' could be called Chaotic Origin Experts.

"Right, a prisoner."

By the side, the huge muscular Stone Giant 'Scarlet Demon' nodded with a smile, "In this Sacred World, those Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms all belong to a tribe. Every tribe has several thousand lifeforms, with some tribes having several hundred thousands of them! Those bigger tribes would usually have a tribe leader. These leaders are High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms that could simply kill us with a blow! Fortunately, those 'High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms' are all imprisoned within this Sacred World! They are all shackled and restricted!"

Xue Ying nodded.

This Sacred World should be created by some magnificent existence like 'Yuan'.

The Guiding Hall was clearly deliberately designed to guide the cultivators from different worlds when they first landed here.

"Rest assured." God Eagle Snake said, "The High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms are all completely shackled and restricted. Even though they can force their way out of their territory, the further they get, the stronger the restrictive power of the shackles on them. Hence, they would become weaker. If they were to dare come visit out Sacred Cloud City, they would be weakened so much that any cultivator could kill them."

Xue Ying nodded.

The intelligence report detailed this clearly.

Those imprisoned Chaotic Origin Experts were the strongest in their territories! However, the further they got from their territories, the stronger the restriction and the weaker they would become.

"There is only one exception." Lightning Xiao lightly muttered.

"That's right, one exception." God Eagle Snake, Scarlet Demon, and the old man 'Fu An' all became solemn.

Xue Ying understood what they were saying.

Because it was clearly stated on the intelligence given by Lightning Xiao. In this Sacred World, all imprisoned Chaotic Origin Lifeforms were supposedly 'High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms'! But just like how the weakest of ordinary Chaotic Origin Lifeforms merely had the strength of an Early Stage God Emperor, the stronger ones had the strength of a Grand Perfection God Emperor. Similarly, there was also a 'strongest' High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeform who was trapped in the forbidden ground, 'Sea of Abyss'.

The Sea of Abyss occupied a region one-tenth of this Sacred World.

And the entire Sea of Abyss was supposedly used to imprison an incredible High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeform! Its body was so huge that it practically occupied more than half the entire Sea of Abyss. If it were to leave the Sea of Abyss, the shackles on its body would significantly increase, causing its strength to be suppressed down to a low level. Its body would similarly shrink constantly…

But even so, it could still walk to Sacred Cloud City, and whether all experts in Sacred Cloud City could resist against it was a different story!

"The Master of the Sea of Abyss is outstandingly strong." The old man 'Fu An' shook his head as he drank the flask of wine in his hand, "If it were to come out of its own accord, its strength would constantly be weakened. Once it reached our city, we might be able to fight back against it. But if we were to dare advance to the Sea of Abyss… even if all cultivators in the Sacred World worked together, it could easily slap all of us to death."

Xue Ying nodded. The other party was so big that it occupied more than half the Sea of Abyss. Since that's the case, the size of its palm was likely to be beyond 10 billion kilometers even!

This was also due to the suppression of the world.

"Even though it is dangerous, it is also a huge opportunity for us." God Eagle Snake said, "Any corpse of a High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeform has an unimaginable worth. It is sufficient to drive those who cultivate their bloodline and 'Witchcraft' mad! If we could kill the Master of the Sea of Abyss, those who contributed the most would immediately be bestowed with a huge reward by one of the magnificent Overlords who created this world."

Xue Ying remembered this point after reading through the intelligence report. This was known by everyone in this Sacred World.

The Master of the Sea of Abyss represented the greatest threat. At the same time, it represented the greatest opportunity for them.

Every time it died!

The expert who contributed the most would be greatly bestowed. For those who cultivated bloodline, almost 100% of those experts could break through to the Chaotic Origin Level!

As for the Dao Cultivators, they would similarly be given an unfathomably huge opportunity! But the possibility of breakthrough was not certain. Because according to legends, once a Dao Cultivator broke through, he would stand amongst the peak of all Chaotic Origin Experts. But the difficulty of breakthrough was similarly high.

"Prisoner?" Xue Ying murmured to himself.

'Seems like the powerful Chaotic Origin Experts do not live in harmony together. Those High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms are actually imprisoned here and used as whetstones for us cultivators.' Xue Ying thought. Those prisoners were all High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms. The Master of the Sea of Abyss had even reached the pinnacle of High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms. But he similarly ended up as a prisoner.

'That's right too! Wasn't Yuan heavily injured in a battle with the Chaotic Origin Lifeforms?' Xue Ying thought.

Those two dead Chaotic Origin Lifeforms that turned into the Broken Teeth Mountain Range were huge. For instance, that huge serpent was so long it could compare to an Origin World.

Yuan, Luo City Lord, and several other existences were nurturing them with the hope of nurturing new Chaotic Origin Experts.

'In my hometown and Realm Heart Great Land, Yuan and Luo City Lord have never imparted us on the cultivation method of using Chaotic Origin Bloodline. It seems they do not wish for us to take this path.' Xue Ying understood that in this Sacred World, there were paths like 'Witchcraft' that relied on absorbing other Chaotic Origin Bloodline to become stronger. Even though this Dao path might allow the cultivator to breakthrough quicker, it would only allow the cultivator to end up as a High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeform.

Yuan and the others would most likely disdain such cultivators.

Only when a Dao Cultivator broke through would it bring delight to Yuan and the others.


Xue Ying continued chatting with the other four experts. This Sacred World gathered experts that came from many other different worlds. Everyone had some information regarding 'Chaotic Origin Experts' Like the Vice-City Master 'Wu Xiao' for instance, he was the strongest descendant of a powerful Chaotic Origin Expert. As too many experts were gathered here, the experts in Sacred World eventually accumulate a huge amount of information on Chaotic Origin Experts.

After Xue Ying chatted with them, he understood more about those experts.

And found out that Chaotic Origin Lifeforms were primarily divided into four levels.

Low-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms were the weakest. They were ants amongst Chaotic Origin Lifeforms.

High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms were on the second level. Those who cultivated the Chaotic Origin Bloodline would reach this level once they broke through. There was already a qualitative transformation that enabled such experts to kill millions of Low-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms with a flip of their hands.

World Realm Chaotic Origin Lifeforms! This was the third level. Most Dao Cultivators that grasped an Origin World would reach this level. This level was powerful, especially so for Dao Cultivators! When they were in their own Origin World, they could perfectly employ the energy of an Origin World and were completely unparalleled! As long as Dao Cultivators broke through, they would reach this level after refining the source of their Origin World.

And legends spoke that Overlords were the highest level.

Hearsay they stood guard over many territories. Those territories that were protected by them were also their 'domain'! According to legends in the Sacred World, Dao Cultivators who broke through by force would reach this level immediately. They had peered through the essence of energy at the highest level, and every single action of theirs were filled with unfathomable power.

'I've heard from others that Luo City Lord has broken through using force.' Xue Ying thought. The legends of Luo City Lord had spread in the Realm Heart Great Land. There were also rumors here in the Sacred World.

'Who would have thought that Luo City Lord is an Overlord of the highest level.'

Xue Ying lamented.

In his hometown Origin World, Luo City Lord maintained an incredibly low profile. Many disciples who joined the Stars City did not have any opportunity to receive guidance by Luo City Lord.

Now that he thought about it, it seemed right too. Even though it was only an avatar of Luo City Lord back at his hometown, why would such existence care about taking in a disciple? It was rare even for Swordmaster and Xue Ying to receive an opportunity from Luo City Lord.

'But Luo City Lord seems to be helpless towards the apocalypse of an Origin World. The strength of his avatar in the Origin World suffers from suppression.' Xue Ying thought, 'No wonder, Dao Cultivators who control an Origin World are unparalleled within their territory.'

But Xue Ying had guessed wrongly.

How could Luo City Lord not be stronger than an ownerless Origin World? His strength was overwhelmingly strong, that the moment he descended with his real body, it would cause the Origin World to explode.

Only when the Origin World had an owner! Under the control of the owner, the energy of the Origin World could perfectly be controlled. Only then would such cultivators be fearless against Overlords.

Xue Ying had not jumped out of the cage after all, and he was merely making assumptions based on the intelligence reports he read.

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