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Without waiting for The World Gehrman Sparrow to respond, Audrey, who was maintaining her posture, slowly said a few words:




Klein listened silently without commenting on what Miss Justice said. Instead, he asked in a gentle tone that was closer to the image of Dwayne Dantès, "Why do you suddenly want to do such a test?"

"It's not a test." Audrey shook her head. "It's just to reveal the details that I usually hide and avoid. I want to see what I really look like in the eyes of others."

After pausing for a moment, she moved her lips without a smile.

"After our previous conversation, I really am trying to come up with a plan. I plan to secretly do some manipulating, so that the nobles, businessmen, royal family, and the Church can release enough food from their stockpiles.

"Theoretically, this is a simple matter, but when actually trying to put it into action, I realize that I can't be as determined and decisive as I thought.

"Some of them are my uncles and aunts, some of them are my cousins. Some of them are friends I've known since I was young, while others are elders who have been very protective of me. Some of them I often meet with during various charity events and are rather friendly. They formed my childhood and gave me too much. It was a part of my growth, a part of the beautiful memories of my past…

"Besides, the food they accumulated wasn't stolen. Their explanation is actually reasonable.

"I really can't do it—to make them my target in an attempt to rob them of a portion of their wealth. At least, it's like this now."

As she spoke, Audrey's voice unknowingly escalated into a crescendo, as if she was arguing with someone.

She then realized that she had lost her composure, and remained silent for two seconds before continuing, "That's why I want to know more about myself. I want to strip away the false image from our past relationships. Under different circumstances, I want to ask myself what I really want, whether my thoughts in the past were impulsive, hypocritical, and naive, or strong beliefs from my heart."

At this point, Audrey suddenly smiled.

"Although I haven't come to any conclusions, the attempt has already brought some added benefits.

"I used to think that I had strictly abided by the principle of 'you're only acting,' but now I realize that I'm almost addicted to acting.

"Other pathways require different identities and occupations. The Spectator pathway's acting is completely consistent with one's daily life. Sometimes, it's hard to clearly differentiate between them.

"The simplest example: Who wouldn't want to be loved by everyone? Hence, when facing different people, I would wear a different mask and use the powers of the Spectator pathway to create an image that suits the other party's expectations the best. When there are more and more of such things, when you face everyone, you would actually be obsessed with 'acting.' You would almost lose yourself."

Klein nodded slightly and said, "That's a good lesson."

He didn't comment on Miss Justice's prior words.

After a moment of silence, Audrey slowly said, "During this period of time, I've read the East Borough investigation report that my father hired someone to do. I've experienced many different things.

"Before the war, many of the poor people, workers, and farmers have lived lives that are as difficult as the lives today. They've been in constant hunger and pain. The changes to the Poor Law, and the strict laws about the working hours and environment, has indeed brought about some improvement to the management of the pollution in the air, but just a little…

"After the war ends, and if—if we overcome the apocalypse, will such things happen again?"

As she spoke, Audrey pursed her lips tightly and fell into silence.

Klein could sense Miss Justice's confusion and perplexity. After some deliberation, he didn't say the answer in his heart. He said in a deep voice, "These questions of yours, including what you said about your true thoughts, require you to find the answers yourself. No one can replace you.

"I can only give you some advice. Go to the fields and take a look at the hardworking farmers. Go to the factories and take a look at the diligent workers. Go to the East district and experience them. Go to the library and read through the past newspapers and other related works."

Audrey listened attentively and nodded seriously.

"I will try."

She immediately stood up and bowed towards the end of the long, mottled table. Although Mr. Fool had left, she believed that "He" was watching.

Just as she was waiting for Mr. Fool to send her back to the real world, The World suddenly said, "Hold on."

"Oh?" Audrey expressed her curiosity with a nasal grunt.

Klein looked at her and conjured a piece of paper.

"This is the description of a Mythical Creature's character and behaviors. I hope you can provide me with some help. Based on this analysis, determine what kind of reactions 'He' will carry out in different situations."

"Alright." Audrey did not refuse and agreed.

After she took the piece of paper and finished reading the content, Klein deliberated and said, "Regarding what you just said, I have another suggestion:

"There are two types of questions that you have. Some of them are indeed very pressing, while the others are not. You can wait for things to calm down and do a deeper investigation. Well, once a person is anxious, they will easily make mistakes. It's best you be clear about the differences."

Audrey thought for a moment and nodded solemnly.

"I understand."

After responding, she suddenly laughed.

"I thought you called me at the last moment to give me your blessings, hoping that I will still love this world after seeing the world as it is."

Klein was first taken aback before he asked with a smile, "You seem to have read a lot of Emperor Roselle's novels?"

"He's an outstanding novelist and also a very complicated and contradictory person," Audrey said with a faint smile.

Klein nodded indiscernibly and spoke slowly, "If I wanted to give you my blessings, I wouldn't have said that.

"I would have said, I hope that you will still love your family and friends after seeing them as they are."

Audrey was taken aback as her lips quivered, as though she was repeating the words.

After a few seconds, she closed her eyes and said with a slightly hoarse voice, "Thank you…"

Sonia Sea, in the waters of the Rorsted Archipelago.

The Blue Avenger led a pirate fleet through the battlefield that was ravaged by war.

Suddenly, a huge fireball flew over from nowhere. Intertwined silver beams split apart the surface of the sea, creating a passageway that didn't originally exist. Surrounded by the massive waves on both sides, it pointed straight at the Blue Avenger.

Alger Wilson, who was standing at the bow, raised his right hand without a change in expression when he saw this scene.

A violent hurricane suddenly appeared, sweeping up the azure-blue seawater and curling up the silver rays, like a long snake that shot into the sky, colliding with the huge fireball.


The water splashed down like rain.

Alger immediately locked onto a battleship, opened his mouth, and let out an angry roar.

With a boom, the boat was suddenly lifted into the air by a ferocious wave.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Blue Avenger's cannons automatically fired as a series of salvos echoed continuously.

Realizing that the Beyonder on the other party's warship was trying to use the force of the fireball's detonation to allow the ship to drift sideways, Alger suddenly pulled down his right hand.

A thick bolt of silver lightning struck down, charring the Beyonder's body as he constantly convulsed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As artillery shells hit their target, the ship disintegrated in midair.

At that instant, Alger felt a little dazed. He couldn't help but look down at his right hand.

This is the power of a Cataclysmic Interrer. Is this how it feels to be a demigod? He sighed in his heart in a somewhat intoxicated manner before quickly snapping back to his senses. He got the Blue Avenger to pursue the enemy.

An hour later, the intense sea battle was over. Loen's side had once again secured the Rorsted Archipelago.

Alger was in a rather good mood. After returning to the port on the Blue Avenger, he called the sailors down and headed for one of the few bars that still remained open for business.

Loen had already issued an alcohol ban during wartime as a way to add to the food rationing efforts. But to sailors, alcohol was indispensable. Therefore, in the area controlled by the Church of the Lord of Storms, the restrictions in this area weren't too strict. Furthermore, the Rorsted Archipelago had plenty of produce and there weren't too many people. The shipping lines were under control, so their food supply hadn't been disrupted.

After walking for a distance, Alger's gaze suddenly froze.

The street in front of him had been hit, and many houses had already collapsed. One of them had a huge crater in a concrete field, while the four-story building beside it was left in ruins.

The smile on Alger's face gradually disappeared.

On Monday afternoon, 3:00 p.m. Backlund time.

Dark red beams of light shot up from both sides of the long bronze table, coagulating into blurry figures.

After all the members bowed to Mr. Fool, the gathering's transaction segment began since there weren't any more Roselle diary pages or accumulated questions.

Emlyn immediately sat up straight and surveyed the area.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have a commission."

"Which Shaman King do you wish to hunt?" Cattleya asked according to her understanding of Mr. Moon.

"…" Emlyn took two seconds to digest her question. He maintained his elegant smile and said, "You guessed correctly."

Cattleya nodded slightly and said, "What kind of payment can you provide?"

Emlyn was once again at a loss for words, a little embarrassed to say what he had prepared to say.

At this moment, The World at the bottom end of the long bronze table suddenly said, "You found someone from the Rose School of Thought temperance faction to cooperate with?"

Emlyn heaved a sigh of relief.

"That's right."

"Then I can take on this commission." As this was related to Miss Messenger, Miss Sharron, and Maric, Klein controlled The World to take the initiative to accept the mission. "Of course, this requires a certain medium."

Without waiting for Emlyn to respond, he made Gehrman Sparrow look at Miss Magician.

"Make some preparations in advance."

??? Fors, who had been watching the entire thing play out like a performance, wore a blank look on her face.

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