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Just as everyone was still confused, the God of Puppets' upper body had already returned to its original position. Shortly after, it twisted and attacked Wang Yu again.

Just like before, Wang Yu used both his hands for hinder as he flew to the other side together with the God of Puppets' long sword. Following up on that, he jumped and used [Eagle Stomp], [Thunder God's Stomp], [Eye Piercing] and [Double Moon Encirclement].

God of Puppets tried to grab him but Wang Yu slipped away with his clone…

Spring Halo, Ming Du and the rest were already observing with the attitude to learn. However, they were still completely at a loss even after observing this round closely. They were unable to comprehend anything at all.

"What on earth is going on? Shouldn't he be slashed into two by that sword? External modifications?"

Everyone in Quan Zhen Sect was a top expert and top experts would usually have this exceptional curiosity towards unfathomable gaming techniques. Wang Yu used the same method to fight the God of Puppets twice but these fellas were still unable to obtain any clues as to how he did it. Therefore, they started scratching their ears and babbling nonsense.

"External modification your head! Did you guys not see how he jumped backwards when he exchanged blows with the BOSS? You think he is stupid enough to take on the BOSS directly?" Yang Nuo started scolding.

Yang Nuo's judgement couldn't be compared to the rest of the Quan Zhen Sect. However, because she was also a practitioner of martial arts, Yang Nuo understood Wang Yu better than anyone else. While others might not know how Wang Yu did it, this lady understood everything clearly.

"Jumped backwards?" Everyone was taken aback and during the third round, everyone paid close attention to Wang Yu's legs.

Just like what Yang Nuo said, Wang Yu jumped back at the moment both his swords came into contact with the BOSS's cross blade.

Because of the God of Puppets' high judgement, it was capable of hitting players so hard that they fly out. Therefore, nobody noticed this point previously. Even if they did notice, it was near impossible to discern that it was Wang Yu's doing.

After all, battles in games were highly dependent on the data and skills of the players. In the eyes of other players, Wang Yu's little maneuvers were deemed to be unfathomable.

"Old Bull's jump cancelled out the power of the BOSS's strike?" Boson scratched his head as he asked. Even though Boson wasn't crafty enough, he was gifted in terms of gaming movements. Hence, he was able to understand Wang Yu's motive for doing so.

"Cancelled out? You can do that?" Everyone was shocked when they heard Boson's words.

Everyone had only heard of dodging an attack in the game. No ordinary players would have dared to even think about jumping back to cancel out the force of a BOSS's direct strike.

"Even so, wouldn't Old Bull still get hit after cancelling out the force of the strike?" Ming Du asked depressingly.

"Haha!" Spring Halo laughed, "Did you not notice that Brother Bull's dual swords formed a triangle? Once the force of the strike is cancelled out, his swords will be there to block the BOSS's sword."

"No wonder…" Ming Du nodded as though he really understood everything.

Indeed, the God of Puppets' power was cancelled out. Even though his strike was powerful, Wang Yu jumped in the direction of his strike which would cancel out a large portion of the force. Wang Yu's dual swords formed a triangular point which would effectively block out the God of Puppets' blade. By doing so, he had turned himself into part of the sword.

If Wang Yu was a housefly and the God of Puppets' sword was the flyswatter, there would be a huge difference in consequences between successfully hitting the housefly and having the housefly crawling on the flyswatter.

At the thought of this, what they had just witnessed was far more terrifying than they initially thought.

At the instant Wang Yu exchanged blows with the BOSS, he managed to jump back to cancel out the force of the strike and simultaneously making himself a part of the sword. This high level of movements was not something easily executed even if they were told what to do. The growing difference in strength between Wang Yu and the rest of them was truly depressing.

"Since Old Bull is able to hold back the BOSS, should we help to attack?" Ling Longmeng took aim at the God of Puppets as she asked.

Spring Halo waved his hand hurriedly, "Let's not do anything for now. Old Bull has his own tempo now so if we attack now, we will be disrupting him and this will be adding trouble instead of helping him. Given Old Bull's temper, he will definitely call out for us if he needs our help to attack."

Indeed, Wang Yu's monster fighting tempo and methods were far too complex for ordinary players to comprehend. Therefore, while fighting alongside Wang Yu, the rest of them knew that they shouldn't intervene from the start. Wang Yu would shout for their help when he realised that he was in complete control of the situation.

Stamina was not part of the game so even though cancelling out the God of Puppets' strikes was extremely exhausting, his stamina would not deplete at all. Round after round, Wang Yu was attacking the God of Puppets' with increasing ease. In fact, he was even starting to get bored.

However, he had no choice because the God of Puppets' health bar was simply too long. [Hinder Strikeback] was considered a passive skill which required the BOSS to attack before succeeding.

Even after half a day, the God of Puppets' health bar merely decreased by 5%. Wang Yu was really starting to bore himself out. If the person fighting the BOSS was getting bored, the people watching him fight the BOSS were naturally even more bored. This was the painful part of fighting a brainless BOSS with such a long health bar.

"F*ck! I can't take it anymore. How long is Wang Yu going to take down this large-scale dungeon BOSS?" Ling Longmeng looked at the time and then looked at the BOSS's health before complaining.

The rest of them kept quiet as they turned to look at Spring Halo.

Ling Longmeng was right because the health of a BOSS of this scale was an astronomy digit. With Wang Yu's current tempo and rate of fighting, this was taking too long. Moreover, everyone came to play the game so there was no point in letting Wang Yu do everything himself.

Spring Halo shook his head helplessly, "We cannot be of much help at all. Old Bull had finally caught hold of the tempo and if we were to disrupt his tempo, wouldn't we be adding trouble to him?"

"What do you know!" Ling Longmeng rolled his eyes at Spring Halo.

Spring Halo might be comparatively respected in the eyes of the members of the Quan Zhen Sect. However, his words were not worth anything to Ling Longmeng. She pointed her middle finger at Spring Halo as she raised her bow to shoot at the God of Puppets' leg…

[Shadow Binding Arrow]'s effects to the God of Puppets were not significant at all. The God of Puppets' paused for a while as it didn't even bother looking at Ling Longmeng.

While this pause seemed insignificant, it was devastating to Wang Yu. After fighting the God of Puppets for such a long time, Wang Yu entered a mechanical routine. The slightest of pause caused Wang Yu to jump up slightly earlier than usual…

Because of the disrupted tempo, Wang Yu's swords were slightly off the centre of the BOSS's strike.


The God of Puppets' sword slashed his waist and Wang Yu was sent flying like a baseball.

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