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The God of Puppets' strike was enough to send a heavy tank like Crotch Lord flying, let alone a Pugilist like Wang Yu. This strike was truly devastating for Wang Yu. If it wasn't for his [Spirit Guard], Wang Yu would have turned into white light immediately.

However, Wang Yu wasn't feeling too good either. Even though the [Spirit Guard] took on the damage, the force of the strike was still there. After getting hit by the God of Puppets' mighty force, Wang Yu's body flew towards a faraway wall.

"F*ck! Little Meng, look what you've done!" Spring Halo couldn't help but flew into a rage when he saw how Wang Yu was sent flying.

Everyone knew that Wang Yu's [Spirit Guard] was only immune to all attacks on him for 2.5 seconds. However, Wang Yu had lost his balance and was still flying towards the wall. By the time he struck the wall, the 2.5 seconds would have been over. Players would suffer double damage when they hit a wall and when they crashed onto the ground.

Wang Yu had lost most of his health so he probably wouldn't survive the impact against the wall.

The more crucial point was that Wang Yu was sent flying in the opposite direction. Even if they wanted to soften Wang Yu's impact, they wouldn't be able to reach him in time.

"I… I didn't know ah…" Ling Longmeng was also dumbfounded because she never imagined that her intention to help Wang Yu would lead to such an outcome. According to what she had in mind, Wang Yu should be thanking her for her help. How did this millisecond result in something like this?

A BOSS of this level was certainly not something the players of current stage could deal with. Even a top expert like Fearless was only able to last two rounds. If it wasn't for Wang Yu's innate talent and kung fu, how would he be able to capture the tempo?

For a battle of this calibre, there should be no room for the slightest of error in every move. Helping forcefully was simply unnecessary. After all, Wang Yu was way too weak in the eyes of the God of Puppets. The God of Puppets knew that the slightest of mistake would be enough to kill Wang Yu.

"In the future, when I never order you to attack, don't attack! Everyone, disperse and try your best to stall for time!" Spring Halo gave Ling Longmeng an infuriated glare before summoning his Demons of War in front of the statue.

If Wang Yu died, the God of Puppets' aggro would naturally turn to everyone else. All they could do now would be to stall time for Frost Blade. Since nobody would be able to defend the God of Puppets, Spring Halo felt that it was more sensible to defend all together instead of going one after the other.

"What the f*ck!!"

Wang Yu was hurt so badly that he started cursing. When he finally reacted, his head was less than one metre away from crashing on the wall.

Realising that he was about to die, Wang Yu's body reacted quickly as his body suddenly circled at electric speed. In the very next moment, a "duang" sound could be heard as Wang Yu landed on the ground firmly. Concurrently, his back leaned against the wall.

"Thunder God's Stomp!!" The Quan Zhen Sect shouted when they saw how Wang Yu landed safely, "Landing safely in such a situation? No wonder you're Old Bull!"

Because of the increased points of a Pugilist's jumping attributes, they would constantly be jumping around during combats. However, players couldn't fly so it was hard to control the distance of the jump and it was vulnerable to stronger opponents. Therefore, using [Thunder God's Stomp] to force a landing was an essential skill every top expert knew.

However, when a player was attacked in mid-air, the player would lose balance. Using the gaming terms, losing balance in mid-air would result in an "airborne" effect.

Under the airborne effect, a player wouldn't be able to execute any skill if he had yet to mark passively. Hence, even an extremely skilful Pugilist shouldn't be able to use [Thunder God's Stomp] after getting hit in mid-air.

Marking passively refers to regaining balance in mid-air. The difficulty of regaining balance for combat purposes in mid-air was dependent on the opponent's level of judgement.

Wang Yu was heavily injured by the God of Puppets but even under such a circumstance, he was still able to regain his balance in the shortest possible time. In fact, he was even able to execute the [Thunder God's Stomp] in time before he landed. This speed of reaction and technique had to be witnessed personally. Otherwise, even a talented and experienced group of players like the Quan Zhen Sect wouldn't believe if someone told them there was a person who could do all that.

When Wang Yu landed, he hadn't had the time to figure out why he was sent flying and he suddenly felt a whiz of cold air. When he lifted his head, the God of Puppets was already standing far away from him as it started drawing his arrow and bow. The other hands were not idling because the light halo and light belt were also sent flying towards him.

To make things worse, the hand on the back of the God of Puppets started waving a staff. A holy light descended and the God of Puppets' health returned to full bar…

Everyone lost hope the moment they witnessed this scene. How can a monster be this sickening?

At this moment, Wang Yu couldn't be bothered with the God of Puppets' despicable acts. He hurriedly dodged the skills as he crawled and rolled towards a signboard beside the wall.

The signboard was for road directions and while it wasn't extremely big or small, it was enough to cover Wang Yu.

The system's monsters' long-range attacks had always required accurate aiming before shooting. After losing sight of its target, the God of Puppets immediately kept its long-ranged equipment as it raised a huge shield. With the huge shield in position, it bent over and charged at where Wang Yu was hiding.

"Not good! Hurry up and stop it!"

Seeing the charge of the God of Puppets, Spring Halo shouted. As he ran forward, he released some thorns at the legs of the God of Puppets.

The God of Puppets' shield was something capable of smashing a hole through a solid wall. A small signboard was only effective in blocking obstructing his sight. It was completely useless in protecting Wang Yu.

Following Spring Halo's orders, Yang Nuo, Ming Du and co. quickly released their attacks. This was especially so for Ling Longmeng, who fired arrows after arrows at the God of Puppets as though her arrows were all free.

Even with that many attacks on him, the God of Puppets' merely paused for the sake of the animation. There was no real obstruction in preventing his charge.

"Ming Du, execute your ultimate move! Pull his aggro!" Spring Halo waved and summoned his demons to block the God of Puppets while giving Ming Du the order to attack.

Ming Du used all his energy to activate his Berserk Thunder skill. The skill was released in tremendous amount over the God of Puppets' head.


After a loud explosion, two words popped up above the God of Puppets' head: "Ineffective Attack"

"What!!" Ming Du couldn't believe his eyes as the God of Puppets trampled on Spring Halo's demons. It continued its charge towards the signboard.

Behind the signboard, Wang Yu saw the God of Puppets' imminent arrival as he turned to the side to dodge.

Who knew that this God of Puppets was also an experienced driver. During its charge, it was still able to turn sharply when it witnessed Wang Yu running to the side.

The God of Puppets' steps were huge and about five times greater than Wang Yu. Even with his Qing Gong, Wang Yu was unable to shake off the God of Puppets. It was constantly just behind him.

"Irritating fella!" Seeing that the God of Puppets was not going to give up chasing him, Wang Yu scolded again as he suddenly turned. He appeared right behind the God of Puppets.

Just when Wang Yu thought that he was safe, the God of Puppets' upper body twisted 180 degrees. The shield from the upper body was descending onto Wang Yu yet again.

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