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"F*ck off!!" Wang Yu really lost his temper because of the system's despicableness.

He could forget about the sharp turn during the charge because a player with high enough skills would be able to do so as well. However, the fact that he could suddenly attack his back while charging forward was too ridiculous. This was completely illogical based on the inertia. Wang Yu was certain that if Galileo Galilei knew about this, he would jump out of his coffin to scold the game makers.

> would probably be the only game to come up with such a shameless act.

Looking at the God of Puppets' shield, Wang Yu jumped continuously as his body was several metres up in the air now. Shortly after that, Wang Yu's stepped on air and changed the direction of his jump. He extended his arm to grab the wall by the side.

At the same time, the God of Puppets appeared in front of Wang Yu's body. With a grunting sound, it stopped before turning with his shield and smashing against the wall.

Wang Yu read the situation and let go of his hand immediately as he fell off the wall. The God of Puppets' missed his shield strike but before Wang Yu could land on the ground, the cross blade was already coming at him again. Wang Yu didn't panic as he executed his [Rippling Wave] downwards. Using the energy against gravity, he managed to dodge the slash of the cross blade.

After Wang Yu stabilised himself, he wiped the sweat off his forehead. With a swing of his other arms, the long spear, halo and staff started swinging one after the other.

Even though the God of Puppets' speed was not extremely quick, he had many arms to compensate for that fact. Out of the eight arms, seven of them were equipped with weapons as they were swinging like a windmill. Even Wang Yu was struggling as he rolled around the ground in an attempt to dodge every attack.

After that previous incident, none of the Quan Zhen Sect dared to step out to help. Looking at how hectic Wang Yu looked, the Quan Zhen Sect knew there was no point in worrying. Therefore, they came together to point their fingers at Ling Longmeng.

Ling Longmeng was extremely regretful as she lowered her head and kept quiet. Naturally, she dared not mention anything about helping Wang Yu anymore.

Wang Yu was complaining in his heart while trying to avoid the God of Puppets' attacks. Suddenly, he asked on the group chat, "… F*ck! What happened earlier? How did that happen?"

Wang Yu was confident that his hinder and attacks on the God of Puppets were incomparably accurate. Therefore, the delay in the BOSS' attack should be due to a problem with the system which was why he felt the need to ask the others from Quan Zhen Sect.

Spring Halo replied, "It is our fault. We cannot control ourselves but to help attack the BOSS earlier."

Spring Halo was still considered a responsible man as he didn't pin all the blame on Ling Longmeng.

"Oh, I see." After hearing that, Wang Yu did recall that one of the God of Puppets' arm did reach out to block an attack from somewhere else.

Wang Yu was also forgiving as he didn't put the fact that he almost died because of Ling Longmeng in his heart. Instead, he said, "Hurry up and attack him now!"

"Attack him? Old Bull, we've realised our mistake… Please don't be angry at us. At the very most, I can give up on this quest." After the previous lesson learnt, everyone knew that any random movements might have unforeseeable consequences. This was why Ming Du hurriedly apologise when he heard Wang Yu's words. He must have thought that Wang Yu was furious at them.

"Angry your head! Since when am I such a petty man?! Hurry up!" Wang Yu replied anxiously.

"But our attacks are ineffective against him…" A helpless Ming Du replied.

Wang Yu responded, "I know but trust me. Just attack him with all your might for now."


"What's there to hesitate? If he wants us to fight, we fight!" While everyone was still hesitating, Ling Longmeng shot an arrow immediately.

Even though Ling Longmeng had no idea what Wang Yu had in mind, she felt bad because of the previous incident. Therefore, she didn't want to disobey Wang Yu's orders which was why she took the shot first.

The arrow flew over and landed on the God of Puppets' shadow which resulted in a slight pause in his attack.

The pause was merely a split second but this was enough for Wang Yu to stand up from the ground.

At this moment, everyone understood what was going on. Wang Yu wanted to make use of others to disrupt the tempo of the God of Puppets' attack.

Against a BOSS of this level, a slight pause like this could be considered negligible to ordinary players. However, it was different for Wang Yu. Every pause by the BOSS would prove to be an opportunity for a breakthrough.

At the thought of this, Spring Halo, Ming Du and Yang Nuo started attacking the God of Puppets.

Due to the fact that the God of Puppets' aggro was on Wang Yu, he completely disregarded the attacks from the rest of them. After the first round of attacks, only Ling Longmeng's first arrow was effective.

"Eh? What is going on?" Ming Du and Yang Nuo were in disbelief.

Spring Halo scratched his chin as he replied, "Little Meng's first arrow was a control skill, right?"

"En." Ling Longmeng nodded.

"Now that makes sense! We have to use control skills to disrupt the BOSS's tempo." Spring Halo explained.

Ming Du asked, "What? But the control skill has a long cooldown time. How can four long-ranged attacks like us fight like that?"

Spring Halo reminded, "This broken BOSS was never a BOSS that can be killed by a single team…"

The God of Puppets was a large-scale BOSS which could be controlled to death if over hundreds of players used control skills at the same time… This fella's strength might be obvious but his weakness was even more concealed. If they hadn't figure out the correct way, it would be impossible to kill him.

"So what do we do now?" Yang Nuo asked.

Ling Longmeng replied, "Let me do it. My control skills have no cooldown timing." As she spoke, she continued to fire arrows after arrows at the BOSS.

One or two arrows might not be effective at all. However, when a lot more arrows were shot at him, the God of Puppets' movement was evidently slowing down. It was almost like a lag internet connection as he moved step by step awkwardly.

With Ling Longmeng's ability to disrupt the BOSS's attacks, Wang Yu slowly gained control of the situation and the tempo.

Previously when Wang Yu was using [Hinder Strikeback], the control was in the God of Puppets' hands. Now that Wang Yu controlled the situation, the control of the tempo was in Wang Yu's hands.

Just like that, Wang Yu's speed of attack was many times faster than previously. Every attack landed accurately on the vital points of the God of Puppets. A series of fresh red numbers appeared on the God of Puppets' head as the attacks were not stopping at all.

The system monster would have a fixed tempo and thinking which was why once Wang Yu controlled the tempo, there seemed to be no way out for the God of Puppets.




No special rage.



After half an hour, the God of Puppets finally collapsed…

Looking at the system notification, Wang Yu heaved a huge sigh of relief as he sat on the ground.

Even though Wang Yu looked like he was enjoying his attacks, the truth was that he needed a high level of concentration for attacks like this. Wang Yu hadn't gone offline for one whole day and had been continuously playing the game. This was tiring enough not to mention the long bar of HP which he needed to slowly reduce. This was a true toll on Wang Yu's energy level.

Once the God of Puppets was dead, Ling Longmeng felt a lot more relief than anyone else. She touched her empty backpack as her heart felt more at ease as well.

The exhaustion of the shadow binding arrows was not cheap at all. Given that Ling Longmeng had used up all her arrows, it must have cost her a bomb. However, Ling Longmeng felt that the money spent was less important as compared to causing her entire team to be exterminated.

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