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"How is it? Very intense right…" Spring Halo smiled cheekily as he saw Ling Longmeng's expression.

Spring Halo knew Ling Longmeng from way before so he knew that even though she was always acting fierce, he knew that she was still a responsible and courageous lady. If she really caused Wang Yu to die this time, it was highly likely that she would offer to compensate everyone.

Of course, being willing to offer compensation and being happy to offer compensation were two different ideas. This roller coaster of emotions was truly etched deeply in Ling Longmeng's heart. "Tsk!" Ling Longmeng didn't even bother about Spring Halo as she turned to Wang Yu to say, "Thank you."

"?" Wang Yu was confused as he asked, "What do you mean?"

Ling Longmeng merely smiled. "Let's see what this BOSS has for us."

"Right, right, right. The BOSS." Hearing Ling Longmeng's words, everyone else grew excited. All these fellas were nothing more than passers-by throughout the whole journey. Only Wang Yu and Ling Longmeng risked their lives and these fellas were only useful in times like this.

"Old Bull, you can start!" Ling Longmeng pointed at the God of Puppets.

Wang Yu shook his hand as he replied, "I have to rest for a while. You can start."

"Alright!" Ling Longmeng nodded as she walked over to the God of Puppets.

Nobody had any objections to Wang Yu's appointment of Ling Longmeng. After all, the BOSS was taken down by just the two of them. In terms of contributions, the God of Puppets should belong entirely to the two of them. The rest of them shouldn't even have the rights to get part of the spoils.

Besides Ming Du, the most excited people currently were Crotch Lord and Spring Halo. Because the BOSS was a holy attribute BOSS, it was compatible with Spring Halo's job. Therefore, anything that comes out of the BOSS would definitely be useful for Spring Halo. Moreover, the God of Puppets was slightly more of a Guardian. Whether it was the cross blade or shield, these were items that a Tank like Crotch Lord could use. Crotch Lord was particularly excited about the massive shield because he had just lost a shield not too long ago.

"Please drop a Shaman's equipment, or a Shaman's skill…" Spring Halo stared at the God of Puppets as he started reciting the same phrases over and over again.

Boson couldn't help but ask, "Brother Spring, what are you doing?"

"Praying!" Spring Halo said.

"F*ck! You are considered the disciple of God but you help these weirdos get rid of the higher disciple of God. Do you really think praying to God will give you some good equipment? You really think God is stupid?" Boson ridiculed.

"What do you know! I'm praying to The Three Pristine Ones," Spring Halo responded.

Boson was speechless but reacted after a while, "What?! You are definitely going to hell for being two-faced!"

"If I can get something useful from such a huge BOSS, going to hell will be worth it!" Spring Halo rolled his eyes as he continued reciting.

Crotch Lord pondered for a moment before commenting, "Brother Spring is right! What is so scary about hell? Please drop a shield!" After saying that, Crotch Lord clasped his fists as he joined Spring Halo in praying.

"A weapon is out!"

Just as the duo was still praying, Ling Longmeng hauled out a radiant weapon as though the God was really moved by the duo's praying. Ling Longmeng really did haul out a shield.

Shield of God (Obsidian) (Damaged) (Can be Advanced)

Attack: 140-150

Magic Attack: 140-150

Defence: 300-300

Magic Resistance: 300-300

Strength +60

Vitality +60

Durability: 1000000

God's Blessing: Passive skill. Upper limit of health increase by 3000 points. HP/MP recovery speed increase by 300%

God's Protection: Passive skill. Hinder value's upper limit increase by 100%. Defence and Magic Resistance increase by 30%. Under the Hinder's mode, 1% of hinder value, HP and MP can be recovered every second.

God's Vengeance: Active skill. Secluded mode will reflect 30% of damages. Open mode will reflect 80% of damage.

God's Arrival: Active Skill. Transform into God and all attributes increase by 100% which will last for 30 seconds. Cooldown time is 180 minutes. In the God's mode, hinder value will recover 5% every second. All attack will be supplemented with the holy magic. Holy attributes job skills will double in power and attacks on holy attributes skills reduce by 20%.

Job Requirement: Knight, Warrior

Level Requirement: 60

Item Description: A holy item brought down to the mortal world. It possesses unbelievable power. It seems like it had suffered some damage but it does not make it any less of an exceptional godly weapon.


Everyone was stunned for a few seconds after Ling Longmeng showed the attributes of the Shield of God.

"F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! This is a God's weapon!!" an envious and shocked Ming Du exclaimed.

From the main attributes, this shield seemed to have maxed out every possible attribute other than the attacking attributes. Of course, a shield was supposed to be a defensive weapon so it didn't really matter whether the attack attributes of the shield was high or low as long as the defensive attributes were satisfactory. Therefore, one could describe this shield as a perfect weapon.

While the four skills were enough to make everyone tremble in envy, hinder points was the most important attributes for every Guardian. Increasing the hinder points for a tank had always been priceless in the market especially for weapons such as a shield. It would not be an exaggeration to say that a shield that could increase the upper limit of the hinder points was a treasure of a lifetime for any Guardian.

This Shield of God did not only increase the hinder points by 100% as it even had hinder points recovery advantages. In addition to the God's Arrival, a Guardian equipped with this shield would have hinder points three times more than a regular Guardian.

If a Templar was equipped with this shield, when the skills increased by yet another fold, the hinder values would be four times more than any ordinary Guardian.

Evidently, the usefulness of this shield was truly a dream for any tank.

This shield's level requirement was level 60. If there were no hiccups, a level 60 player equipped with this should be able to match a level 100 opponent. Moreover, this shield was currently damaged.

Even though damaged equipment carried the word 'damaged' along with it, it didn't mean that they were trash. This was because every damaged equipment would have the opportunity to improve further. Just take Wang Yu as an example. He held onto a few damaged items even the ones he obtained from Beginner's Village.

The value of damaged equipment was not entirely dependent on the possible improvement of attributes.

Because of the difference in equipment attributes and the skills it possessed, players' feel of it would vary. Once a player used a piece of equipment for a long time, the player would gradually grow used to this equipment and the skills. If they find a new piece of better equipment, they will have to get used to it all over again.

Damaged equipment will catch up with the period of the game via the improvement in the attributes. Therefore, many players classify damaged equipment as "equipment with the potential to grow".

The price of a peak grade shield with the potential to grow couldn't be measured so easily. Taking into account all the other jobs, there would probably not be another weapon with attributes better than this shield.

When Crotch Lord saw the Shield of God, he was so happy that he almost passed out. He literally pounced forward and got on his knees. "Sister, please give this shield to me…"

The Quan Zhen Sect didn't have another Guardian. The value of this shield was way too high for anyone to sell which was why Ling Longmeng didn't even hesitate as she threw the shield to Crotch Lord.

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