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"Thank you, Sister Meng, how much are you charging for this shield?" After Crotch Lord received the shield, he cautiously kept it in his bag before counting the gold in his wallet.

For a shield of this level, just the attributes alone was worth at least five to six thousand gold. Because of what they did to Daybreak Studio, everyone from the Quan Zhen Sect was not lacking in gold. In fact, all of them had an abundance of gold with them.

Wang Yu replied, "Why are we discussing money? Didn't we mention this before? We are splitting the items according to jobs. You are the only Guardian in the squad so just keep it for yourself."

"This… Is this appropriate?" Crotch Lord seemed overwhelmed by favour from his superior as he turned to look at Ling Longmeng.

Strictly speaking, even though everyone was from the same squad, the BOSS was only fought by Wang Yu and Ling Longmeng. The rest of them should have no rights to take anything from the success. Wang Yu's offer to give the shield to Crotch Lord for free made Crotch Lord slightly embarrassed.

Anyway, Wang Yu was still considered his brother from the same sect so Crotch Lord didn't feel that bad. As for Ling Longmeng, Crotch Lord was not familiar with her at all. Moreover, what Ling Longmeng did earlier was rather infuriating. If Crotch Lord really kept it for himself, he was afraid that Ling Longmeng might have something to say which might put Wang Yu in a difficult spot.

Ling Longmeng simply pointed at Wang Yu and said, "He was the one who fought the BOSS so he can decide who wants to give it to."

"But this is such a valuable item. How can I possibly accept it…" Crotch Lord still looked slightly troubled.

Just then, Spring Halo chuckled and said, "Crotch Lord, if they want you to have it, just accept it. We are all brothers so you don't have to stand on any ceremony."

Spring Halo understood what Ling Longmeng was like as a person. He knew that Ling Longmeng only helped to distract the BOSS so she wouldn't be too concerned over the items dropped by the BOSS.

"Since this is the case, I shall accept it then. In the future, please call me as you wish if you need." Crotch Lord nodded as he replied.

"Hehe… Crotch Lord is really lucky." Seeing how Ling Longmeng gave the shield to Crotch Lord so casually, everyone was extremely envious. Doing nothing at all and being able to pick up a godly item was everyone's dream.

"Auntie Meng, draw some Pugilist's equipment, will you?" Vainglory commented.

"F*ck!" Everyone couldn't help but laugh. "Do you really think you can keep it if she manages to draw a Pugilist's equipment?" The Quan Zhen Sect had two Pugilists and the BOSS was fought by Wang Yu. There was no reason Vainglory should be the first to pick the item.

"Then I hope everything that comes out next are Pugilists' items. I am so cute so I don't believe Uncle Bull wouldn't leave one item for me," Vainglory replied shamelessly.

Everyone started cursing and laughing. "Scram! You are really a shameless b*stard…" Why would such a huge BOSS only drop Pugilist's items? Only Vainglory would say something so childish.

"Speaking of which, why are you out here?" At this moment, Wang Yu suddenly questioned Vainglory.

This fella should be taking care of Regis in the library alongside Frost Blade.

"Once the BOSS dies, Regis turns into a functional NPC that cannot attack anyone. So why should we continue staying in the library?" Vainglory said.

"Oh? Something like this is possible?" Everyone was slightly taken aback after hearing this.

A functional NPC was an NPC without intelligence and protected by the system. These NPCs would only do what they needed to do. Giving out quests was a low-level ability and once the God of Puppets died, Regis became a functional NPC which lost its ability to continue hiding the quest rewards.

Fortunately, everyone managed to get something out of the BOSS earlier. Otherwise, they would have been cheated by the system.

"Did we manage to pick out the last fragment?"

"This… We didn't pick it out. Old Li, I doubt your quest can be completed." Frost Blade responded with regrets.

Ming Du casually brushed it off, "Forget it. It's okay I think this is just not my year."

"En. Old Li, you finally got your enlightenment? In the past…" Hearing Ming Du's words, everyone found it hard to believe. This fella hated to be taken advantage of and yet he was actually fine with not being able to complete his quest.

Indeed, Ming Du hurriedly added on before everyone could say something. "To comfort my damaged soul, I hope Brother Spring will not fight with me if Old Meng manages to pick out a staff."

"F*ck! I knew it!' Everyone pointed their middle fingers at this fella.

He couldn't help himself. The peak grade item that Crotch Lord received was way too impressive. Ming Du wasn't the only person because everyone secretly wished that the next item would belong to their job. This was even if the item was damaged.

"I'm afraid I have to disappoint you." Ling Longmeng laughed as she drew out yet another radiant equipment.

Knight Gallant (Helmet) (Outfit)

Attack: 120-130

Magic Resistance: 120-130

+47 Strength

+54 Vitality

Job Requirement: Specific To Protector

Level Requirement: 60

Knight Outfit 1/8

Knight's Gallant 1/1

Knight's Honesty 0/1

Knight's Modesty 0/1

Knight's Mercy 0/1

Knight's Justice 0/1

Knight's Sacrifice 0/1

Knight's Honour 0/1

Knight's Soul 0/1

Set Attributes

Nothing To Fear: Passive skill, increase defense by 100%

Protecting The Weak: Passive skill. Guarding range increase by 50%.

Loyal And Honest: Passive skill. Effect of holy attributes skill increase by 50%.

Rather Die Than Submit: Passive skill. After dying, 80% chance of coming back to life in a 100% state. Cooldown time is 240 minutes.

Hidden Outfit Attributes: Unknown.

Item Description: Only the loftiest Knight can wear this outfit.

"The legendary eight-piece outfit!"

Everyone cried out in disbelief looking at the attributes of the helmet.

There were many ways to value the price of an outfit. The most direct way would be to look at how many pieces the set contained.

The lowest grade outfit would have two pieces while the highest grade would have eight.

The eight-piece outfit compromised every part of the body except the neck and weapon. The power and value of a fully gathered eight-piece outfit would not be weaker than any Godly weapons. Even in the game's beta testing, everyone deduced that the highest-grade item would be an eight piece outfit. However, nobody had seen anything like that before. In the current market, the most common sets only had four pieces while six-piece outfit was exceedingly rare.

One Godly shield and another eight-piece outfit. This God of Puppets was really generous.

Of course, even though the eight-piece outfit was extremely powerful, a large number of manpower and resources would be needed to gather all eight pieces.

"What a pity that there is no use for it…" Everyone shook their head. It was rare that an eight-piece outfit appeared but it was job specific to only Knights. In the Quan Zhen Sect, only Mu Zi Xian was a Knight and Mu Zi Xian was currently only level 15… By the time she advanced to level 60, there would probably be many more eight-piece outfits in the market.

"It is not exactly useless. At the very most, we can sell it for gold." Wang Yu chuckled as he kept the Knight's Gallant.

Ling Longmeng continued touching the BOSS and a few seconds later, she suddenly mentioned, "Everyone can start bidding for this." Ling Longmeng took out a book.

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