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: Ancient skill. When activated, user will be immune from all attacks from 200 and further. Required job: All.

"Shh… An Ancient skill for all jobs!" Everyone was shocked when the skill book's attributes were shown.

The God of Puppets indeed did own a lot of impressive things. He even had an Ancient skill book for all jobs.

Currently, the short distance jobs' regular attack range was only between 80-200. Only long-distance jobs could give out normal attacks with a range of more than 200.

By being immune to attacks from 200 range and further, the player was immune to long distance attacks and even some short distance skills.

As such, this skill was the ultimate enemy of long-distance jobs as these players functioned best when far from the target. So long as it was not an idiot, no long-distance job player would be in a range of less than 200 from its target when attacking.

Most importantly, was not a skill for a specific job. Any job could use it.

Thinking about it, if long-distance jobs mastered the Holy Sparkle, they would be undefeatable against those of the same job. If short distance jobs mastered the Holy Sparkle, they would never need to be afraid of long-distance jobs again.

No wonder Ling Longmeng said that this skill should be auctioned for everyone to bid on. No one would be able to resist this skill. "I failed my quest. Do I get compensation?" Ming Du raised his hands and asked before everyone started to bid.

"Hmm? How do you want to be compensated?" everyone asked.

Ming Du looked greedily at the in Ling Longmeng's hands and said, "I don't need a staff or anything too grand. I think this book will be of use to me. Can you guys…"

"Scram!" Everyone yelled at Ming Du before he could finish speaking.

"Damn it. I am worrying about our guild's attacks. With this skill, everyone won't need to protect me anymore. It is for your own good." Ming Du shamelessly said when it was actually for his own survival but he just had to come up with a crowd-pleasing excuse. His level of shamelessness was definitely obvious.

"Leave life and death to fate! 3000 gold coins!" The ultra-rich Frost Blade rebutted Ming Du and placed the first bid.

According to the exchange rate of gold coins and RMB, 3000 gold coins was RMB300 thousand. Even if it was put on a trading platform, after excluding tax, it would still be worth at least RMB170 to 180 thousand. This book's worth could be seen from how Frost Blade bid 3000 gold coins at the beginning.

Seeing that Frost Blade placed his bid, everyone instantly fell quiet.

Other than Vainglory and Yang Nuo who were not short of money, the rest who were there were average people. RMB170 to 180 thousand was an average person's annual income. It was not too bad if the RMB170 to 180 thousand was spent on a shield like Crotch Lord's as it could be sold for money when they leave the game. They might even be able to earn some money.

However, once a skill had been mastered, it could not be traded as > would tag it to the account such that it could not be traded. Hence, to buy it or not was something to be carefully thought through.

Once Spring Halo heard Frost Blade place his bid, he decided to keep his mouth shut and kept his wallet. He was only willing to spend this much money on a good weapon, and not such a skill book.

"No one is offering more? Then I shall offer 3001 gold coins." Ming Du looked around at the rest and upon seeing that no one else was interested, he rose the price.

"I offer 3500 gold coins." Vainglory chuckled.

Ming Du raged, "F*ck, this kid. Why aren't you studying?"

"Soaring Dragons did not mention that kids aren't allowed to play this game. Who are you to care?" Vainglory pointed his middle finger up.

"3501 gold coins." Ming Du rose the price again.

Vainglory was just about to place another bid when Ming Du stopped him by holding on to his shoulder and said, "Little friend, I know a lot of pretty girls. If you don't compete with me, I will introduce them to you."

"Really?" Vainglory's eyes lit.

"Of course!"


"This idiot…" When everyone saw how Vainglory fell into the trap so easily, they were about to cry in pity for him. Even though Ming Du looked like he was an old reliable man, he still should not have trusted his rubbish.

"Frost, are you going to offer more?" Ming Du asked Frost Blade after Vainglory gave up.

"No thanks. You can have fun with it." Frost Blade shrugged.

Assassins had short arms but knew how to [Stealth] so the Holy Sparkle could not control Assassins the most and had the least effect on Assassins. Hence, Frost Blade bid for it based on the instincts of a businessman.

Ming Du had already risen the price to 3501 gold coins and so naturally, there was no point in spending so much money to snatch a relatively not useful skill book from him.

"Then I shall have it, haha." Ming Du was smiling widely as he reached out to take the skill book. Suddenly, Crotch Lord yelled, "I offer 5000 gold coins."

"I… You are insane!" Ming Du yelled furiously when he heard Crotch Lord place his bid.

5000 gold coins. Obviously, Ming Du would not raise his bid as Ming Du had a long-distance job and his aim of mastering this skill was to prevent others from controlling him… 5000 gold coins had way exceeded what he was willing to pay.

Crotch Lord chuckled. "Hehe, what do you know. When I master this skill, it will be worth way more than this."

Indeed, Guardians could control short distance jobs and so their only jinx was Magicians who could inflict large damage. With the Holy Sparkle, Magicians' attack would not have any effect on them.

Although Guardians' attack range was a mere 100, not many long-distance jobs would attack Guardians within 200-range as Guardians' [Taunt] range was 500.

"F*ck you!" Ming Du vomited blood from his upsetness.

"Enough, if you can't afford it, scram." Ling Longmeng rolled her eyes at Ming Du then passed the to Crotch Lord.

Everyone looked extremely envious. When it came to spiritual weapons and Ancient-level skills, if nothing goes wrong, Crotch Lord would benefit the most from the upcoming quest.

Afterwards, Ling Longmeng picked another pretty good item but after the first three top-notch skill and equipment, everything else seemed lackluster.

All these were level 60 Gold-level equipment so their attributes were quite good. However, everyone was barely level 40 and was still far from level 60. These were not spiritual weapons like the "God's Shield" and hence, naturally no one wanted to pay for an unknown.

After picking things from the BOSS, everyone was sent back to the pier.

As the Atlanta City was a level 60 quest, the XP they received was obviously high. After the system notification appeared, everyone's XP soared, causing them to be excited.

"Let's go to the restaurant for a celebration. It's my treat," Crotch Lord said excitedly. It would be unreasonable if he did not pay for the meal as he gained the most from this dungeon.

"No thanks. It is getting late. I shall go first!" Wang Yu bid goodbye and went offline.

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