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After he went offline, Wang Yu took off his helmet and looked at his watch. It was already 11 pm.

Usually, Wang Yu was very strict on his work and rest time. When he played the game, he would still have his three meals on time. This was the first time he played a game for so long continuously, a total of more than ten hours since morning.

Quan Zhen Sect's game addicts had long gotten used to disregarding time while playing the game so naturally, they still had the energy to have a drink. Wang Yu was used to his healthy schedule so after playing for so long, he felt tired.

The north was unlike the south. In winter, the people from the north sleep very early. By then, Mu Zixian was already lying on the study table and had fallen asleep. Beside her was some food which had already gone cold.

Seeing this, Wang Yu quietly placed his gaming equipment aside and stealthily walked out of the room to wash up. When he returned to his bedroom, he accidentally closed the door a little too loudly and Mu Zixian instantly sat up.

"Hubby, you are done…" Mu Zixian said sleepily, "You must be hungry. Let me reheat the food for you."

Wang Yu waved his arm and said, "You must be tired, go rest. I will do it myself."

"My Young Master, forget it. I'm afraid you will set this house on fire." Mu Zixian laughed.

"Am I that bad…" Wang Yu was upset.

Mu Zixian looked at Wang Yu and said, "No, actually I just want to spend more time with you." Mu Zixian took the food and walked to the kitchen as she spoke.

Seeing Mu Zixian's back view, Wang Yu suddenly felt bad.

Although he did earn quite a bit of money these few days, he worked the entire day. He barely had the time to speak to his wife, much less keep her company.

In the past, sometimes they would go out for a walk at night after dinner. Now that Wang Yu logged off later, the amount of time they spent together decreased.

When he did not earn enough, he felt that he could not satisfy his wife materially. Now that he is earning more, he did not have time for her. This was the greatest contradiction for every man.

Quickly, the food was reheated. Mu Zixian carried the food back into the bedroom and saw Wang Yu in deep thoughts. She asked, "What happened? You look unhappy."

"Nothing…" Wang Yu smiled and said, "I am just thinking if I am spending less and less time with you."

"What do you think? It has been a while since you've gone shopping with me." Mu Zixian chided after putting down the food.

"I…" Wang Yu did not know what to do after seeing that Mu Zixian suddenly got angry.

Mu Zixian saw Wang Yu's helplessness then suddenly smiled and said, "I know, you need to work but you went offline really late today. You didn't even have your lunch. You can earn less but you must mind your health. If your family finds out that you not only stopped practicing your martial arts and even fell sick, won't they kick up a huge fuss?"

"I couldn't help it. Today we were busy with a quest so I could not go offline in the midst of it." Wang Yu said helplessly as he had no choice since he was playing this game.

"It must be hard on you." Mu Zixian caressed Wang Yu's head and said endearingly.

"It is worth it." Wang Yu rolled off the bed with a smile and grabbed a bun and the chopsticks to start eating.

"Sigh…" Seeing how happy Wang Yu was, Mu Zixian could not help but sigh and said softly, "Do I just let you stay so busy forever?"

Most men were like that. They want to earn money to provide for the family and so they would have to give up their time for other things. Things such as dreams are often forgotten once they turn thirty.

Wang Yu's father is right. Once they have enough money, they can do whatever they want, or else they would have to spend their entire life earning money. How would they have the energy to do other things?

Seeing how Wang Yu is immersed in the game the entire day and neglected his martial arts, Mu Zixian suddenly found that Wang Yu's father's words were right.

For someone like Wang Yu, normal people would not be able to support him. Even if they could, he would become a miserable man who chased after money.

To many families, it was not embarrassing to chase after a better livelihood but to the Wang family who was not short of money, Wang Yu was the entire family's future and hope… If she ruined his future, the hatred they will have for her would be deeper than if she murdered their entire family.

"Hubby, now that we have some money and even have a store in the game, we can afford our living expenses. Why don't you stop playing the game and focus on practicing martial arts?" Mu Zixian said as she handed Wang Yu the soup bowl.

"Why? I think this is quite good." Wang Yu did not quite understand what Mu Zixian said.

Hearing Wang Yu's words, Mu Zixian's heart dropped. How could she allow a one-in-a-million genius become a game addict? This was too great of a sin.

"Aren't you tired?" Mu Zixian said.

"Not really tired but it does take up quite a lot of my time. It is quite fulfilling though," Wang Yu said.

Mu Zixian said, "Yes, so I don't want you to continue being a professional gamer. It is too time-consuming."

Wang Yu said, "That's not possible. I am the pillar of this family so of course I need to provide for this family. Didn't I say before? Men need to take on responsibilities. I can't allow you to support me."

"But I don't want you to put all your energy into the game…" Mu Zixian was anxious. If Wang Yu lost his martial arts, Mu Zixian would be the Wang family's enemy. She did not want to be seen as an enemy by her husband's family for her entire life.

Wang Yu smiled. "This is not surprising. I am a professional player. How can professional players earn money without spending time and energy… Ok wifey, I am still healthy. You don't need to worry about me."

"A professional player who can earn money without exerting time and energy?" Wang Yu's casual words reminded Mu Zixian.

"Hubby, do you know what is electronic PVP?" Mu Zixian suddenly asked.

"Compete with people in the game? I know about it. Recently, a lot of people did mention it." Wang Yu replied.

"Why don't you participate in a professional competition too?" Mu Zixian said.

Electronic PVP's salary for the top-tier professional players was very high.

Although the professional player would have to undergo intensive training quests, professional players were only responsible for training their skills. In comparison, normal players had to level up and earn equipment which was tougher. Furthermore, professional players' daily training included physical training. This was what Mu Zixian liked most about it.

After all, the game mode had changed. Real life training was extremely important. Based on Wang Yu's abilities, he did not need to bother with the rest and just had to focus on his martial arts.

"PVP… Just recently someone did invite me but I rejected it," Wang Yu said.

"Why did you reject it?" Mu Zixian panicked.

Wang Yu said with a smile, "I think Quan Zhen Sect is quite good. For the time being, I don't want to join other guilds."

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