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Wang Yu was a grateful person. He got his first bucket of gold from Quan Zhen Sect's contributions. To have helped him when he was at his lowest made him realise that despite their bad character, they treated their friends sincerely.

When Land of Imperial Power approached Wang Yu, that bunch of flamboyant people who were rarely serious genuinely wanted the best for Wang Yu. However, Wang Yu did not want to leave behind his friends. What meaning was there left if he did not play the game with his friends?

"They are a professional team…" Mu Zixian said feeling that it was such a waste.

Wang Yu smiled and said, "Although I can earn money, it would be meaningless to be ordered around by money."

Wang Yu was a professional player but still had the freedom to arrange his own time and make genuine friends. However, if he made the game his job, it would take up a whole different meaning.

The game itself is what gives the players happiness. Playing together with friends of the same interest naturally made them happier. However, the financial corporations financing the squads end up spending large amounts of money to gather players who were unfamiliar with one another, even some with conflicts, to compete. Such tactics had already gone against the intention of the game.

Wang Yu did not think so far. He just wanted to play happily with his friend and at the same time, did not want to suffer under others for money. After all, Wang Yu had played the game for so long but he never once begged anyone to buy his things for money.

Therefore, it was understandable that Fearless said Wang Yu was not suitable to be a professional player.

"Right, you make sense…" Mu Zixian understood and nodded.

To Mu Zixian, Wang Yu was always a righteous man. Even if Wang Yu neglected his martial arts, Mu Zixian did not want him to become someone who would suck up to other people for money.

"Then you must exercise self-control when you play the game, or else you will harm your body," Mu Zixian said caringly.

"Ok, I will." Wang Yu nodded.

When he went online the next day, Wang Yu appeared at the pier. After a night, the chaos in Dead Spirit Town had passed and the Dead Spirit Swamp players had resumed their daily life.

To prevent arousing trouble, Wang Yu lowered his head as he returned to Berserk Thunder City.

"God Iron Bull, you are finally online. Thank you so much for yesterday." Berserk Thundergod found out that Wang Yu was online when he passed by the Ironcliff Fortress and hence, quickly went to welcome him.

"Oh? What for?"

Wang Yu was puzzled and thought what was wrong with this dude. He was tricked by Fearless and yet, he came to thank him?

"I heard you got rid of those monsters which helped our brothers level up so quickly," Berserk Thundergod said excitedly.

"Oh." Wang Yu heard his words and threw a [Probing] skill over and Berserk Thundergod was actually level 38 already. Seems like yesterday allowed those in Berserk Heavenlaw to earn a lot of XP.

Fearless was ultimately not a god and cannot ensure everything is taken care of. This time around, Ming Du did not complete his quest but everyone did earn some XP. Of course, Quan Zhen Sect earned some money too.

"God Iron Bull, do you want to have a drink with us?" Berserk Thundergod invited him passionately.

"No, thank you. My friends are waiting for me to return to Twilight City," Wang Yu said to get away then left the Ironcliff Fortress.

Berserk Thundergod was not someone to be trifled with as his attitude could change very quickly. Once he realises, there is no saying to what he might do. Wang Yu had already promised Mu Zixian to restrict his gaming time.

After exiting the Ironcliff Fortress, Wang Yu reached the alley entrance in Berserk Thunder City but oddly, Quan Zhen Sect was not there yet.

Could the news that they cheated Berserk Heavenlaw have been leaked?

At this thought, Wang Yu quickly sent a message to ask, "Guys, I am at Ironcliff Fortress' alley entrance already. You guys are in Berserk Thunder City. Why aren't you guys here?"

"Let's not hurry to leave. There's still things left unsettled," Ming Du replied.

Wang Yu was puzzled. "What things?"

"This…" Frost Blade sent a screenshot of the five fragments they stole from Regis.

"You have already failed the quest. What's the point of keeping these? Throw them away," Wang Yu replied with annoyance.

Fearless gave out cold laughter. "Throw? Why throw it?" Let's sell it to Berserk Thundergod and earn another round of money."


Hearing what Fearless said, everyone in the guild chat stayed silent.

After a few seconds, Wang Yu said with disdain, "What a bastard. Can't you pick someone else? You really only specialise in cheating one person…"

Berserk Thundergod was pitiful for being constantly on Fearless' mind. All in all, he had spent about ten thousand gold coins… Luckily, Berserk Heavenlaw's players were all very wealthy. If it was any other smaller guilds, they would have gone bankrupt thanks to Fearless.

Fearless said, "Old Bull, I don't agree with you. This is us doing business. How can you call it cheating? We collected 5 pieces of fragments for him. What if he gets the last piece one day? He should feel thankful for our help."

Indeed, Fearless guessed right. The loving way Berserk Thundergod looked at Wang Yu seemed as though he was about to kneel down in gratitude.

Wang Yu rubbed his chin and said, "Based on what you said, we should pass these fragments to the Great Magician, Reynolds."

"Why?" Everyone was shocked.

"Think about it. Reynolds wants all 6 coordinates. We already have five. Even if it is not all of them, we still should have some credit. At least, we deserve 5⁄6 of whatever prize there is. Who knows, it might be a god weapon," Wang Yu said.

"Erm… Brother Bull, have you never done a collection quest?" Boson suddenly asked.

"Only a few…" Wang Yu said.

"No wonder you said such things. In online games, you need to collect all the items before you can exchange it for the quest reward." Boson said speechlessly.

"Oh, is that so? No one told me." Wang Yu learned something new.

For an expert like Wang Yu, no one dared to teach him how to play a game. Furthermore, usually when Wang Yu did collection quests, he would be able to collect all of them and would not bother haggling with the NPC. Hence, this time taught him this rule.

Everyone, "… You are an idiot, who can bargain with an NPC."

Damn it. Wang Yu had played the game for so long and yet he did not even have such basic knowledge.

Wang Yu did not admit defeat. "Don't speak too soon. What's wrong with bargaining? This game's NPC is very intelligent. If you don't bargain with them, they will exploit you. Who knows, they might give Old Li 5⁄6 of the reward. It doesn't hurt to just try."

"No harm?" Everyone started recalling how despicable Reynolds looked when he asked for money.

"Erm, at most we don't ask questions," Wang Yu said once more.

"Hmm, Old Li, what do you think?" Fearless asked Ming Du.

Ming Du did not know to laugh or cry and so he said, "Up to Old Bull. Let him try his way. If Reynolds don't want it, we can sell them to Berserk Thundergod. There's no harm."

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