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When the World Announcement was being made, Wang Yu received a bunch of notifications at the same time.

Creator (Title)

[Giving Life]: Active ability, upon activation, instantly replenishes the user's HP and MP bar, 7200 seconds cooldown.

As the first player to create a God-grade equipment, the system was extremely generous in the rewards that they gave out. The Experience and Reputation points that Wang Yu had received were in abundance. However, the -100 reduction in Light Faction Honor Points made Wang Yu's heart ache.

Whatever amount of Light Faction Honor Points that Wang Yu previously had, were all accumulated due to Wang Yu's painstaking efforts. Despite so, ever since playing the game itself, his Light Faction Honor Points had rarely increased.

Thinking about it however, it made sense. The materials required to craft the Angel's Wings were from extraordinary origins. After all, it was taken from the God of Puppets. The Holy Feathers used could have jolly well been plucked from a holy being. Even if it was for the sake of crafting a treasure, it was still something that the Sanctum of Light did not tolerate. In their eyes, only their God was worthy of creating everything.

Out of the three items that were required, all three were items that went against the Sanctum of Light's beliefs. It would be absurd if Wang Yu's Light Faction Honor Points did not get penalised instead. Of course, regarding the reduction in Light Faction Honor Points, Wang Yu still did not place it at heart. After all, Wang Yu belonged to the Neutral Faction, and was an entity that no one dared to provoke. Furthermore, the Light Faction was currently clashing with the Dark Faction. It would be unwise for them to pick a fight with the Neutral Faction given the current situation.

"Old Bull, send over the attributes of the God-grade equipment!" At this moment, Quan Zhen Sect's channel was bustling with activity. Truth be told, neither of them have yet to see a true legendary equipment before.

Even though Wang Yu had a legendary ring on him, that item was considered a defective good and wasn't worth mentioning.

Wang Yu wasn't someone that bothered withholding secrets from others. He casually sent over the attributes of the Angel's Wings over into the channel.

Angel's Wings (Cape) (Legendary)

Physical Defence: 500-500

Magic Resistance: 500-500

HP +1500


Agility +50

Vitality +50

Strength +50

Critical Strike Chance +30%

[Wings of Light]: Passive skill, equipped player is capable of [Flight] at high altitudes, movement speed +310%, consumption of 200 MP every second when activating [Flight]. Effect status: Off

[Light's Blessing]: Passive skill, Luck attribute increased by 10%.

[Light's Protection]: Passive skill, upon receiving a fatal attack, 30% chance to convert the damage into healing instead.

[Prayer of Light]: Passive skill, within a 500 radius, all party members will receive a 10% increase in their maximum HP.

[Flames of Light]: Passive skill, within a 500 radius, any selected unfriendly target will receive 1% of the user's maximum HP as true damage every second. Effect status: Off

[Shockwave of Light]: Active skill, high-speed aerial attack from the sky, striking the target with the force of light. The longer the dive duration, the larger the damage dealt.

Item description: As a loyal servant of the God of Light and a representation of the strength of the Angels, Angel's Wings is bestowed with enormous power and is an item to be revered. Only those that are loyal to the God of Light get to enjoy the God-given honor. Anyone else that equips this item are regarded as filthy enemies of God.

Job Requirement: Available to all

Level Requirement: 50

Special skill - [Eternal Heaven]: Active skill, the devout believer of God can borrow the God of Light's power to cleanse all the targets in a 500 radius.

"This Legendary equipment doesn't seem to be very overpowered." Upon seeing the Angel's Wings' attributes, everyone felt slightly disappointed with it.

In truth, the main attributes of the item were all worth dying for, and they lived up to the expectation of what a Legendary equipment should be like. The reason why everyone was disappointed was entirely because of the additional attributes of the item.

Out of all six of the additional attributes, apart from the practicality of the [Wings of Light] effect, the rest were all basically useless, and were even worse off compared to the two Ancient-grade equipment equipped by Boson and Crotch Lord.

There was even less of a need to talk about the [Shockwave of Light] as it was an impractical ability given the fact that the attack has to complete a full aerial dive for it to be completed… talk is easy, but if the ability were to be actually casted, it was safe to say that only professional fighter pilots could execute the move smoothly.

The other abilities were even trashier. They were basically a few modified abilities of the Knight class and completely lacked any creativity at all.

If they appeared on any other ordinary equipment, it would have been acceptable. However, it actually appeared on a Legendary equipment, which was a hard pill to swallow.

Wang Yu was still optimistic about it, "It's passable, after all, it's a player crafted Legendary equipment, how overpowered can it get."

"That's right!" everyone agreed spontaneously.

A player wasn't God after all, and even more so the system. Being able to craft Legendary equipment was already considered a heaven-defying act. If the attributes of the Legendary equipment were made even more overpowered, the balance of the game would immediately be broken.

Furthermore, the Cape was only introduced into the game after a few series of patches. A large bulk of players currently have yet to get their hands on an equipment under that category, thus, Wang Yu's Angel's Wings was considered an add-on equipment that boosted so many of his main attributes.

Angel's Wings, however, could only be equipped once a player reaches level 50. Wang Yu's current level was 47. With this new equipment, his motivation to grind and level up was greatly increased.

However, after a player crosses the level 40 benchmark, it was significantly harder for players to level up. The drastic increase in difficulty was scary. Even an expert like Wang Yu that could solo enemies with 20 levels gap found the process tedious still.

Grinding was an extremely tiring and mundane process, even more so for an expert like Wang Yu that did not have any other friends that could grind alongside him. After five days of continuous grinding, Wang Yu had killed countless monsters, to the point where he would feel nauseous at the side of seeing another one. Finally, he managed to rise to level 49 and could no longer continue on with the meaningless and boring lifestyle…

It couldn't be helped. If the enemies were strong opponents instead, Wang Yu could perhaps persist on a little longer. However, having to face the continuous flashing of numbers day after day, it was already considered a miracle for Wang Yu to have persevered for five days.

"Is there any BOSS or Quests going on? I'm on the verge of death! Can you guys go and find some trouble."

In the past few days, the bunch from Quan Zhen Sect were unusually quiet as well. They didn't go out to create any trouble at all, which was one of the reasons why Wang Yu felt exceptionally bored as well.

Wang Yu was bored to the point where he had started to instigate others to go and find trouble. Everyone could basically see how bored Wang Yu was, thus they asked, "Did you not see the game's website, Old Bull?"

Wang Yu replied, "I have been grinding on my own for the past few days and did not bother to pay attention to what's going on around."

"Hehe!" Spring Halo said excitedly, "There will be an event starting soon. I heard that the experience that you can gain from this event is bountiful and that you can even exchange for special equipment like Capes."

"Capes?" Wang Yu glanced at the Angel's Wings in his bag and said, "I have just gotten my hands on this and the system has already started a mass giving event."

"Is your brain still underdeveloped? In order to maintain the balance of this game, the gaming company had to make such a move," Fearless laughed and said.

Balance in an online game was an extremely important aspect of it. Once a game loses its balance, it would consequently lose a large bulk of its players. Thus, it could not release a unique and singular item on its own.

Previously, Capes were still not entirely made available, thus all the players did not have them. Now that Wang Yu had one and others didn't, there would inevitably be an imbalance in the game. The system would naturally have to organise such an event for show to make it to the players.

If it wasn't a Cape and was another unique godly equipment instead, if a player managed to get a complete set of godly equipment, the system would definitely release a "Godly Equipment System" to allow the players to dream about it.

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