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Mundanity breeds disaster for the bunch in people in Quan Zhen Sect. The timely emergence of such an event was considered a good thing for the people of Quan Zhen Sect.

After all, even someone as honest as Wang Yu, after having mingled with the bunch of people from Quan Zhen Sect for so long, had the idea of finding trouble the moment he felt bored. What more the bunch of people from Quan Zhen Sect. No one knew what they would do the moment they themselves started to feel bored.

The event will be held over the three days of Qing Ming Festival. These three days will be considered a public holiday for everyone, so everyone would definitely have the time to play the game. Holding an event during such a period would surely result in ridiculously high traffic on the game itself…

However, having so many players online at the same time wasn't necessarily a good thing for the players. After all, there was a limit to the resources in the game. The larger the number of players participating in this event, the lower their chances of obtaining these resources, essentially lowering their chances of winning the prize for the event as well.

In actual fact, the players were all curious as to why an Eastern event is being held in a Western fantasy game.

The gaming company seemed to know of such a commotion but chose not to disclose any information as to the contents of the event.

However, the rewards of the event were disclosed one day prior to the Qing Ming Festival.

As per what Spring Halo had said, the rewards for the event this time were all items that were as rare and valuable as Capes.

The seven main job classes of <<REBIRTH>> all had their own class-specific Capes.

Warriors had the Emperor Cape.

Magicians had the Sacred Magic Space.

Thieves had the Darkness Concealment.

Priests had the Holy Will.

Knights had the Knight's Sacred Light.

Archers had the Elven's Wings.

Pugilists had the Heaven Defying Wings.

These seven Capes could only be earned through exchanging with the items given to the players upon the completion of the mission tasks.

As to the attributes of these items, all of the Capes were all Obsidian-grade equipment. Apart from the increase in main attributes like defense, there were various side abilities as well. What excited the players most was the ability of [Flight] provided by these Capes.

These class-specific Capes only increased a user's speed by 125 percent, similar to the movement speed boost provided by an elementary mount. The MP consumption, on the other hand, was more than five times that of Wang Yu's Cape, taking up 1000 MP per second.

With such an extravagant rate, at this stage of the game, only those Magician classes that had maxed out on their MP could use the [Flight] ability for a longer period of time. The others could only use it to fly for ten over seconds at best.

Despite so, all the players were still restless over it.

Flying in the skies… who wouldn't have dreamt of being capable of such a thing when they were young? Even though the ability to fly wasn't something uncommon in other online games, how could the graphics of those point-and-click games compare to a virtual reality game like <<REBIRTH>>?

Thus, the moment the rewards were published on the game's website, numerous people that didn't play the game had the intention of picking up the game.

Of course, this was merely a marketing gimmick of the gaming company. As to how many of these Obsidian-grade Capes they planned on giving out… at the end of the day, the control lay in the hands of the gaming company themselves.

On the day of the event itself, almost all of the players, including Wang Yu, had logged into the game early in the morning.

Gloomy skies: There is a slight drizzle during the Qing Ming Festival period.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Needless to say, the gaming company sure knew how to create the right atmosphere for their events. At this moment, all three hundred main cities in the game were experiencing a slight drizzle. For a city that always had an evening sky plastered above it, this was a refreshing sight for the players of Twilight City.

The players on the streets were all getting restless.

It was exactly 8 am in the morning.

With the strike of lightning, the event officially started. At this moment, all of the players received a new Quest in their Quest tab.

Quest: Qing Ming Season

Quest description: Qing Ming Festival was originally a time where everyone would go to sweep the burial grounds of their ancestors as a sign of their remembrance and respect to them. However, Twilight City is currently extremely dangerous as there are monsters that managed to sneak into the main city. The ordinary folks of Twilight City do not dare to take a step out of their doors. Please head over to the residences of the Twilight City citizens and provide assistance in their efforts to clean the burial grounds.

Upon seeing the Quest prompt, all the players started to disperse, each having their own action plan.

The purpose of this event was to test the player's understanding of the NPCs in the main city. Most players were familiar with the location of the Shops, Blacksmith, Job Teachers etc, NPCs that had a certain functionality to them. The existence of the resident NPCs was mostly for decorative purposes. As most players were usually busy with levelling up and clearing Dungeons, who would have the time to bother with these useless NPCs?

Clueless players could only resort to the most brainless method of knocking every single NPC residence's door, in hopes of meeting the correct one.

During normal days, these players couldn't be bothered with these NPCs. Now that they played an important role in this event, all of them suddenly had a change in attitudes and were frantically approaching whichever NPC residence that they could find. "Uncle, Aunty, open up. I have come to help you with your cleaning of the burial grounds." Words like these could be heard all across the entire town…

However, each resident could only have one ancestral tomb at best. There over tens of thousands of players in the entire city, it was nearly impossible for all of them to find one.

With such high demand but low supply, the scene in the cities became chaotic. Every now and then there would be a few players engage in a street brawl in order to determine who should get the right to take up the resident's quest.

What was more infuriating was the fact that after these players had finally managed to take down the other competitors, the moment they opened the door to accept the mission, they were greeted with the NPC saying, "Who are you? I don't even know you, why should I let you sweep my ancestor's burial grounds…"

Such a scene certainly infuriated a lot of players.

Could it be that a one-time event such as this required a certain degree of favorability between the player and the NPCs? Out of desperation, numerous players were frantically engaging in odd jobs given by the NPCs in order to raise the favorability between them. On usual days, these NPCs did not possess any other functionality, however, all of a sudden they had the ability to come up with extremely weird and tedious tasks for the players to do. The players could only resign themselves to such a cruel fate and bite the bullet.

After an entire morning, only a handful of players managed to receive the mission, the majority of the players, on the other hand, were extremely frustrated.

Even though all the other players were toyed with by the NPCs, things were going pretty smoothly for the bunch from Quan Zhen Sect.

After all, these bunch of players were the overlords of Twilight City. Other players would stay ten metres away from any door that they attempted to try their luck at, afraid that this bunch of hooligans would choose to vent their anger on them should they fail to receive any mission.

Within the Quan Zhen Sect's channel, a "civilised" conversation was currently taking place.

The first to talk was Vainglory. His luck during this event was pretty good, thus he started to brag arrogantly in the chat, "How many missions have you guys received? I have already received four. Let an expert like me give you all some advice. So long as you all start to butter up the NPCs with some flowery words, your favorability with them would immediately go up."

"Humph! Only four and you're bragging about it? Everyone here has received more missions than you!" everyone replied to Vainglory's statement spitefully.

"Bullsh*t! This trick of mine was thought of by me, how could anyone else be faster than me?" Vainglory replied in disbelief.

Everyone else laughed upon hearing what Vainglory had said, "Dumb kid, when it comes to favorability, what could be faster than giving the NPCs a few gold coins?"

"F*ck! How could I have forgotten such a move!?"

The moment Vainglory heard of such a trick, he immediately started feeling regretful… If he knew of it earlier, he wouldn't have had to play the role of a good grandson in front those NPCs for the entire day.

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