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"You bunch of cheap people, how could you resort to such underhanded means?!" Similar to Vainglory, Ming Du was also oblivious to such a method to gain favorability with the NPCs.

"Oh? You were also busy playing the role of a good grandson for the entire day, Ming Du?" Everyone else in the chat started their teasing.

For someone that had always been arrogant in his actions, the fact that Ming Du had brought himself down to run errands for those nameless NPCs was something that would shame him for the rest of his life.

"No, I didn't, I merely threatened them that if they didn't give me the quest, I would slaughter them all," Ming Du replied in all honesty.


The moment everyone heard Ming Du's approach, they were stunned speechless… No wonder he was from the law enforcement, this was definitely his style.

"You can even get the quests by doing that?" Vainglory asked in disbelief, after having run errands for the entire day.

Ming Du replied indifferently, "I'm already at the eighth one, what do you think?"

"F*ck, so fast? I'm only at my seventh!"

"I'm at my sixth!"

"I'm at my eighth too…"

Soon, the guild chat had become a platform for all of them to boast about their progress… especially more so for Ming Du who had spent no money and effort to reach his eighth quest. Compared to the others, Ming Du clearly had more rights to brag about his achievement compared to the others.

The moment he had the opportunity to be arrogant, his pride would immediately get the better of him. At this moment, Ming Du shifted the focus of the conversation towards Wang Yu, "Eh? Where's Old Bull? @Ironbull, how many quests have you completed?"

Soon, Wang Yu replied, "Fourteen!"

With a single word, Wang Yu had left all of the other members of Quan Zhen Sect stunned speechless again, even the previously arrogant Ming Du.

It should be pointed out that if a player was able to receive three to four quests at this point in time, the player had some skills in the game. For the shameless bunch of players in Quan Zhen Sect, the highest that they had gotten was only eight. Wang Yu had actually overtaken them by such a huge margin, nearly doubling their count.

If it was in terms of slaying monsters and killing BOSSes, everyone would definitely accept such an outcome wholeheartedly. After all, after having known Wang Yu for such a long time, they all knew how terrifying Wang Yu was in actual combat.

However, the situation now was completely different, it was a race to see who could sweep the most tombs, and had no relation to a person's combat strength. Unless of course, Wang Yu had another overpowered way of obtaining these quests.

Thinking up until this point, everyone started asking fervently, "F*ck! What underhanded means are you using??"

"I'm the City Lord…" Wang Yu replied.


Everyone immediately puked blood the moment they heard Wang Yu's simple and innocent answer. It had completely subdued everyone's indignation, even though there was no way that they could replicate Wang Yu's means of obtaining so many quests.

"However, speaking up till this point, I have come to realise something," Wang Yu abruptly said.

"What? Is it the fact that they treat you as their family solely because of the fact that you're the City Lord?" everyone asked resentfully.

"No!" Wang Yu continued, "After sweeping the tombs, the NPCs all gave a willow branch. After which, I stuck the willow branches in the forest to obtain experience, but I have yet to receive a Cape fragment at all."


After hearing what Wang Yu said, the rest started to take Wang Yu seriously.

What Wang Yu said was true. Even though it was relatively more difficult for players to receive these quests, carrying out the task was an extremely easy process. All the NPCs did was to give the players a broom and a coordinate, asking them to head over to clean the tomb. Once this quest was completed, the player would return to receive the reward for this Quest, and the NPC would reward the player with a willow branch, allowing the player to receive a certain amount of experience.

Of course, the tombs would only react to players that had received the quest. Once the player received the quest, the suburbs on the City map would show up a location "XX Quest tomb". Thus, other players could not steal the spot from the player that had received the quest in the first place.

Apart from the quest being slightly tedious, there wasn't much difficulty in this quest. The rewards, however, were all the same, it was always a willow branch… The amount of experience that every player received was relative to their levels, up till now, it seemed like no one had yet to receive a Cape fragment…

Of course, there was the likelihood that some players had received the fragments but kept the fact to themselves… However, the bunch of people from Quan Zhen Sect had completed the quest so many times and yet a fragment had yet to appear. Clearly, this was not a problem arising from the low probability of obtaining the fragment.

"Could it be that we have to complete the quest continuously for a specific number of times before we get rewarded with the fragment automatically?" Spring Halo speculated.

According to the logic of such online games, if it wasn't a problem about the probability, it was most likely one that could be resolved with sheer quantity.

"It can't be…" Fearless frowned and said, "This quest is extremely troublesome. How many times do you think the common players can clear it within these three days?"

"This…" After hearing what Fearless had to say, everyone started to think about the situation deeply.

In the whole of Twilight City, no one dared to mess with the people from Quan Zhen Sect.

As the City Lord, and with an extremely fast movement speed, Wang Yu was undeniably suited for this quest. However, for someone like him, he only managed to complete the quest ten over times from morning till now. This goes to show how troublesome the quest actually was.

If it were any other player, they probably would not even hit the same amount given all three days of this event. If the reward system were to actually be set as such, it was clearly making a fool out of all of the players in the game.

In order to increase the entertainment value for the players, it was understandable for them to roll out such an absurd and ridiculous task. However, at the end of the day, surely they had to deliver what they promised to the players, otherwise, it would surely result in dissatisfaction amongst the players.

Customers were kings. After all, each and every one of these players had spent their own money to purchase the gaming helmets in order to play the game. Who would be willing to pay money just to be played for a fool?

"Unless… the quest to sweep the tombs is merely a façade and that there is a hidden trick to this?" Wang Yu abruptly speculated at this moment.

Fearless reaffirmed Wang Yu's speculation and said, "En, there's definitely a trick to this! Everyone, go and look at the quest description once more."

"Quest description…"

After hearing what Fearless had said, everyone frantically opened the quest bar and re-read the quest once more.

"Qing Ming Festival was originally a time where everyone would go to sweep the burial grounds of their ancestors as a sign of their remembrance and respect to them. However, Twilight City is currently extremely dangerous as there are monsters that managed to sneak into the main city…"

"Monsters that managed to sneak into the main city…"

Soon enough, everyone realised the hidden message in the quest description —- there are actually monsters currently in Twilight City.

Thinking up till this point, everyone's mood lifted after coming to this realisation.

It was no wonder that the NPCs did not trust the players. Even if NPCs decided to open up their doors to these players, they merely gave out these quests to toy with the players. It wasn't an issue with the player's favorability at all, but rather, it was because of the intrusion of these monsters that resulted in the NPCs being unable to trust any living being outside of their door.

The reason why the gaming company didn't release the event details on their website prior to the event was because they were afraid that the players would be able to figure out the trick to this quest event before it had even commenced.

This group of b*stards sure had thought things through so thoroughly.

"So where are the monsters?"

Thinking about this, everyone started to frantically scan their surroundings, only to be greeted with numerous players running around the streets. There wasn't a single monster to be found.

Fearless replied, "Since the monsters managed to sneak into the main city, they must have surely disguised themselves as NPCs… naturally everyone would be unable to discern these monsters with their two eyes."

"How are we supposed to look then?" Everyone asked simultaneously.

After pondering over it for some time, Fearless said, "Start from the NPCs that everyone is most familiar with, especially those that are not in any residences. Everyone, think, are there any NPCs that fulfill these requirements?"

"Yes!" Shortly after Fearless finished his sentence, Wang Yu immediately answered, "Hermit."

"Hermit? Who is that?" Everyone asked gloomily, unsure of the NPC that Wang Yu had just mentioned.

As an NPC teacher, the Hermit lives true to his name, and lives his life wandering on the streets like a stray dog. As he hates being disturbed, Wang Yu rarely mentions his name. There were only a handful of players that knew of this NPC in Quan Zhen Sect.

"An acquaintance of Old Bull, he can be found in a narrow dark alley just beside the central main street," Fearless answered.

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