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"Old Bull, wait for us!"

Upon hearing what Fearless said, everyone hurriedly said in the guild channel.

Everyone had gathered enough willow branch and were all eager to see what the hidden quest actually was.

A while later, the bunch from Quan Zhen Sect had arrived at the alley where Hermit was located at, based on the location pinned by Wang Yu.

Hermit was behaving unusually energetic today. However, beyond that, he was still behaving as shady as usual. His filthy and lowly demeanour made other passersby want to avoid him.

"Who is this person begging over here?"

Upon seeing Hermit's appearance, everyone from Quan Zhen Sect were momentarily stunned.

After playing the game for so long, it was their first time seeing an NPC with such an appearance. The fact that Wang Yu was familiar even with an NPC such as this, only goes to show that his connections were beyond the ordinary.

"I'm not a beggar!"

After seeing how everyone looked at him, Hermit's expression became weird. He immediately voiced out his dissatisfaction.

"En, we know… you can take this piece of bread."

The lady was simply too kind-hearted. Ling Longmeng couldn't help but pass a piece of bread over to Hermit, placing a bottle of wine on the floor at the same time.

These items were tools to recover a player's MP and HP. However, to the NPCs, these items could cure their hunger.

"I already said that I'm not a beggar. Do you have any money? If you do, just give some to me!" With a kick of his leg, Hermit kicked away the bread as well as the bottle of wine, promptly opening up his palm and waving it towards the bunch of players, gesturing for some money. Such a gesture was much like that of an NPC.

Seeing the scene unfolding in front of him, Wang Yu decided to step in and said, "Everyone, step back. I have a few words to say to my teacher." At the same time, Wang Yu sent a message to the guild chat, "Indeed, this guy's a fake, hurry up and seal the exits!"

"How do you know?" Everyone asked, curious.

"The real Hermit is even more shameless than this." After knowing Hermit for so long, Wang Yu understood him relatively well. If it were the real Hermit, he would have started eating the bread and drinking the wine before asking for money.

"Ha…" Upon hearing how shameless the real Hermit was, everyone could hardly believe it.

Upon hearing what Wang Yu said, Hermit lifted his eyes and said, "If you have something to say, hurry up and spill it out. My time is extremely valuable."

"Look at what this is." Wang Yu took out a gold coin and started making his way over to the "Hermit".

"For me?" Upon seeing the gold coin in Wang Yu's hands, there was a shine in the "Hermit"'s eyes.


At this moment, Wang Yu was already face to face with the "Hermit". When Wang Yu said the word "yes", the hand holding the gold coin swiftly clenched into a fist. With a heavy swing, his fist connected with the lower jaw of "Hermit".


After getting hit by Wang Yu's fist, the "Hermit" let out a pitiful scream.

"Sha…" the "Hermit's" body started to crumble. Following which, a cloud of white smoke appeared. The previously filthy and haggard-looking "Hermit" had changed into a green-skinned creature.

The stature of this creature was similar to that of the Goblins located just outside of the city. However, the creature that stood in front of them was more ferocious-looking and had a worse hairstyle as compared to those Goblins.

After receiving a direct blow from Wang Yu, the creature was still extremely lively. It leapt from the wall and flipped in midair, landing perfectly on the ground a distance away.

Qing Ming Fantasy Goblin (LV 55) (Extraordinary)

HP: 500000


Skill: [Illusion], [Quick Attack]

Talent: Scavenging

Background description: This demon is an earth dwelling creature. Discontented with the loneliness, they made use of the Qing Ming Festival to sneak into the city and is a relatively sly creature.

"Ji ji ji ji! You bunch of evil b*stards dare to hit this father? Receive my attack!"

After being exposed by Wang Yu, the Fantasy Goblin was instantly enraged. With a sweep of his hands, he took out a dagger hidden on his body and charged towards Wang Yu.

Upon seeing this, Wang Yu took a step back, getting ready to unleash a fist at the oncoming attack. Unexpectedly, at the last moment, the demon took out a bag of limestone powder and threw it at Wang Yu.

Seeing this, Wang Yu instantly turned his head away.

Just when Wang Yu's head was turned away, the goblin took a giant leap and jumped over Wang Yu, dashing straight towards the exit.

Fortunately, Quan Zhen Sect had long set up an ambush, in anticipation of such a situation. After barely taking two steps, a huge shield landed in front of it, blocking the exit.

Seeing that it was a dead-end, the goblin changed direction and dashed towards another exit. However, the road in this direction had been sealed off by [Dark Barrier].

At this moment, Wang Yu had caught up behind the goblin.

Seeing that it had nowhere else to go, the goblin turned around and plunged the dagger in its hand towards Wang Yu's head.

With a slight turn of his head, he dodged the goblin's attack easily. However, the goblin took out another bag of limestone powder and attempted to throw it at Wang Yu's face.

Unfortunately, such a trick wouldn't work the second time on Wang Yu. Before the goblin could take the opportunity to throw the bag of powder, Wang Yu's left hand immediately countered with his left hand and grabbed hold of the goblin's wrist, yanking the bag over him instead. His right hand grabbed ahold of the goblin's hair, and with a vicious tug, he flung the goblin against the nearest wall.

The stone walls in the game were all European-style, and were extremely tough.


When the head of the goblin collided with the sturdy walls, the sound of the impact reverberated throughout the alley. The HP bar above the goblin's head dropped significantly.

The pitiful goblin cried and tried to struggle out of Wang Yu's grip. However, even a BOSS was unable to escape from Wang Yu's Devil King's Devil Claws, much less a puny thief like the goblin.

Regardless of how hard the goblin struggled, Wang Yu stood there firmly. At the same time, Wang Yu repeatedly bombarded the back of the goblin's head mercilessly against the wall.

It didn't take long before the goblin was killed by Wang Yu ruthlessly.

"F*ck, you pervert!"

Seeing Wang Yu using such ruthless means to deal with the creature, even though the bunch from Quan Zhen Sect were used to Wang Yu's methods in combat, especially against BOSSes, they still couldn't help but comment on such a scene.

After the goblin had finally died, the effect from [Illusion] gradually faded, revealing the original appearance of the alley.

The alley was still as dirty as before, however, the only difference was that there was now a filthy old man lying at the corner of the alley.

The old man was lying on the ground with one hand holding a filthy wine bottle. He was dead drunk.

"Who is this beggar?" Everyone was stunned the moment they saw this old man.

"He's Hermit, he's not a beggar," Wang Yu said.

"I know, Little Meng, give him some rice…"


Just when everyone was engaged in their small talk, a piece of black object landed in front of Wang Yu's legs.

With a bend of his body, Wang Yu swiftly picked up the black object, revealing a smile shortly after.

"What is it?" Upon seeing Wang Yu's reaction, everyone immediately crowded around him, eager to know what he had just gotten.

With a wave of his hand, Wang Yu displayed the attributes of the black object for everyone to look at.

Current Progress: 1/50

"F*ck, f*ck! It actually dropped a fragment!"

Upon seeing the fragment in Wang Yu's hands, everyone started to feel restless.

Everyone had clearly seen the attributes of the goblin previously and could clearly tell that it was just another ordinary monster. Who would have thought that trash like that would actually drop a shard. Seems like the drop rate for the fragment were pretty high.

After all, being able to see through the system's ploy wasn't an easy task. Having to see through the goblin's [Illusion] wasn't an ordinary feat either. It is to be pointed out that the consequences of striking a resident NPC were extremely severe… The moment a player accidentally killed an NPC, they would be condemned to eternal damnation. It would be too unreasonable if the drop rate of such a goblin wasn't this high.

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