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However, there were two sides to every coin. Just because there was a high drop rate did not necessarily mean a good thing.

Fearless responded very quickly as he frowned, "Such a high drop rate? Seems like there are not a lot of these monsters!"

"That makes sense!" Everyone nodded.

Everyone knew just how rare equipment like the cape was. The gaming company would be out of their minds if everyone ended up having a cape after just one event.

Therefore, it was highly likely that monsters like these were one time monsters given how high the drop rate was.

"Old man, wake up!"

Hearing Fearless' words, Vainglory tried his luck by walking over to Hermit and speaking to him. However, Hermit no longer had the same reaction as before.

Indeed, the fact that Wang Yu had already activated the hidden quest so other players could no longer trigger it.

There were over a hundred thousand players in Twilight City and only a few thousand resident NPCs. There were much lesser NPCs without homes…

Players were all intelligent people. When they couldn't get any quests from the resident NPC, they would naturally disturb the homeless fellas on the street. This way, someone was naturally going to be lucky in his adventures.

The more people knew about it, the greater the competition. One cape required 50 fragments and the Quan Zhen Sect only had slightly more than ten members. Excluding Wang Yu, 500 fragments wouldn't even be enough. If all the other players started competing with one another, a main city's quest wouldn't even be enough to form wings for a squad of people?

At the thought of this, Ming Du suggested, "Hurry up and clear the quests in Twilight City. After we're done here, we will go to other cities to snatch their quests."

Ming Du was truly a unique person with a mind of his own. Snatching and stealing seemed to be part of his body instinct.

Fearless despised him as he replied, "Every city has players who are capable and quick-witted. By the time you finish the quests in Twilight City, others might have exploited another strategy."

"So what are you suggesting?" After Ming Du's scheme had been rejected, he was not feeling very pleasant.

Fearless touched his chin as he replied, "We need to begin from the outset by getting their focus to stay on the resident NPCs. We must not let them turn their attention to the street…"

"Great idea!" Wang Yu continued, "We can simply tell them how to complete the willow branch quests to stop them from bothering about the NPC on the streets."

"Aiya!" Everyone's eyes lit up as they commented, "This is a decent idea."

Fearless replied, "En, we can tell them that they need to complete the willow branch quest twenty times before being able to meet a hidden monster. Following which, killing the monster will give them a fragment."

Spring Halo continued, "Brother Bull, take a screenshot of your fragment and put it on the forum. This way, we will be even more convincing."

"Hehe… Old Bull's idea is really too despicable!" Hearing Fearless and Spring Halo's suggestions, everyone smiled at Wang Yu in a wicked manner.

Wang Yu broke down, "F*ck but my idea isn't despicable at all. The despicable ones are Brother Spring and Fearless."

It didn't matter whether the idea was despicable. As long as they were able to fish out more fragments, that would be the most effective method.

The Quan Zhen Sect had always been efficient people. Once they came up with the plan, they acted on it almost immediately.

Wang Yu and some of them had to stay in the game to continue the event quest so they were naturally not be able to spread rumours on the forum. However, there were a few from the Quan Zhen Sect that didn't participate in the event.

Li Xue, the three other girls, Choba and Mu Zi Xian had already found their purpose in life. They had already given up on fighting to be stronger so they were not very interested in this quest.

Moreover, this was the first time these fellas were joining the Quan Zhen Sect in scheming against others. The first time doing something malicious was always extraordinarily fresh and exciting. After receiving Fearless' commands, everyone went offline and started going to different forums across the internet.

No matter what forum it was, regional forums, main city forums… It didn't take long for the Quan Zhen Sect to send out the notice.

Shocking! Qing Ming Festival's Cape Quest Strategy.

The topic sentence that the Quan Zhen Sect posted was incomparably ostentatious.

The truth was always going to be in the hands of the minority. The fact that the majority of players couldn't even receive any willow branch quests made several players feeling extremely irritable.

At this moment, these people were either begging for strategies on the forums or cursing and scolding at the gaming company.

On the other hand, the gaming company was never going to be bothered by the players' cursing. Players who truly knew how to complete the quest wouldn't share the strategies with other players. Therefore, the Quan Zhen Sect's notice on the forums captured everyone's attention very swiftly.

Initially, everyone thought that this was merely a post to curse at the gaming company. However, everyone realised that this post had substance and it wasn't merely the title.

Within the post, there were information of how players could increase the familiarity of NPC by offering gold to the NPCs.There were suggestions of the shortest routes to leave the cities and even detailed suggestions of placements of willow branches to attain more rewards.

In fact, they even added an annotation saying that every time the quest had been completed fifteen to twenty-five times, a special and unique hidden quest would pop up. Defeating the monster at the coordinates guided by the hidden quest would result in a reward of a cape fragment.

At the very end of the post, there was even an attachment of the picture of a cape fragment.

"F*ck! This has to be fake, right…"

A small portion of players were more skeptical. After looking at this post, they were convinced that this was a lie. They knew that nobody would create more competitors for themselves at a time like this.

"Look at how detailed this is… I don't think it is fake."

The majority of people still thought that this post was highly believable. This was mainly due to how detailed the descriptions were. Moreover, it appeared similar to how the despicable game would operate. Fake strategies would definitely not look like this.

"What's there to argue about? We will know once we try."

Some of the more pragmatic players were bored with nothing to do so after looking at the strategy, they were not in the mood to argue with anyone whether it was true or not. Instead, they would rather spend the energy trying out to prove it once and for all.

The greatest lie of all time would be one with some truth in it…

In Quan Zhen Sect's post, the only fake news was how they mentioned the completion of fifteen to twenty-five times would result in the trigger of the hidden quest. Other than that, everything else was real so they were not worried that people would test their ideas out.

When the more pragmatic players entered the game, they followed the first step of the strategy by offering gold to improve familiarity. Very soon, they received a quest.

A discovery like this made everyone pleasantly surprised.

F*ck! They were actually not lying to people!

This discovery caused a huge uproar as the Quan Zhen Sect's post became the top post of almost every forum.

"I've received a quest!"

"Me too!"

Replies like these were flooding in.

In less than thirty minutes, there were more than ten thousand clicks on the post. Very soon, it became the hot news and topic of the forum. Whenever players entered the gaming forums, they would be able to see this popular post.

Very quickly, almost every player knew the way to attain a quest from the resident NPC.

With such fierce competition everywhere, the most depressed ones would be the players who managed to receive quests in the early stages of the game. Initially, only the minority managed to pick up quests but now, there were people flooding the NPC's house. Therefore, there were some people cursing on the forums at the post and the foolish people who posted that… They didn't understand why they didn't want to keep the secret to themselves.

However, those people whom they called foolish were working extremely hard to clear as many quests as possible at this very moment.

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