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Even though these monsters were only as strong as elite monsters, clearing such quests was not an easy task. After all, nobody knew whether all of the NPCs on the streets were impersonated by monsters or only a portion of them.

They wouldn't want to risk the possibility of being charged with a crime of attacking a resident NPC. This could cause their reputation to be swept away.

Therefore, the Quan Zhen Sect split ways to find NPCs which they were more familiar with.

Even so, the Quan Zhen Sect didn't spend much time wandering and idling around the streets so there were only a few NPCs whom they were more familiar with. Shortly after, everyone managed to clear the quests given by the NPCs they were familiar with. Eventually, everyone gathered in front of a fruit stall without prior consultation with one another.

The old man from the fruit stall was probably the only NPC everyone spoke to on the streets other than the ones they were more familiar with.

However, the questions came one after the other. The Quan Zhen Sect had only been here once to buy fruits so they were not completely familiar with this old man.

"Old Li, go flip his stall!" Everyone turned to tell Ming Du.

Ming Du was the most familiar with actions like this. The combination of everyone here was not even comparable to a professional like Ming Du.

Ming Du was not dumb so it was only natural that he dared to go there. He shook his head and said, "I'm not going! I can scare him but flipping his stall is courting for death."

"Then go ahead and scare him," everyone replied.

"What if he tries to ask me for compensation?" Ming Du continued to shake his head. It seemed like this kid was not always fearless.

"Old Bull, you go!"

If a professional like Ming Du was not willing to go, everyone could only pin their hopes on someone even more professional.

"Why should I be the one?" If even Ming Du was not willing to bully an old fella, Wang Yu was naturally reluctant to do it.

"You are the City Lord… He cannot even ask you for money when you eat his fruits, let alone flip his stall. If he dares to do anything funny, threaten that you will throw him out of the city to pick rubbish," everyone commented.

"Rubbish!" Wang Yu pointed his middle finger at everyone but when they mentioned picking rubbish, Wang Yu suddenly thought of something. "Did you guys realise that these monsters have a common point?"

"En, does it count if all of them have greenish skin?" Spring Halo scratched his chin and asked.

"Counted, anything else?" Wang Yu asked again.

Everyone, "???"

Wang Yu scratched his head and said, "What are the talents of the monsters you guys fight today?"

"Talent?" Everyone went into deep thought and eventually, only Fearless seemed to have better memory as he answered, "The talents of the two monsters I fought were Scavenging."

"Eh? The monster I fought seems to be Scavenging too." Hearing Fearless' comment, everyone recalled and realised that the talent of the monsters they killed today was the same.

"Oh, it seems like this is a breakthrough." Fearless nodded his head.

Vainglory was confused as he asked, "Breakthrough? Why is this a breakthrough?"

"Did you forget about the scavenging young demon that we fought not too long ago?" Fearless gave Vainglory a despised look before casually throwing a gold coin at the foot of the fruit stall old man.

When the old man saw the gold, his eyes lit up as he bent over uncontrollably.

"This is a fake!" Everyone shouted in unison when they saw what happened as they immediately surrounded him.

The poor monster couldn't even turn back to his original form as he was turned into white light by the players from Quan Zhen Sect within seconds.

With a discovery like this, the Quan Zhen Sect no longer had any considerations as they let loose and split up once more.

Regardless of what NPC they saw, they would throw a gold coin onto the ground when they saw one. As long as the NPC bent over to pick it up, he would most definitely be a fake…

Money was ultimately still the almighty one.

Of course, there were also some not so tactful players who ran over in an attempt to pick up the gold when it was thrown. However, the players from Quan Zhen Sect had always been vicious in everything they did, especially killing monsters. Therefore, those players could only blame it on their luck.

In the post on the forum, it was stated that after completing the quests over fifteen times, there would be a hidden quest of killing monsters. Therefore, the players on the street were not surprised to see the Quan Zhen Sect killing monsters there. In fact, it made the post even more convincing and believable. Additionally, the Quan Zhen Sect split up so this created a false appearance that more people had received the hidden quest.

"Someone at the entrance of the convenience store has received the hidden monster."

"There is one at the southern alley too!"

"One at the western gate!"

When more people saw the Quan Zhen Sect killing monsters, their enthusiasm to complete more quests rose dramatically.

Even those players who were initially slightly skeptical of the posts could no longer help but join in the quests too.

Of course, there were a few players who tried to take advantage of the Quan Zhen Sect for their own personal gain. However, as the ancestors and masters of taking advantage of people, the Quan Zhen Sect would naturally teach those people a lesson.

The Quan Zhen Sect's players completion of quests were rather smooth sailing. After spending just half an afternoon, they basically cleared all the NPCs on the streets. The group of them managed to collect over twenty fragments.

Even though they were still far from fifty pieces, this was already the maximum a person could collect from a main city.

This was also why everyone felt that the system was simply too much.

The total number of pieces of cape fragments was merely three hundred pieces. Combining them together would only give six capes which was not even enough to divide among the seven classes of jobs.

Even if they reset it every day, there would merely be nine hundred pieces of fragments in the three days. One must know that there were over a hundred thousand players in Twilight City so with that in mind, the probability of getting a cape was actually much less than winning the top prize in a lottery.

Indeed, the system was the best at doing such things to their players…

Of course, the range of this quest for the Quan Zhen Sect's players would not be limited to just one main city in Twilight City. Across the seven districts, there were a total of twenty main cities so no matter how high their success rate was, they would not be able to attend to everything.

"Who is the one who killed my child?"

Just when the Quan Zhen Sect were done collecting fragments in Twilight City, they were prepared to transport into the next main city to collect more fragments. All of a sudden, a red lightning flash pierced through the sky.

Emerging from the crack in the sky was a monster who roared as he jumped off the sky. He landed on the cross junction of Middle Street, right in front of the transportation array.

"A BOSS is out!"

This was the most central location of Twilight City where most NPC gathered. When all the busy players saw a monster descending from the sky, they stopped whatever they were doing at the moment and rushed to the Middle Street.

However, when they ran to the Middle Street and saw the BOSS, they saw that the BOSS was surrounded by a group of female and male players.

This group of players were none other than Wang Yu and the rest.

"F*ck! What guild is that? How dare they try to keep the BOSS to themselves? They don't want to live anymore?"

Players, who didn't recognise the Quan Zhen Sect, couldn't help but call out.

It wasn't out of the ordinary that they were feeling this way. After all, no team without enough capabilities would go ahead to encircle the BOSS just like that. Otherwise, they would be the target of the masses or end up getting killed by the BOSS.

A kind-hearted man by the side patted on the person's shoulder to warn, "Do you see that biggest Pugilist?"

"Pugilist?" That person looked at Wang Yu's broad shoulder, "Could it be the Quan Zhen Sect?"

"Looks like you're not dumb!"

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