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"So this is the Quan Zhen Sect!" The moment the people around heard that these players surrounding the BOSS were from the Quan Zhen Sect, all of them couldn't help but grow in excitement.

After all, Twilight City was still a main city with over a few hundred thousand players with old players leaving and new players entering every single day. Therefore, only a minority of players actually knew the Quan Zhen Sect personally. Most people merely heard of the reputation the Quan Zhen Sect had instead of actually seeing them live in action.

In the legends of Twilight City, Quan Zhen Sect was actually a squad of god-like players. Hence, none of the players left when they heard that the Quan Zhen Sect was fighting the BOSS. Instead, all of them stopped in their tracks.

Top experts were about to fight a BOSS… This was definitely much better than viewing it from a videotape.

Very soon, news about how the Quan Zhen Sect was surrounding a BOSS that descended from the sky spread across the entire Twilight City.

Without much effort, the cross junction of Middle Street was crowded with people. Some came when they saw that a BOSS dropped from the sky while most people came to watch Quan Zhen Sect fight a BOSS live.

"F*ck! Why are there so many people watching us fight a BOSS? I'm so stressed right now…"

Ming Du couldn't help but comment when he saw the size of the crowd surrounding them.

Everyone replied, "With that many people watching, you should be more motivated."

"Occupational disease, occupational disease…" Ming Du replied as his gaze fell back onto the BOSS.

This BOSS looked rather similar to the previous fantasy goblin that they killed. They were both greenish and looked malevolent. The only difference was that this BOSS fantasy goblin was three metres tall and was holding a dagger as long as a Warrior's double-handed sword. As compared to the other fantasy goblins that they killed before, this was much more ferocious looking.

Mature Fantasy Goblin (LV 55) (Extraordinary)

HP: 5000000


Skill: Powerful Grappling, Quick Dagger Attack, Fantasy

Talent: Spatial Laceration

Background Description: Mature Fantasy Goblin possesses the ability to lacerate space with unfathomable depths of strength.

It seemed like Mature Fantasy Goblin was wealthier as the talent had evolved from scavenging to Spatial Laceration…

Spatial magic was nothing like ordinary magic. NPCs with such abilities were always a frightening existence so who knew that the Mature Fantasy Goblin had such capabilities.

"Are you guys the despicable humans who killed my child?" Mature Fantasy Goblin banged his chest with terrifying might and anger as he shouted at the crowd.

"If I say that we didn't, will you believe me?" Fearless refuted.

"No, I don't believe!" Fantasy Goblin shouted.

"Then what's the point of asking? Slaughter him now!"

Fearless had a firm belief of striking first to gain the upper hand in a battle. While Fantasy Goblin was still going through the storyline, Crotch Lord raised his shield while Ling Longmeng and Yang Nuo shot a total of six arrows. Three arrows flew towards the top and bottom of Fantasy Goblin respectively.

The top three arrows belonged to Yang Nuo as they were accurately aimed at Fantasy Goblin's eyes and throat.

The bottom three arrows belonged to Ling Longmeng and they were aimed at Fantasy Goblin's shadow. The main purpose of this was to control its movement.

However, Fantasy Goblin seemed to know Ling Longmeng's intention as he swung his hands to deflect Yang Nuo's three arrows with his dagger. At the same time, he took one step forward and Ling Longmeng's arrows landed perhaps coincidentally on Fantasy Goblin's feet.

The damage from Shadow Bind Arrows was not high and they only worked if they were shot at the shadow. Therefore, Ling Longmeng's arrows were completely futile.

At this moment, Ming Du finished reciting his incantations for Berserk Thunder. Lightning bolts as thick as water pails descended from the sky and struck towards Fantasy Goblin's head.

Fantasy Goblin waved his barehanded left hand towards the sky and a terrifying crack in the sky could be seen. Ming Du's Berserk Thunder was instantly swallowed by the crack.

"F*ck! What kind of skill is that?!"

Seeing how overpowered the Fantasy Goblin's skill was, everyone on the ground started having goosebumps.

Casually engulfing attacks from enemies… Wasn't this the legendary Shattering Void?

The Quan Zhen Sect's players were also shocked at what they saw. Damn it! This was merely a level 55 BOSS but why does he seem more difficult to deal with than a level 100 BOSS?!

After dissolving Ming Du's attack, Fantasy Goblin didn't stay idle as he started charging towards the Quan Zhen Sect with his dagger.

Even though the weapon in Fantasy Goblin's hands was called a dagger, it looked even thicker and heavier than a Warrior's doublehanded sword. However, it looked light like a toy in Fantasy Goblin's hands and the way he swung it around made it seem easy to use.

Fearless waved his staff and Crotch Lord was covered with Invincibility. Crotch Lord raised his shield and charged right towards Fantasy Goblin's dagger.


Fantasy Goblin's dagger collision with Crotch Lord's shield produced a deafening explosion.

Even with Crotch Lord's invincibility shield, he was forced back by a few steps.

The Invincibility only lasted for a few seconds so Crotch Lord was naturally not going to back down from that. The moment he found his balance, he lowered his head and charged back at the BOSS once again.

Fantasy Goblin didn't even bother looking at Crotch Lord as he simply extended his arm to grab Crotch Lord. Following which, he tossed him to the side ruthlessly.

Fantasy Goblin really had extraordinary strength. A simple toss was enough to throw Crotch Lord tens of metres away. Crotch Lord was sent flying across the ground that he only stopped after crashing into the crowd of spectators.

Seeing the pitiful state that Crotch Lord was in, the spectators couldn't help but sigh.

Fortunately, Crotch Lord had thick defence and was protected by Fearless' skill. Otherwise, this simply toss would have taken half of anyone else's life.

After throwing Crotch Lord to the side, Fantasy Goblin charged towards the rest once again. At this moment, a [Dark Barrier] rose from beneath Fantasy Goblin's feet.

Fantasy Goblin was slightly stunned by the control skill beneath his feet but quickly stomped his feet with energy.


The [Dark Barrier] was destroyed as Spring Halo's health decreased significantly. Following which, a skill biteback logo could be seen.

Fortunately, Spring Halo had quite a few men under him. Without saying anything, all of them went towards him to check on him.


Fantasy Goblin let out a loud roar as he swung his left hand once again. Yet another spatial tear could be seen as Spring Halo's men were all slashed into two pieces through their waists.

"F*ck! He can even use that to attack? What kind of vicious skill is this?"

Looking at this scene, even Wang Yu and co. jumped in shock.

Spatial magic was simply too overpowered… Not only could it engulf attacks as a form of defence, but it could also even be used to attack others…

There was probably no god-grade equipment in this world with a destructive force surpassing this.

A BOSS with spatial magic skills was indeed not one that the current state of players could handle.

"Eh, a spatial type BOSS… It seems like this time, the Quan Zhen Sect is going to be slaughtered instead…" Looking at how overpowered Fantasy Goblin's skills were, the spectators couldn't help but shake their heads.

No matter how low Fantasy Goblin's level was, he was still an active BOSS. It might take a little more than what they were usually capable of to not die in the hands of this BOSS.

Even so, the spectators didn't feel that the Quan Zhen Sect's players were weak or useless. After all, this was a BOSS who knew how to use spatial magic skills.

As a magic skill that only the peak grade NPC could use, it was extremely normal that the Quan Zhen Sect couldn't deal with a skill capable of destructive attacks and invulnerable defence.

At this moment, Sanguine Warflag sent a message to Fearless.

"Boss Fearless, how is it? Do you need your brothers to help? We can be there anytime!"

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