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Actually, Fantasy Goblin only had 5,000,000 HP while Sanguine Alliance had over ten thousand men. If they were to outnumber the BOSS with their men, each person merely needed to bring down 500 HP to defeat the BOSS.

Even though it was much easier said than done, this was ultimately still a strategy worth trying. Either way, it would be better than standing there to suffer the anger of the BOSS.

However, the fellas from Quan Zhen Sect were always protective over their food. These fellas had always been interested in intervening while others were killing a BOSS so why would they allow others to interfere in their fight with their own BOSS?

Even though Sanguine Warflag meant well, Fearless replied faintly with two words, "No need."

While Fearless was replying, Fantasy Goblin had started his attacks on the Quan Zhen Sect again. Without much effort, he managed to toss Boson to the side too.

Looking at this scene, the spectators only had one thought in their minds: It seems like the Quan Zhen Sect won't be able to make it this time around.

Everyone recognised the fact that the players from Quan Zhen Sect were extremely skilled in PVP battles. However, there was a huge difference between PVE and PVP.

The essence of PVE was naturally the monster.

As long as one was able to draw the aggro of the monster to oneself for the players behind to get effective damage on the BOSS, the BOSS would no longer be a concern.

However, this BOSS knew spatial magic with attacking skills capable of killing anyone in an instant. Even a mighty tank might not be able to last longer than one second in front of him.

The most terrifying aspect was that Fantasy Goblin even had an extremely disgusting grappling skill. Even with the Invincibility coated on him, a tank like Crotch Lord wasn't even capable of obstructing the road when facing him.

In order to deal with a shameless BOSS like this, an intelligent man's tactic would be to outnumber the BOSS with a sea of people. After all, this was a main city BOSS in which players had historically sacrificed their lives to kill similar BOSSes like this.

At the thought of this, all the players stared nervously at the Quan Zhen Sect before saying to their friends, "Let's aim for the right timing to snatch the BOSS!"

Main city BOSS… There was a difference between the mechanism of ordinary and descended BOSS. This was open for public so as long as they participated in the attack, there was a possibility of receiving a reward.

And why would Wang Yu and co. not know how the spectators were feeling? Therefore, they were feeling even more pressured at this moment.

After rejecting Sanguine Warflag, Fearless turned to ask Wang Yu, "What do you think? If you don't think we can make it, we will disperse for now and come back later to snatch it."

The Quan Zhen Sect took the first attack on the BOSS. Hence, they would naturally have the priority when it comes to receiving the spoils of the battle. This seemed to be a decent idea as well.

Of course, there were so many players around the scene. Without mentioning whether they would be able to snatch the BOSS successfully, the feeling would be vastly different from if they could take on the BOSS all by themselves. If it wasn't for the fact that they might not be able to defeat the BOSS themselves, Fearless would never consider this option.

"Brother Spring, watch out!"

After saying that, Wang Yu shouted even before everyone made their decision. Following which, he charged forward.


Fearless turned his head hurriedly and all he saw was Fantasy Goblin breaking through the defense line formed by Spring Halo, Ming Du and the two Archers. Without knowing when, Fantasy Goblin arrived right in front of Spring Halo and his dagger was surging towards Spring Halo's chest.

Spring Halo was ultimately not a tank so he must not suffer the force of this strike.

However, Wang Yu was simply too far away from Spring Halo. Even though he was already on the move, his speed would never be as fast as the BOSS's dagger.

Just as the dagger was going to pierce through Spring Halo's chest, Spring Halo suddenly turned into fog to dodge Fantasy Goblin's strike.


When Fantasy Goblin saw that Spring Halo was about to run, he let out a cry before extending his peculiar-looking left hand towards the fog.

"He is going to execute his spatial magic again!"

Seeing the movement of Fantasy Goblin's left hand, everyone took in a deep breath of cold air… Everyone had personally witnessed the power of spatial magic. Moreover, Spring Halo's movement speed in this form was slow so it seemed like death was inevitable.

At this point in time, Wang Yu arrived in front of Fantasy Goblin with a long pole in his hand. Striking his pole downwards, Wang Yu struck Fantasy Goblin's knee and used the momentum to jump upwards. Following which, he landed his [Thunder God's Stomp] on Fantasy Goblin's throat.

"Ziii…" A trace of lightning flashed past.

Fantasy Goblin was indeed a BOSS with capabilities. Even when a skill with high judgement like [Thunder God's Stomp] landed on him, he was merely forced to lean back slightly. However, it was this slight adjustment which diverted the direction of Fantasy Goblin's left hand. Instead of going towards Spring Halo, the hand was now charging towards Wang Yu.

Wang Yu bent over to dodge the attack before jumping up a few times to distance himself from Fantasy Goblin's range of attacks.

"This plaything is really scary… Once he touches you, even if you never die, you will be incapacitated!" After Spring Halo turned back to his human self, he commented with fear.

It seemed like the BOSS left some dark shadows in Spring Halo's heart.

It was true… Being split into two by Spatial Laceration was not the same feeling as being chopped into two.

"Simple!" Hearing Spring Halo's words, Wang Yu laughed, "Since I will die if he touches me, all I need to do is to not let him touch me. I will tank and distract him! The rest of you get ready to attack."

After saying that, Wang Yu arrived in front of the BOSS once again with a pole in his hand.

Wang Yu was the moral pillar of the Quan Zhen Sect. Seeing how Wang Yu charged forward, Fearless immediately ordered the rest in terms of how to attack.

At this moment, everyone from Quan Zhen Sect even a tank like Crotch Lord swapped in their attacking weapons before following behind Wang Yu.

When the spectators saw how the Quan Zhen Sect went into offence mode, they were all dumbfounded, "F*ck! That Pugilist is Great God Iron Bull, right? Are they actually letting that Pugilist tank the BOSS?"

It was considered a trend to use Pugilist as tanks especially in Twilight City. However, this was a BOSS which even a strong tank like Crotch Lord couldn't defend. Hence, it was unbelievable that some other job class was actually trying to do the job of a tank.

Of course, Wang Yu was the type of person who could constantly make every other player feel that everything was unbelievable.

When Fantasy Goblin saw the person who stomped on his throat came back to provoke him, it didn't take him long to start swinging his dagger around Wang Yu.

Wang Yu smiled when the BOSS finally paid attention to him, which was when he took half a step back. By raising his pole, he managed to block the ferocious dagger strike. At the same time, Wang Yu twisted his body and made use of his momentum to hit the underarm of Fantasy Goblin with the other side of the dagger.


The damage numbers could be seen floating above the head of Fantasy Goblin. One could see the decrease in his health bar significantly.


After suffering the force of Wang Yu's strike, Fantasy Goblin was in pain as he cried out and charged right back at Wang Yu.

Wang Yu dodged the Fantasy Goblin's charge as he swung his long pole towards the feet of Fantasy Goblin.

Fantasy Goblin's natural instinct was to raise his legs when Wang Yu swung his pole. However, who knew that this was something Wang Yu had already predicted? Seeing that Fantasy Goblin raised his foot, he suddenly took one step forward as the hand holding the pole casually struck towards Fantasy Goblin. The other end of the pole seemed to have eyes on it as it landed firmly on Fantasy Goblin's abdomen.


Yet another massive damage and Fantasy Goblin's health decreased once more.

The eyes of those spectators with the initial plan to steal the BOSS almost flew out of their head.

"This… Is this the strength of Great God Iron Bull?"

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