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These players from Quan Zhen Sect were all renowned experts especially in >.

Without mentioning how well they worked together in a team, one could tell that they were absolute experts just by looking at the equipment they possessed.

One Fantasy Goblin was enough to take on the likes of such top experts from Quan Zhen Sect. This was enough to show how difficult it was to deal with this Fantasy Goblin.

However, a difficult BOSS like this couldn't even catch his breath against Wang Yu and just like that, he lost over 100,000 HP. The crowd of spectators couldn't believe what they had just witnessed.

Players from Twilight City had heard of many miracles Wang Yu performed in the past. Under the exaggeration of the unfounded rumours about him, Wang Yu was already rumoured to be a vicious man who could take on ten thousand men alone.

However, nobody was dumb to believe the rumours entirely. At the very most, they would merely brush it off with a smile. After all, there would be some sort of balance >, especially when it is such a popular game across the country. How could there be someone who could take on ten thousand men alone? This would be exceedingly unfair.

Seeing Wang Yu live in action today, everyone finally understood why people would continue spreading miraculous rumours about a mere Pugilist.

Wang Yu was indeed just as legendary as how he was rumoured to be. In fact, some people even felt that the rumours were making Wang Yu seemed weaker.

Fantasy Goblin's preset IQ did not seem low because after suffering two hits from Wang Yu, he instantly changed his offensive strategies. Instead of trying to attack Wang Yu, he extended his arm in an attempt to grab Wang Yu.

Wang Yu was not completely unfamiliar with the Fantasy Goblin's grappling skill. Even a tank like Crotch Lord couldn't bear the force of it so Wang Yu was naturally not going to take him on directly.

Seeing the claws of the Fantasy Goblin approaching him, Wang Yu turned his leg and dodged it sideways.

Evidently, Fantasy Goblin didn't expect Wang Yu to dodge his attack in this manner. He was slightly shaken for a while before using his other hand to try to grab Wang Yu.

Even though the Fantasy Goblin had a huge figure, his speed was not slow at all. His hands came out so quickly that only the mirage could be seen.

While it was true that the Fantasy Goblin's speed was insanely quick, he would expose massive gaps every time he attacked because of his massive figure.

Wang Yu tossed himself and got out of the way of the Fantasy Goblin easily. Regardless of how the Fantasy Goblin tried to grab him, Wang Yu would be able to escape from the gap between the two hands just before he managed to touch Wang Yu.

Fantasy Goblin was on the offensive ferociously while Wang Yu was waiting at his ease for the exhausted enemy.

No matter how the Fantasy Goblin tried to grab or even touch Wang Yu, Wang Yu simply looked like he was jumping around comically and fooling around.

The spectators were dumbfounded and even the Quan Zhen Sect's players couldn't help but comment, "F*ck! This fella is really so strong that he doesn't have any limits.."

Yang Nuo was even sighing endlessly.

The Yang Family's Seven Star Steps was considered to be the Yang Family's symbolic consummate skill. However, nobody in the last three generations of the Yang Family would be able to execute the Seven Star Steps in such a perfect manner.

It was no wonder his old man would fight so hard for her to marry into the Wang Family. This fella's talents were basically bestowed by heaven and was meant to do great things.

After exchanging blows for about over ten rounds, Fantasy Goblin finally realised how difficult it was to deal with this person in front of him. Without much hesitation, he turned around as he tried to jump over Wang Yu to attack the others.

As the tank of the squad, Wang Yu was never going to let that happen. Before the Fantasy Goblin's feet could leave the ground, Wang Yu extended both arms to grab and drag him on the ground.

Seeing how Fantasy Goblin fell to the ground because of Wang Yu, everyone in Quan Zhen Sect let out a huge sigh. Indeed, any BOSS that came to face Wang Yu would end up being manipulated by him in any way he wanted.

With Wang Yu trapping the Fantasy Goblin, the others no longer felt any pressure on themselves. Shortly after, they started executing brutal and unfeeling attacks on Fantasy Goblin.

Fantasy Goblin did try to escape Wang Yu's aggro on a few occasions but as the tank, Wang Yu was naturally tasked to make his target occupied with only him.

Since his enemy was not going to compromise, he could only make sure he focused solely on his enemy.

As a martial artist, Wang Yu certainly lacked any empathy for his opponent… No matter how hard the Fantasy Goblin tried to struggle or get up, Wang Yu made it certain that he wouldn't be able to hide, let alone fight back.

With a tank like Wang Yu holding the Fantasy Goblin at the front line, the others from Quan Zhen Sect became fearless as they attacked in every way they could. The Fantasy Goblin's low health was further depleted as he was only left with thirty percent.

At this moment, there was a ray of green light emitted from Fantasy Goblin's body.


Wang Yu was also considered rather experienced when it came to handling a BOSS. Seeing that the Fantasy Goblin was transforming, his body flashed and he appeared five metres away to avoid the BOSS's green attack.

Seconds later, the BOSS's transformation was completed as the green shield disappeared gradually. The Fantasy Goblin showed his figure once again.

The transformed Fantasy Goblin was not as brainless as the other BOSSes. Not only that, he also shrunk in size as he became almost as tall as a normal human. The dagger in his hand also became a dark and swarthy staff.

"Despicable humans, you shall receive the fury from hell."

As the green light disappeared, the infuriated Fantasy Goblin shouted the moment he raised the staff in his hand.

All of a sudden, the gloomy sky turned dark instantly and within seconds, the entire city became dark.

Everyone lifted their heads to look at the sky and all they could see was the dark clouds gathering and rumbling in the sky. The blue lightning flashes were on the verge of coming out into the open as they looked incredibly terrifying.

The entire scene had gone out of hand as the spectators were naturally not going to support them in a time like this. Of course, they were not willing to suffer because of the Quan Zhen Sect so all of them turned in an attempt to leave this dangerous zone.

Just as everyone was about to leave, lightning from the clouds descended like rain as every player who wanted to leave were all turned into white light.

Everyone was instantly bewildered.

"This… Is this the power of heaven and earth?!"

The Quan Zhen Sect's players were naturally knowledgeable as they exclaimed when it happened.

Power of heaven and earth? Everyone witnessed it once in the Atlanta City's dungeon where Reynolds did once.

A mere lightning technique was enough for him to turn the colours of the sky with formidable and endless power.

However, Grand Wizard Reynolds was a legendary level 200 god-grade BOSS with the power of elements as well as spatial laws. Therefore, accomplishing something like that wouldn't be all too surprising.

On the other hand, the Fantasy Goblin was merely a level 50 BOSS who was never going to be comparable to Reynolds. So how could he possibly have such strength in him?

Furthermore, the Fantasy Goblin's show of extravagance seemed every more frightening than Reynolds' one. Back then, Reynolds merely manipulated the wind and changed the colour of the clouds. This greenish fella actually turned the white sky into dark night… This was way too arrogant.

"Do not fear him, everyone attack together!"

Fearless knew that a mighty BOSS like this was not someone Wang Yu could handle. Therefore, he threw out his [Sacred Ray] to light up the way for the spectators to attack the BOSS.

However, when the [Sacred Ray] shone the surroundings, Fearless was stunned.

F*ck! Besides the Quan Zhen Sect, the streets no longer had any other players. Instead, there were close packs of monsters all within touching distance of all of them.

These monsters had green skin and looked ferocious enough. They were indeed those fantasy goblins from the city.

"F*ck! How did this end up like that!" Fearless was so shocked and just when he found the words to say…

All he could hear was a loud 'boom' as a massive meteorite flashing in red light pulverise Fearless's [Sacred Ray].

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