Magic Industry Empire
Chapter 28
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Magic Industry Empire
Author :Eight O'Clock At Night 晚间八点档
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Chapter 28

Crushing the beastmen resistance

Chairman Renersa didn’t keep asking about the guards and he quickly changed the topic to their goals.

Xu Yi didn’t really seem to care about this topic, he was thinking that since it was late, he wanted to go into the carriage and sleep.

The motorcade didn’t stop near the Voller Tribe, rather they continued heading towards their destination.

When the motorcade arrived at their destination, night had arrived.

Xu Yi jumped off the carriage and called the guard commanders over to ask about the situation.

But the three of them didn’t notice anything unusual, so Xu Yi could only wave his hand at them and let them continue to be on alert.

It was already night, so it was impossible for them to create a camp. The motorcade could only gather around and form a simple camp, planning to spend the night here.

The weather was already close to October weather and there was no cover on the Black Rice Wasteland, so after it became night, the surrounding air became a bit cold.

Xu Yi wrinkled his nose and couldn’t help saying with emotion, “If it was me, my first choice would be to go home and sleep. I wouldn’t handle such dangerous business on a cold night like this like those idiot beastmen, you might even lose your life.”

Chairman Renersa on the side laughed, “The beastmen were raised in this hard environment, they aren’t as pampered as chairman Xu. Of course, running a fruitless errand and losing your life isn’t right, but who told them to have ideas about us?”

“In other words, you’re saying they should learn from the Voller Tribe and cooperate with us. There’s money and a comfortable life, that is good. Why is there a need to suffer like this?” Xu Yi said in an emotional voice.

“It really is a pity, I want to cooperate, but the beastmen in the Beastmen Independence Regiment are racist and say that we humans want to corrupt the beastmen. So they will resist us while shouting their slogans.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Corrupt? Their meaning is that beastmen should live a life without wearing clothes, not having enough to eat, and live in a house that can’t even block out the wind? I think that as long as beastmen have a bit of intelligence, they wouldn’t listen to these words.”

“You’ll be disappointed to find that many of the beastmen approve of their views. According to the estimates from my information, the beastmen tonight might far surpass our expectations.”

“It’s a motley crew, they’re not worth mentioning.” Xu Yi tilted his lips in disdain.

Last time the Beastmen Independence Regiment attacked, Xu Yi hadn’t been prepared enough and had to personally make a move to stop them.

But this time he had come prepared. Xu Yi was confident that no matter how many beastmen came, they couldn’t do a thing to him.

The beginning of the night was calm, but once it entered deep night when the light was the most dim, something had appeared.

Looking at the large patch of black in the distance and feeling the tremors coming from the ground, chairman Cruise’s face changed as he called out in surprise, “This is bad, isn’t there too many of them?”

Xu Yi and chairman Renersa looked at each other before laughing.

“It’s fine, this didn’t surpass my expectations.” Xu Yi waved his hand and the human guard leader Hart, the dwarf warrior leader Omar, and the elf warrior leader Furio came forward together, “Act according to the plan. I will not interfere with your orders, but I only have a single request.”

Seeing the three looking at him with serious looks, Xu Yi raised his arm and said in a deep voice, “Rout them with all your strength! Completely destroy the fighting spirits of these damn beastmen! Let them never dare have any thoughts of resisting in the future! Understood?”

Hart and Omar loudly agreed while Furio gave Xu Yi a serious bow and then the three of them left.

Chairman Renersa on the side said while laughing, “Chairman Xu, good words! We should beat these damn bastards and let them know that it is best to never have ideas about us ever again, saving us the trouble!”

Chairman Renersa also gave the Renekton Chamber of Commerce’s guard leader his orders.

Chairman Cruise saw the two looking ready to fight and he helplessly shook his head. The Amrit Chamber of Commerce’s guard leader couldn’t come since he was busy, so he called over the Armani Chamber of Commerce’s guard leader and after saying a few things to him, he had him lead the guards of the two companies.

The four companies had brought all the guards of the four companies this time, bringing the total to one thousand and five hundred human warriors, two hundred elf warriors, and three hundred dwarf warriors.

In a normal situation, this strength would make people look away.

The beastmen that were baited in by the four companies tonight had far surpassed the number of beastmen who attacked last time.

With the dim light, they found that there were over five thousand beastmen who were attacking this time.

However, faced with the enemies that surpassed the numbers from before, although chairman Cruise had a slightly worried look, he wasn’t as scared as last time and was even calm enough to complain to Xu Yi.

“If we knew that there would be this many beastmen, we should have made more preparations.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Relax, these preparations are already enough. Just wait and see.”

While the two were talking, the beastmen charging in front were less than five hundred meters from their camp.

Xu Yi shouted, “Prepare the trebuchets!”

As soon as his voice fell, several cotton sheets were lifted off in the camp and then there were the sounds of machines starting. There was the light from four Magic Arrays that appeared as four Magic Trebuchets went from scattered parts into a complete object.

“Hear my orders, one, two, three…!” This time it wasn’t Xu Yi shouting, rather it was Hart.

With this order, four boulders that were half a meter wide shot out from the Magic Trebuchet, flying over four hundred meters and falling into the beastmen.

The giant stones were thrown with the enormous force of the Magic Trebuchets and when they slammed down, they created a large explosive sound. They directly created a hole in the Black Rice Wasteland that was close to ten meters wide.

The beastmen who were hit by the stones had no choice of escaping. As for the beastmen on the side, even if they didn’t lose their lives, they spat out blood from the powerful shockwaves and lost all ability to fight.

But these four stones were just the beginning. After firing the first batch, in half a minute, the four Magic Trebuchets shot again. They brutally slammed into the beastmen formation, creating a rain of blood.

Personally witnessing the terrifying might of the Magic Trebuchets, chairman Renersa and chairman Cruise’s eyes couldn’t help popping out in shock.

Chairman Renersa couldn’t help crying out, “This Magic Trebuchet really is terrifying. It was no wonder with just three Magic Trebuchets, the northern army was able to easily rout the Sack Kingdom and take back the Muerto Mountains. If the northern army had several more of them, the Sack Kingdom wouldn’t be able to resist the northern army and even their capital would be taken?”

Xu Yi shook his head, “That is not possible. Although this Magic Trebuchet is strong, there is a clear weakness. First, it’s not flexible enough, so it’s easy to use when fighting in formation, but they can’t be used when facing enemies launching quick assaults. It’s good enough to deal with these dumb beastmen, but when facing the Sack Kingdom, they would be wiped out by the Sack Kingdom’s cavalry.”

“Un, that is indeed a problem.” Chairman Renersa gave a nod, “This thing is very good in attacking a fortified position, but it is limited when used in defense. Then other than it being not flexible, what other flaws are there?”

“The other flaws aren’t that fatal. As for the flaw in flexibility, our company can increase the mobility of the Magic Trebuchet, but we haven’t been able to solve this other flaw yet.” Xu Yi said.

“Oh? What flaw is there that even your company can’t overcome?” Chairman Cruise couldn’t help asking in a curious voice.

“It’s too expensive.” Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh. He pointed at the Magic Trebuchets that were loading stones after they finished firing the first round and said, “Our first batch of Magic Trebuchets, it costs at least a thousand gold coins to give the northern army a single one. This current batch of Magic Trebuchets, although they fire faster and are of better quality, the costs are even higher, reaching one thousand and three hundred gold coins.”

“That can’t be considered expensive.” As the chairmen of two large company, whether it was chairman Cruise or chairman Renersa, they didn’t feel a thousand gold coins was anything, “A weapon this powerful, not mentioning one thousand and three hundred gold coins, even if it was three thousand and one hundred gold coins, there would be countless people rushing to buy them.”

“That’s right, I’m more worried about you using them this openly and attracting the attention of other countries.” Chairman Cruise said in a worried voice.

“They already noticed it.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, not caring about this, “As for you not finding it expensive, that is because you are rich. But it’s a real pity that our kingdom’s army is terrifyingly poor. I was prepared to sell these four Magic Trebuchets to the army, but they said that because they spent too much money taking the Muerto Mountains, they couldn’t even take out a trivial five thousand gold coins. I felt that since they were idle, I might as well use them for a test on this expedition.”

Chairman Cruise and chairman Renersa looked at each other as they felt speechless.

Although they knew that the kingdom finances were bad, they never thought that the kingdom’s army wouldn’t even have a trivial five thousand gold coins. This really was too poor.


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