Masked Girl and Her Prince
44 Chapter 44: Next one attack.
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Masked Girl and Her Prince
Author :_Rain
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44 Chapter 44: Next one attack.

Freya shared her idea among her friends and once they listened to it, their eyes shone dazzlingly.

Zelal commented in awe, "Well... that is indeed one hell of a plan."

"Hmm.. well this might work if the element of surprise is present." Zeno analysed it calmly.

"Yeah..without that I'm not sure it would work." Liz nodded along with the group.

Freya looked at Zelal who had his mouth wide open gaping at her. She tilted her head with an imaginary question mark above her head.

He snapped out of his thoughts and shook his head. He cleared his throat as he thought of falling on her bad side.

'I have to make sure that I will never ever fall on her bad side.'

The plan she spoke of was very simple but with the right timings, everyone was sure that they could pull it off.

In the middle of the noiseless field, everyone waited for their signal as they watched Lyndel calmly standing, watching them.

In an instant, Hak and Zeno darted towards her as they extended their attacks upon her. Both of them changed their attacks sequentially as they tried to distract her.

Lyndel evaded them again as she tutted loudly, "Tch... How many times do I have to say too weak?"

As she was dodging both of their attacks in an inhumane speed, she countered them by throwing a heavy punch towards Hak.

Getting the attack straight on his face, Hak staggered back creating some distance between them. Lyndel moved towards Zeno without wasting a minute.

But before she could attack, she discovered some long-range attacks directed at her and scooted back just in time to avoid Liz's ice spear.

"An ambush.. huh?" she smiled coldly.

Promptly, the spot she was standing on suddenly plummeted as the earth under him behaved like quicksand.

Lyndel laughed as she leapt into the sky preparing to counter-attack but Jinha appeared right above her head.

"Lightning Strike."

His spear attacked her in a speed invisible to the naked eye. The blade faded on each thrust landed on the demon.

Lyndel grunted as she wiped the blood which had leaked from her mouth during the onslaught.

She turned to kick him away but she was stroked down with lightning from the sky. The blue lightning in the dark sky appeared like a painting as it struck the demon in midair, electrocuting her.

She dropped down from the sky rapidly and crashed into the ground with a loud thud. Everyone joined the rest as they reorganised themselves.

Freya looked at others who were panting heavily. She wasn't any good either, she could feel her body giving in, her muscles screaming for some relief. She realised the fact that she shouldn't strain her body by using that heavenly power but...

She has no choice!

"Hahahahaah...." a cruel laugh reverberated across the field as they watched Lyndel slowly get on her legs.

Lyndel rotated her arms as her eyes confronted the group, "Its been a while since I have used my strength. I have forgotten for how long I have been idle, staying away from battles, rusting away. I'm still rusted, you guys are okay with some sparring, right?"

"Damn it.. all those attacks and we managed to make her spit teeny tiny blood out of her mouth. Great! Just great!" Jinha tutted.

But before they could answer him, they felt cold wind attack them and their eyes widened when they realised Lyndel' disappearance from their vision.

"Well.. shouldn't we start with you, serpent guy?" a menacing cold voice was heard behind them.

And, she punched Hak on his back, Hak crashed against the rocks as he vomited a mouthful of blood.

Lyndel spun and threw a kick against Zeno, pushing him back. While, at the same time, her hands moulded into a sword and struck Jinha. Her hands moved in a flash as she slashed against his shoulder, squirting blood out in the process.

She mustered dark spikes as she threw them towards Liz, who managed to dodge it at the last second but she couldn't dodge when Lyndel appeared behind her and attacked her with a hard kick.

Liz crashed against the hard rock wall coughing. Zelal roared angrily as he rushed up against her with his sword.

His movements were clean and precise. He was able to hold up the fight until Lyndel sent a dark wave towards him.

He summoned an earth wall, protecting him from the attack but the force of that wave colliding still made him move backwards. He summoned a wall behind him to stop his movement. As he stood up, numerous spiked was thrown towards him, some cutting his chest, some his arms.

He groaned as he tightened his grip on his sword but then suddenly he fell on his knees with his sword penetrating the ground as he panted and spat blood.

He watched the blood in horror as he saw the dark energy seep through the cuts. He gripped his sword as he slashed it against the cuts, dispelling the dark energy in the process. He leaned backwards as his eyes spun with the loss of blood.

Suddenly a pill was stuffed into his mouth and the warm voice said, "Take rest, leave it to me."

Instantly, Freya moved up against Lyndel as she attacked her with her dagger, willing her body to push through her limits.

Lyndel laughed as she asserted, "I don't think you would be able to survive my one attack, mask girl"

Freya snorted as she inclined her body to move quicker. Her moves became a blur as she continuously tried slashing Lyndel with her dagger.

Lyndel laughed as she dodged and then finally after one attack, feeling tired of the game, she raised her arm and slammed it against Freya's back.

Freya dodged the attack but wasn't lucky enough to dodge it fully. She dashed a few distances away as she covered her mouth with her hand. She looked at her hand which was coated in bright red.

Lyndel snickered, "Weren't you guys cocky before? Come on, get up! We were just sparring before, now the real battle begins."

The soldiers who were watching the match, gulped in fear when they saw their idols getting pummeled to the ground.

Usui tightened his jaw as he was could feel his mana core filling up. His hand gripped around Black thunder as he said in his mind, 'I'm going to borrow your power for one attack.'

He felt the sword's excitement as he waited for his chance to attack. He had to surprise the demon.

Slowly, everyone got up back in the battle. All bloody with tons of injuries on their bodies. Jinha used his one hand to tear the cloth he was wearing and wrap it on his shoulder.

"This looks like it's going to be hard." he huffed.

"Yeah... and our bodies are not at our advantage." Hak wiped the blood from the corner of his lips.

"I feel like a thousand ants went on a rampage on my body."

Zeno augmented as he wiped his glasses, which somehow was kept intact during the fight.

"Yeah... we need to do this in our next one attack." Freya managed to say her words through her gasps.

Her muscles burned within her and she could feel the last bit of mana wrap around her muscles strengthening them. She tried breathing in some mana but it still wasn't enough to replenish her body as long as they were trapped in this dream shield.

"Let's do this, in the next one attack."

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    《Masked Girl and Her Prince》