Mechanical God Emperor
611 – Subduing Alexia
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Mechanical God Emperor
Author :Assets Exploding
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611 – Subduing Alexia

The Fallen Angel Lucifer was once the number one Blazing Angel of a supreme god. Commanding a powerful Angel legion, he spread the glory of the supreme god and fought in countless planes.

In a battle, an abyssal fiend shattered the soul mark of the supreme god implanted in Lucifer’s soul. Then, several archdevils designed to make Lucifer degenerate into a Fallen Angel. Later, he led a large Angel legion into the 999th floor of the Abyss and became the master of the floor.

The Fallen Angel Lucifer once went to the Cangzhi Plane from the Abyss and fought with the 8th Warlock Emperor the Dawn Lord over the position of Warlock Emperor. In the end, he was heavily wounded by the Dawn Lord, and rushed back to the 999th floor of the endless Abyss. In the endless Abyss, anyone hardly hears anything about this terrifying existence.

“The soul mark set up by him has been found!”

A holographic projection appeared in front of Yang Feng, twisted, and countless mysterious runes appeared on it.

If a Great Warlock rank powerhouse saw the strangely distorted runes, their mind would collapse, and they would become a lunatic.

“This soul mark would have been tricky before. But now, it’s nothing special.”

Yang Feng smiled and spread the fingers of his hand, and a large swarm of Devourers flew out of his hand and pounced on Alexia.

The Devourers engraved with runes blurred, opened their maws, extracted the twisted runes inside Alexia’s soul, and swallowed them.

After the Devourers swallowed the runes, their bodies twisted, and then the runes were finally digested and turned into strange energy crystals.

The Abyss, the 666th floor, in the center of the floor, there is a gorgeous palace tens of thousands of hectares in area filled with beautiful Fallen Angels, sexy and bewitching Succubi, and some beautiful abyssal fiends.

In a garden deep in the palace, various rare flowers can be seen everywhere, many of which are hard to come by in the outside world. At the same time, many of them should not be able to survive in the Abyss’s environment.

But there is a barrier in the garden. Besides, there is a beautiful Goddess of Flowers reclining in the center of the garden. Strange runes are engraved on the body of the Goddess of Flowers, making her into the nutrients and backbone of the entire garden. This is how this incredible and gorgeous garden came into being.

In the garden sits a handsome, blond middle-aged man with an evil charm. This man is the master of the 666th floor of the Abyss the Abyssal Fiend Grand Duke Poydul.

At the same time when the soul mark inside Alexia’s soul was dispelled, the face of this middle-aged man suddenly fell, his eyes twisted, countless runes gathered in his eyes, and an astonishing twisting force permeated out of his body.

More than a dozen sexy, enchanting Succubi suddenly twisted and burst into countless fragments, dying the beautiful garden red.

Beautiful women of different races playing in the garden suddenly trembled and knelt on the ground, frightened.

The Abyssal Fiend Grand Duke Poydul isn’t angered easily. Usually, he resembles an erudite and refined handsome middle-aged man. But in the end, he is still a fierce abyssal fiend. Once angered, he can hardly control his emotions. In a fit of rage, he once killed a Blazing Angel he liked.

Terrifying demonic qi spread from Poydul and covered the entire garden. Under the erosion of the demonic qi, countless beautiful flowers turned into a pile of dust.

The beautiful women in the garden were not spared the erosion of the demonic qi either. Struggling painfully, they either degenerated into fiends, or turned into ugly monsters and died miserably.

The violent demonic qi raged for an entire hour before Poydul barely regained his calm, his eyes filled with endless killing intent.

Poydul is the Abyssal Lord of the 666th floor of the Abyss. No one knows his origins. People only know that he suddenly became the Abyssal Lord of the 666th floor of the Abyss, and then participated in the siege of the 7th Warlock Dynasty Magic Note Dynasty and killed a Warlock Monarch.

Taking the 7th Warlock Dynasty Magic Note Dynasty as reference, Poydul should be hundreds of thousands of years old. Resorting to various methods, Poydul has obtained a total of hundreds of Blazing Angels. On average, he gets one Blazing Angel per 1,000 years. But after countless battles and nurturing, only 10 Blazing Angels eventually evolved to the Bright World Warlock rank.

Although Alexia isn’t the strongest Blazing Angel under Poydul’s command, but her evolution potential is in the top three among his subordinates.

In the 666th floor of the Abyss, with the boost provided by abyssal force, Alexia can even contend against Infinity Warlocks.

For such a powerful Blazing Angel with fearsome evolution potential to be taken away by Yang Feng, this naturally enraged Poydul to no end.

“Undying Mountain! The remnants of the 5th Warlock Dynasty? To make so many powerful secret treasures, they must have a very deep foundation.”

His eyes shimmered fiercely, and he enunciated each syllable, filled with killing intent: “However, you messed with my Blazing Angel. If I ever get the chance, I will kill every last one of you!”

In the laboratory, in addition to using the Devourers to get rid of the soul mark set up by Poydul in Alexia’s soul, Yang Feng silently recited an incantation and pointed with a finger, and the True God Empyrean Imprint flew out.

A soul mark containing Yang Feng’s soul force flew out of the True God Empyrean Imprint and wound around Alexia’s soul.

Stimulated, Alexia’s soul resisted the invasion instinctively. If she wasn’t suppressed by the seal halos released by countless Sealers, Alexia wouldn’t have fallen into a coma, and her soul wouldn’t have been shaken. She would have been able to shatter Yang Feng’s True God Empyrean Imprint.

Alexia’s soul nearly crushed the soul mark containing Yang Feng’s soul force. Yang Feng gritted his teeth, took out a high grade soul stone, and extended his hand.

The high grade soul stone shattered at once, and powerful soul force poured into Yang Feng’s soul mark.

The soul mark burst out with light, pierced into Alexia’s soul, and formed countless runes that entangled Alexia’s soul.

Yang Feng felt a close connection between him and Alexia appear. Now, the fate of the beautiful Bright World Warlock rank Alexia is in his hands.

Yang Feng ordered: “Unfreeze!”

The pipeline spewing freezing gas inside the freezer suddenly pulled back, the door opened, and the Sealers sustaining the seals flew away.

Alexia’s heart throbbed quickly and her beautiful face regained color, and a powerful aura slowly rose from her.

After three breaths of time, Alexia opened her eyes, and junior Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power diffused from her.

As soon as Alexia opened her eyes, her pretty eyes full of mystery locked on Yang Feng.

Yang Feng’s scalp turned numb slightly. He can clearly detect the killing intent released by the soul of the beautiful Blazing Angel in front of him from through the soul mark.

However, Alexia also feels the connection between her and Yang Feng. Once she attacks Yang Feng, in that very moment, the soul mark engraved in her soul will kill her.

Alexia restrained the killing intent in her eyes, jumped out of the freezer, and uttered coldly: “Greetings, my Lord!”

The soul mark engraved in the abyss of Alexia’s soul can easily kill her, but it can’t truly make her submit to Yang Feng.

Yang Feng looked at the beautiful and powerful Alexia with scorching light in his eyes: “My name is Yang Feng, a true disciple of the Battle Demon Sect! I am the man who will become Warlock Emperor in the future! Alexia, from now on, you are my subordinate.”

There was an enigmatic gleam in Alexia’s beautiful eyes, and she said lightly: “Yes! My Lord!”

Warlock Emperors are nearly invincible beings capable of dominating the 36 primary material planes. Alexia has heard of the legendary deeds of the Cangzhi Plane’s eight Warlock Emperors. If Yang Feng can really become a Warlock Emperor, then she doesn’t mind devoting her strength to him.

Yang Feng waved his hand, and a storage ring flew into Alexia’s hand.

Alexia scanned the storage ring and revealed a satisfied look. Inside the storage ring, there are 10 million low grade magic crystals. With them, she can quickly restore her strength.

Bright World Warlock rank Blazing Angels can also absorb life magic energy and negative energy drifting in the world to restore their strength and repair their injuries. But the speed of recovery when using magic crystals is three times faster. Alexia naturally likes to use magic crystals to restore her strength. !!!

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