Mechanical God Emperor
617 – Advancing to the quasi-Glorious Sun Warlock rank
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Mechanical God Emperor
Author :Assets Exploding
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617 – Advancing to the quasi-Glorious Sun Warlock rank

As soon as the phantom of an archgod Wind God appeared, a huge palm made of primal chaos force descended from the sky and swatted the 10,000-meter-tall archgod Wind God, and its body scattered into wind elemental particles that spread in all directions.

When the phantom of an archgod Wind God disappeared, violent fire emerged out of nowhere and spread towards Yang Feng’s small world as if to burn everything to ashes.

The giant hand made out of primal chaos force appeared again and tapped the consciousness in the fire with the index finger, and the consciousness collapsed.

Jolted by primal chaos force, the violent fire turned into the purest fire elemental particles.

Extremely rich earth elemental particles converged in the void and formed an 100-meter-tall ancient Ardipithecus made out of stone.

The Ardipithecus’s figure fluttered, and it shot towards the ground.

Once the Ardipithecus drills into the ground, it will absorb the earth elemental force inside the small world. Several hundred years later, a new living Ardipithecus may be born in the small world.

The giant hand abruptly grabbed the Ardipithecus and squeezed hard, and the Ardipithecus burst.

Countless water elemental particles suddenly condensed into a frightening 10,000-meter-long Dragon Whale that looks like it can devour everything.

The giant hand slammed into Dragon Whale and shattered it with a single blow.

The four kinds of elemental particles entered a state of equilibrium in an instant. The small world’s plane origin will absorbed the four types of elemental force and strengthened.

100 billion low grade magic crystals piling up in the small world shattered, and the plane origin will absorbed a copious amount of life magic energy and strengthened again.

Yang Feng’s small world began to shake and extend outwards.

As if it was alive, the small world began to breathe. It absorbed the energy drifting in pace and became more powerful.

In any complete plane, the plane origin will will breath and absorb the energy drifting around it, nourishing the plane.

Due to this, the grade of a plane is not fixed, and instead will either rise or fall.

Although a grade 4 plane is enough to give birth to an Infinity Warlock, but the upper echelon of the Battle Demon Sect doesn’t want to stay in a grade 4 plane. One of the important reasons for this is that once the quantity of Infinity Warlocks in a grade 4 plane reaches a certain number, the grade 4 plane will slowly decline, unable to bear the existence of the Infinity Warlocks.

The 36 primary material planes like the Feisuo plane are classified as grade 2 planes, and they can give birth to Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses, and they can even give birth to Warlock Emperor rank existences. Of course, every time a Warlock Emperor rank existence is born, the plane will be weakened for more than 10 million years.

Only the grade 1 plane the Cangzhi Plane can bear eight Warlock Emperor rank existence within a span of 10 million years, and even breed the legendary Eternal. Even so, after a Warlock Emperor is born in the Cangzhi Plane, it will take tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years before the next Warlock Emperor will be born.

After an unknown period of time, Yang Feng sitting in the secret room slowly opened his eyes, sensed the changes in his body, and showed a smile: “Quasi-Glorious Sun Warlock. I’m just one step away from the Glorious Sun Warlock rank!”

With the analysis of the level-3 optical computer, Yang Feng realized that even if he does nothing, he will be promoted to a Glorious Sun Warlock three years later.

Although Warlocks who formed a virtual world have to consume tens of times or even hundreds of times as much cultivation resources as other Warlocks when practicing cultivation, but they have a great advantage when it comes to breaking through bottlenecks.

Ever since he implanted a semi-plane seed in the Great Warlock realm, Yang Feng basically won’t encounter any bottlenecks before he reaches the Bright World Warlock realm. Only when Breaking through to the Infinity Warlock realm, he may encounter a huge bottleneck. This is the power of the strongest Warlock path.

Although Zhang Hanshan, Zhuo Yifan, and Zhou Feng who are personal disciple of the Battle Demon Sect’s Great Elders and others like them have already reached the moonlight Warlock rank, but it is very difficult for them to breakthrough to the Glorious Sun Warlock realm. They may be stuck in the Moonlight Warlock realm forever.

Huang Yihe has now already become an Infinity Warlock, but only two of his personal disciples have Glorious Sun Warlock rank cultivation base. With this, it can be seen how difficult it is to advance to the Glorious Sun Warlock rank.

Yang Feng has been practicing cultivation for less than 100 years, yet he is already about to promote to a Glorious Sun Warlock. Once this fact gets out, it will make many people crazy with envy.

Yang Feng can enter seclusion and practice hard until he reaches the Glorious Sun Warlock rank. However, he voluntarily stopped practicing cultivation because he found that his soul force and mental state can’t keep pace with his fast cultivation speed. If he advances to the Glorious Sun Warlock rank now, it may have a negative effect on his promotion to a Bright World Warlock.

Moonlight Warlocks are already considered Transcendents, but they are at the very bottom among Transcendents.

Each one of the Moonlight Seven Stars of the Great Cloud Dynasty is a peerless genius who has formed a virtual world. Much like Yang Feng, they feel no pressure in breaking through to the Glorious Sun Warlock rank. However, they still stay decades or even 100 years in the Moonlight Warlock realm, and that is because they have to improve their soul force, cultivation base, and state of mind to the most perfect level before they can break through to the Glorious Sun Warlock rank. Otherwise, when attacking the Bright World Warlock realm and the Infinity Warlock realm, they will encounter huge obstacles.

When Yang Feng stirred awake, one message after another bubbled up in his eyes.

When he is in seclusion, unless it is related to his survival or the survival of his forces in the Andrak Plane, the chip won’t warn Yang Feng and interrupt his practice of cultivation.

Yang Feng smiled and issued an order: “Bai Yuxian wants to see me? Interesting, let her wait for me in the Nether Dragon Temple.”

Yang Feng first went to a hot spring bath where he took a good rest and relaxed for two hours. Then he was dressed by a group of beautiful female servants, and went to the Nether Dragon Temple.

Yang Feng came to the Nether Dragon Hall, sat on the golden throne, and looked at Bai Yuxian. Bai Yuxian who has been waiting here for two hours has a calm expression on her face. Obviously, she has high self-restraint.

Bai Yuxian smiled brightly, and a complex gleam streaked past hear beautiful eyes: “Well met, Young Master Lei Ming! I want to congratulate you on unifying the Li Gui Province!”

Previously, Bai Yuxian regarded Yang Feng as a minor pawn that can be used to stir up the trouble in the Li Gui Province. Now, however, this minor pawn has turned into the master of the Li Gui Province, a bigwig whom the Great Cloud Dynasty cannot just brush off.

With the current strength of the Li Gui Province, if Infinity Warlocks and treasured secret treasures aren’t taken into account, it is even stronger than the Tai Yi Sect of the Ten Great Sects.

As the representative of the Undying Mountain stationed in the Cangzhi Plane, Yang Feng’s status is naturally very respectable, even more respectable than that of the Ten Great Sects’ holy children.

Yang Feng uttered: “I was lucky, that’s all. How can I help you, Miss Bai?”

Bai Yuxian spoke solemnly: “Young Master Lei Ming, as the representative of the Undying Mountain, I hope to see you issue a statement that you acknowledge allegiance to the Great Cloud Dynasty. The Great Cloud Dynasty will grant the Undying Mountain the Li Gui Province and confer you the title of hereditary peer marquis.”

“The Great Cloud Dynasty just drove out the Ten Great Sects, and Marshal Jing was besieged and killed by Infinity Warlocks of the Ten Great Sects. Countless forces are now eyeing the Great Cloud Dynasty from the sidelines. You’re currently going through a difficult phase, right? The Li Gui Province is already in the Undying Mountain’s grasp, so why should we submit to the Great Cloud Dynasty?”

“As for making me a hereditary peer marquis, that’s even more out of question. The Ten Great Sects and the Eight Great Families helped the Bai family defeat countless powerful enemies, and together they created the Great Cloud Dynasty. As I recall, the first Emperor of the Great Cloud Dynasty promised to confer eighteen greater province to the Ten Great Sects and the Eight Great Families along with hereditary peer titles and pledged never to interfere with their fiefs. But now, where are the Ten Great Sects?” Yang Feng spoke with a mocking smile.

Bai Yuxian replied with a smile: “You are right, the Great Cloud Dynasty is indeed at its weakest now. But no matter how weak we are, we’re still far stronger than the Li Gui Province.”

“Although the Li Gui Province is rich in resources, but at the same time, it also lacks many resources. Moreover, there is also the greatest weakness of the Li Gui Province, that is, it’s impossible to practice cultivation to the Infinity Warlock realm here. Young Master Lei Ming, doesn’t the Undying Mountain want to have a foothold in the Great Cloud Dynasty?”

“As long as you acknowledge allegiance to the Great Cloud Dynasty, we’ll give you a piece of land in the Great Cloud Dynasty and let you establish a sect there.”

“Moreover, Young Master Lei Ming, if you become a marquis of the Great Cloud Dynasty, no matter where you go in the dynasty, you’ll receive the treatment of an aristocrat. Do you want to stay here in the Li Gui Province all your life? I heard that you are a peerless genius eager to become a Warlock Emperor. However, no one holing themselves up in a corner has ever become a Warlock Emperor.”

“If the Undying Mountain becomes part of the Great Cloud Dynasty, you’ll naturally be eligible for the trials by fire of secret realms controlled by the Great Cloud Dynasty.”

Bai Yuxian clearly analysed and uttered eloquently the pros and cons of the Undying Mountain acknowledging allegiance to the Great Cloud Dynasty.
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