Mechanical God Emperor
618 – Golem Dynasty’s Relic Site
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Mechanical God Emperor
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618 – Golem Dynasty’s Relic Site

Yang Feng pondered for a while, then flicked his finger, and a piece of jade flew towards Bai Yuxian: “As expected of the Merak Star of the Moonlight Seven Stars, your insight and eloquence are impressive. I am practicing a special secret method, and thus require many rare ores. If the Great Cloud Dynasty offers me these ores, then I’ll persuade my father to let the Undying Mountain acknowledge allegiance to the Great Cloud Dynasty.”

Just as Bai Yuxian said, if Yang Feng’s ambition is limited to the domination of a small corner, then he can hole himself up in the Li Gui Province. But if he wants to be a Warlock Emperor, or even an Eternal, then staying in the Li Gui Province is unacceptable.

The Great Cloud Dynasty is vast and full secrets. Despite being in control of one of the 36 greater provinces the Battle Demon Province for years, the Battle Demon Sect hasn’t even uncovered all the secrets in the province.

Bai Yuxian took a closer look at the piece of jade, and then creased her slender eyebrows.

The jade is filled with various rare ores that Yang Feng needs to unlock the next level of xizu technology. These first-rate materials are even very rare in the Great Cloud Dynasty.

Bai Yuxian spoke: “Young Master Lei Ming, the ores recorded in this piece of jade are very rare in the Great Cloud Dynasty, and many of them are unheard of. We can’t come up with all these ores.”

Yang Feng uttered calmly: “What ores can the Great Cloud Dynasty come up with? Please show me your sincerity!”

After Yang Feng scraped all the resources of the Li Gui Province, he found a lot of materials necessary for the production of a level-4 stronghold, which also includes several of the main ores required. However, there are still some very precious ores missing. Yang Feng intends to gather those materials by means of trade.

Since Bai Yuxian wants him to nominally submit to the Great Cloud Dynasty, Yang Feng naturally wants sufficient benefits in return.

A sly gleam flickered in Bai Yuxian’s eyes, and she asked with a bright smile: “Which ores do you need the most?”

Yang Feng answered with a light smile: “In the Cangzhi Plane, the Brest Dynasty, the Bajur Dynasty, and the Kadred Dynasty occupy together a much larger area than the Great Cloud Dynasty. I don’t have to go to the Great Cloud Dynasty. There is no conflict between the Undying Mountain and these three dynasties, so they shouldn’t reject our friendship.”

These three dynasties share no border with the Li Gui Province. As such, they naturally have no conflicts of with the Li Gui Province.

Under such circumstances, the three dynasties won’t refuse the friendship of a powerful sect such as the Undying Mountain.

Many Warlock geniuses of the three dynasties have traveled the Great Cloud Dynasty. In his days, the Dawn Lord of the 8th Warlock Dynasty has also traveled the Eastern World for a long period of time.

In the same fashion, many Warlock geniuses from the Eastern World have traveled the Western World, especially after the Dawn Lord rose to power. One of the things that attracts Warlocks from the Eastern World to the Western World is the Dawn Royal City set up by the Dawn Lord, which is the only royal capital set up by a Warlock Emperor still remaining.

Of the eight Warlock Emperors, seven came from the Eastern World. But the royal capitals established by the seven Warlock Emperors were destroyed by countless powerful races during the collapse of the Warlock Dynasties.

Acknowledged as the number one secret treasure, the royal capital of the 7th Warlock Dynasty the Magic Note Dynasty attracted countless existences to fight over it and tear it into countless pieces.

The main part of the Dawn Royal City’s main part is made from a part of the wreckage of the 7th Warlock Dynasty the Magic Note Dynasty’s royal capital. Although the Dawn Royal City is much weaker than the Magic Note Dynasty’s royal capital, but for some unknown reason, it wasn’t destroyed when the Dawn Dynasty collapsed.

The Dawn Royal City is the only Empyrean grade royal city in the Cangzhi Plane, and it is under the control of the ‘city keepers’ of the Western World. The ‘city keepers’ are said to be the descendants of the Black Light Holy who was one of the three Holy rank Holy Spirit Warlocks that followed the Dawn Lord.

The Dawn Royal City is one of the relic sites that Yang Feng wants to explore.

Additionally, due to the emergence of the Dawn Lord, the Western World expanded greatly in power and occupied a lot of territory that originally belonged to the Eastern World. As such, within the scope of the three dynasties in the Western World, there are also countless relic sites of the ancient Warlock eras. Even if Yang Feng doesn’t go to the Great Cloud Dynasty, there are still other places to travel to.

“Fine, you big bully.” Bai Yuxian sighed faintly and passed her porcelain hand over the piece of jade, and various ores recorded in the jade immediately turned red, and then she sent the jade back to Yang Feng.

Yang Feng glanced at the jade, and couldn’t help but praise secretly: “The Great Cloud Dynasty has indeed deep roots!”

More than half of the ores recorded in the jade are marked red. Of the ores necessary to build a level-4 stronghold, now only a ores called Star River Green Gold is missing.

It isn’t that there is no Star River Green Gold in the Cangzhi Plane, but this ore is viewed as useless in the world of Warlocks. Unsurprisingly, the Great Cloud Dynasty doesn’t gather such useless things.

Ordinarily, no matter what method you use, Star River Green Gold feels no different from an ordinary stone, thus lacking any value. But when it is mixed with several ores according to a method developed by the xizu, it will form an astonishingly resilient alloy that can serve as a core component of a more advanced Matter and Energy Converter.

Yang Feng dispatched countless mining robots to search for this ore in the Li Gui Province. It is only a matter of time before it is found.

Yang Feng spoke straightforwardly: “Okay, once I get those ores, I will persuade the higher-ups of the Undying Mountain to acknowledge allegiance to the Great Cloud Dynasty.”

Bai Yuxian showed a cunning smile: “I still have a gift for you, Young Master Lei Ming. According to the analysis of our Secret Treasure Division’s Relic Site Search Department, a relic site of the 6th Warlock Dynasty the Golem Dynasty is about to appear in the Li Gui Province. We hope to get 100,000 slots to explore the relic site.”

Yang Feng’s heart stirred a little: “This Relic Site Search Department is incredible! Should I join it under an alias?”

Powerful Warlocks have incredible powers, and many have strange life-saving secret methods. Of course, there is a huge cost involved in the activation of those life-saving secret methods, many of which will consume virtually all your life force upon activation.

Consequently, powerful Warlocks will habitually establish two or more secret caves and place various materials inside. Once they are wounded, they can use the materials hidden in the secret caves to quickly restore their full power. Even Yang Feng left different secret caves in different planes just in case.

The Cangzhi Plane has undergone countless upheavals, so there are many relic sites of powerful Warlocks left in the plane. Under the erosion of time, the barriers set up around the relic sites will disappear, and the relic sites will be exposed to the world.

The Great Cloud Dynasty’s Relic Site Search Department is a department that specializes in searching for relic sites in the Cangzhi Plane. The three dynasties in the Western World also have a Relic Site Search Department each. There, most Warlocks practice astrology or other divination spells.

Yang Feng spoke flatly: “A relic site of the Golem Dynasty? No wonder you’re making such a concession! One slot. To give the Great Cloud Dynasty face, I’ll give you one slot.”

A queer gleam shimmered in Bai Yuxian’s eyes: “One slot? Young Master Lei Ming, do you want to hog the relic site of the Golem Dynasty?”

Yang Feng answered boldly: “That’s only natural. Since the relic site will appear in my territory, then it’s only natural for me to hog it.”

In general, whenever an ancient Warlock relic site appears, it will attract countless Warlocks, and then be divided by the powerful Warlock groups around.

Since Yang Feng has unified the Li Gui Province, he naturally won’t let others into the relic site, at least not before he takes possession of the valuables inside.

Bai Yuxian uttered with a smile “10,000 slots! When a relic site is explored for the fist time, that’s the most dangerous time. We can help you explore the relic site and reduce the Li Gui Province’s losses.”

“Three slots! The Li Gui Province still can afford losses in the exploration of the relic site.”

“1,000 slots. I have already reduced the requirement by a factor of 100. As a man, shouldn’t you be more considerate?”

“10 Slots! The Li Gui Province cannot miss this chance.”


After haggling for some time, Yang Feng finally agreed to give Bai Yuxian 30 slots to enter the Golem Dynasty’s relic site. In exchange, Yang Feng obtained the qualification to enter the relic sites of the Great Cloud Dynasty.

10 days later, in a desert over 300 kilometres west of the Li Gui Province’s Green Wood Stone City, the space above the desert twisted twisted, and a huge cave sparkling with black lightning suddenly appeared, and then a celestial body emerged and started absorbing the surrounding life magic energy.

People within an area 1,000 kilometres in radius can see the huge celestial body floating above the desert.

“Relic site, this is an ancient Warlock relic site!”

“An ancient Warlock relic site!”


After seeing the relic site, countless human Warlocks frantically flew towards the huge celestial body.

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