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That obese man only had a tiny slit of flickering eyes left, sizing up the two from top to bottom, as if evaluating goods. Finally, his gaze swept past the baby-faced Duan Ye and paused at Feng Jiu's incomparably beautiful mien. A striking light flashed in his eyes.

"Old fool, don't look at people with such disgusting eyes. That will make this young master want to dig your eyes out."

When the fat middle-aged man stared at the two with a calculated gaze, Duan Ye also sized them up, especially the fat man in the glittering golden robe. Seeing him watching them with that look, he knew this man had filthy stuff in his mind.

"Hehehe, Noble Young Masters coming out of nowhere, you truly look remarkable. Each one of you has good figures." The obese man chuckled, still staring at those two with his eyes squinted.

However, rather than fixing his gaze at Duan Ye, he kept staring at that dazzlingly gorgeous young man in red.

That young man had only the cultivation of a Great Spirit Master. However, from the moment he saw them, he stood there calmly, neither frightened nor flustered, with an indifferent look on his unparalleled face and an indistinct smile on his lips.

He was more beautiful than a woman. But unlike the feminine and gentle beauty, his looks were wilful and dazzling like the sun. Those pupils had some mysterious tints in its depth. People couldn't move their sight with just one look at him.

It was precisely due to the young man's unmatched beauty, his unruffled calm and his indiscernible smile, that gave him a very strange feeling.


Mm, it's just an uncanny sense of danger.

He was just a young man at the Great Spirit Master level. How could he give off such a feeling to him? It should have just been an illusion.

"Feng Jiu, what cultivation level is that old fool?" Duan Ye moved closer to her. 

"Golden Core peak level." She smiled with her eyes narrowed. 

His lips twitched. Earlier, he stated that he was not a match for a Golden Core peak level cultivator. Now, a Golden Core peak level cultivator came. How could his luck be so bad? 

Feng Jiu seemed to know his thoughts. She patted him on the shoulder with laughter in her eyes. "It's alright. If you can't defeat him, you still have me, right!"

"You told me that you haven't entered Golden Core for long. Can a Golden Core initial stage deal with the peak stage?" He told her in a low voice. After taking a look at her, he spoke again. "Okay, let's run away in case we can't find it!" 

"What are you whispering about? Why? Scared? Hahaha, catch them! Pack them nicely and bring them back!" The Golden Core cultivator who got injured by Duan Ye's eight-star flywheel shouted. The dozen strong men rushed forward and surrounded them.

"Hmph! You seek death!"

Duan Ye snorted coldly. His hand moved and the eight-star flywheel turned into a bright light in his hand. He threw the flywheel in a flash. With a whirring sound, the flywheel's sharp aura targeted those cultivator's necks so suddenly that they had no time to cover their ears.

In a flash, when the cold light passed, screams rang out and blood splashed on the ground. Those strong and robust men all lying dead on the ground before even touching the two.

Letting Great Spirit Master cultivators to deal with the Foundation Building peak stage, they were surely killed as soon as they striked. 

Seeing this, the obese man's hand stopped patting his abdomen and his sight fell on Duan Ye.

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