Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor
1314 Beautiful Woman, Smile
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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor
Author :凤炅
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1314 Beautiful Woman, Smile

Upon hearing this, Shadow One glanced at the woman, almost immediately he was able to guess Feng Jiu's intentions. Therefore, he pushed the door open: "Go in."

"Thank you Shadow Guard." The woman was delighted and after curtsying, she walked into the room carrying the ginseng tea. 

After the woman had gone through the door, Shadow One glanced up at the roof and pretended that he knew nothing and continued to stand guard outside. 

At this time, a figure in red was sitting on the rooftop of the study and looked through the small skylight with great interest. 

Compared to her leisurely mood, inside the study, Xuanyuan Mo Ze's face was dark like thunder as he thought about the woman who had just come through the window earlier had said to him.

What did she say?

She had wanted him to cooperate with her. She wanted to see if she needed to make a move on those women, she didn't want to hurt an innocent by mistake?

He really didn't know if he should be happy at her confidence in him, or angry that she was using him to test those women?

"My Lord, your servant has brought ginseng tea over specially for you." 

Her flirtatious voice drifted over and on the roof, Feng Jiu's expression trembled and her eyes gleamed when she heard it. Her voice was much more charming than when she spoke to her, was she trying to win over her man? Hahaha, she had guts! Then she couldn't blame her for making a move!

She glanced down and saw that Xuanyuan Mo Ze had moved the things on the table and took the ginseng tea from the woman. The joy in the woman's face could not be concealed, as was the joy in her eyes. She couldn't help but laugh quietly. When the sound drifted into the room below her, the woman was startled and her face turned pale instantly. She looked up quickly and saw the figure in red sitting by the small skylight above. 


She exclaimed in shock and her legs weakened in fright. Just as she was about to pounce onto Xuanyuan Mo Ze, she was swept back with a force and flew directly out of the study. 

"It's a beautiful night, beautiful man, do you want to come up to view the scenery with me?" She sat cross-legged and touched her chin with one hand as she looked down with a smile at Xuanyuan Mo Ze: " Actually, I won't be jealous if you had taken advantage of that woman, as long as you don't let anyone take advantage of you that's alright."

When he heard that, Xuanyuan Mo Ze's lips curved into a smile, this small woman had finally become enlightened and invited him to look at the moon, knowing that it would cut off any thoughts that arose. 

Sure enough, they were still in tune with each other. 

He walked out of the study with one hand behind his back and glanced at the woman who had fainted from shock. After telling Shadow One to get someone to take the woman away, he stood on his toes and leaped onto the roof of the study then walked slowly towards the figure in red. 

Feng Jiu blinked as she admired the figure in black who was walking towards her out of the moonlight. As she looked at the celestial heroic posture of the charming mature man, she squinted involuntarily. She thought that her taste in men was really good. Back then she had grabbed the thigh of this good man. 

And Feng Jiu, her bright face with a hint of slyness, was sitting on the roof in a laid back posture, her chin lifted slightly watching him with a smile. In Xuanyuan Mo Ze's view, she was like a coquettish young girl under the moonlight, intriguing and alluring. 

"Beautiful man, smile."

The teasing words were said with a smile on her lips and broke the romantic and mysterious atmosphere. Xuanyuan Mo Ze's lips curved at the corner when he heard her words, and he smiled helplessly. 

"It's such a good atmosphere, can't you say something normal?"

"For example?" She looked at him and raised her eyebrows.

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    《Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor》