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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
Author :v29
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1 The Void

"Huh, where am I," said a glowing orb in space floating in nothingness.

"Wtf where's my body and who am I. What's my name why can't I remember my name."

'Ok let's try to recollect what was I last doing. I was playing Minecraft when a crack red crack formed in my room and sucked me in. That totally makes sense this is a dream a weird dream, but a dream that I will wake up from.'

Hours passed to days and soon the orb started to forget his family and friends. Then his home and started to be forgotten.

What the nameless orb didn't know is that the more time passes in the void the more you forget and the more important a memory is the memory is forgotten. This void was once an underworld for a long lost world designed to cleanse and reincarnate souls. This place has long since lost its purpose and its very existence is started to fade causing residual energy to leak out. The residual emery of the void formed a crack in the unlikely of places sucking in the most unlikely of souls.

Soon the orb realized what was going on and that he was forgetting things he could have sworn he remembered. With this knowledge, he did what an average person would do. He freaked out and started to panic trying to remember what he was forgetting.

What he didn't realize was as the void did not have an overseer or god to govern the void and with there being no one else but him; by trying to recollect his memories he was absorbing the energy of the void strengthening his soul and allowing him to no longer forget. Unfortunately, what memories he lost were truly lost and what he had was memories were what was less important to him such as video games, history, math, etc.

The orb felt stronger and was no longer forgetting his memories, but he still tried to recollect what was lost.

Time was different in the void sat days felt like seconds and seconds like days. As time past hours turned into days, days turned to months, months to years, years to centuries, centuries to who knows how long. The orb held onto his current memories for that is what he had and anytime he tried not to he would start losing them. This lasted for so long that the orb was able to absorb the entirety of the energy in the void. Then a flash the cycle of reincarnation has no energy to spend on making him forget fulfilling its purpose and went onto the next step of the cycle. The purer the soul the more energy it will be provided by the god ruling the underworld, but what would happen if there was no god and no one to regulate how much energy a soul could have? What would happen if a soul absorbed an entire realms worth of energy?


Somehow I opened my eyes and what I saw a beautiful woman crying and trying to prevent him from being eaten. She was yelling something I couldn't make out what, but what I could sound like "Please my king don't do this, don't eat our firstborn son"


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