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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
Author :v29
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7 Interlude #1

Poseidon POV

We were finally free from Kronos because of Zeus. We owe him more than we can imagine. Being in his stomach burned us daily. There was no escape all I could feel was pain and then we found a platform on the edge of his stomach that I and my siblings used to rest. I was able to create water to wash away the acid, but decades had gone by and his stomach healed itself. The platform and our only safe haven was gone. I covered myself in water continuously. I would have covered my sisters as well, but I could not.

Rhea, our mother took care of till we got better. I felt like this was a dream being free from pain and able to walk in such a long time. I learned I also had two other family members that were in our father's stomach. Rhea suspects they faded and cried for hours. I felt sad for there loss and angry at Kronos.

I heard a noise echo throughout the island coming from the beach. I readied my armour and sword I received from Prometheus and headed there. I saw two oddly dressed figures which we learned were our missing brother and sister. I learned how they escaped and how my brother, Hades has domain over space and time so he could make a portal and escape. I felt anger like no other, I mourned for them and now learned they were living happily in this END place. Zeus freed us and now we could get revenge on Kronos, but he doesn't care about Kronos and us all he has is this disinterested look. It pisses me off.

Hades and Hestia after a few explanations told us the END was safer and we could talk there. They allowed us to put our belongings in shulker boxes and we entered the portal. Hestia explained we were in a Cyclopes smithy and that we were in a biome called the Nether. One of the many types of biomes of the END. As we exited the smithy I felt like I was being put out of existence. I was in intense pain more so than when I was with Kronos. I later learned once I recovered outside the nether that water instantly evaporates there because of the intense heat and only the smiths work there. My anger continued to rise at Hades for putting the portal there. They then explained to me that the Island we were on could only be opened in the Nether. Apparently you had to calculate where exactly to open a portal and you travel eight times faster in the END then in the overworld and it can be used to calculate faster travel. My anger was quenched somewhat, but it was still there.

I asked Hestia about the platform in Kronos stomach and if she found it. She explained that here domain was fire and she made a hole in his stomach and cauterized the wound to create that platform. If she stayed with us in his stomach we would not have gone through the pain. I felt angrier at them for not rescuing us like Zeus. She explained that without Hades support she would have no way of rescuing them and Hades only did things he was interested in. Hades apparently did not care about them enough to get them and she was the only reason after much convincing by the residents of the END to dethrone Kronos. We were only seen as a means to an end for Hades. My siblings were angry and I could see only slight interest in Hades's eyes like he was playing a game.

We approached his city and I could honestly say, it was beautiful. Gardens everywhere with buildings as tall as I could see. A gigantic blue tree in the center surrounded by gardens and a park. I saw monsters roaming around. Apparently, if they don't cause trouble they could live anywhere they want to within reason. As we entered the Mega tree of Doom we learned it was one of his homes. He has been living in luxury for so long. Our group became angry, then he took us through a maze that hours, I had gotten lost so many times. Hestia then told us we did not need to go through the maze he just wanted to show off. Its official I am pissed beyond belief. I see as much hate in Zeus's eyes as with the rest of my siblings.

He took us to a grand throne room and pressed a button on the throne. The residents arrived and asked why all of us were here. They only wanted to see the leaders and how we were inconsequential. Hestia explained Hades wanted to test his maze. Thanks to Nyx we learned he wanted to test it out because no one wanted to and that was the only reason we were here, as a test. How could they follow someone so irresponsible?

Zeus POV

I finally freed my siblings. Everything is coming together. With my siblings, we will finally defeat Kronos and I shall be king. Mother has explained to me that by freeing my siblings that I would gain their loyalty from them.

I learned Hades and Hestia faded. I regret not having their support, but that does not matter. It has already been prophesied by Prometheus that I would defeat Kronos. Prometheus is only here because he wants to join the winning side. I don't see him as the loyalty type. I will get rid of him later.

Hades and Hestia came to my Island. Looked like I finally have support of all my siblings and a powerful asset has been added. The ability to control space and time would be useful, but I must take care of him later in order for him not to go against me.

He was made king of the Underworld only I deserve to be king how could he possibly be a king. We travel through his realm and I gaze at his city. I grow angrier and angrier with envy and jealousy. These emotions I have never felt before. I grow angry for feeling them. Then he plays games with us taking us through a maze, I got lost again and again. This Hades he dares disrespect me. While his siblings are angry for his abandonment of them he himself is angry for more petty reasons.

Then his throne room came into view. My only thought was that should be mine.

The residents arrive and I look into there eyes. They only see Hades, they are not paying any attention to me.

So the maze was only a game to him how could they even follow such an god who only makes games. If they could build cities for him they can build more for me.

If the residents are used to this behaviour he must be an incompetent leader. I will show them what true leadership is and they shall look to me instead of him.

They will look to me as king.


Zeus's POV is shorter because he has not spent time in Kronos's stomach and does not understand hardship. He was spoonfed and always belived himself to take the place of Kronos as king of the gods and that no will be able to challenge him.

I have not picked a wife for Hades. He will be monogamous. I do not see him having more than one wife. I am leading towards Persephone though.

Netherite can not be quenched in the River Styx.

Monsters are not residents they just arrive from Tartarus if they have done nothing wrong and treat the END as a safe haven not to be ordered or killed for sport by the Titans.


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