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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
Author :v29
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8 The Conference

Hades POV

"So what's the meeting supposed to be about because I want to finish my mega Arc de Hades sometime soon." I thought once we met them we would take care of Kronos and go back to building the Arc. The only good thing about them coming here is the fact I finally found some people to go through my maze, the next one will be way harder. The Arc is a major project I have been working on it for years, but then Hestia found Rhea and my siblings Zeus, and and and I can't remember their names. Instead of working on my Arc or going after Kronos, Hestia decided I should take to one of my homes. She already set up a conference and everything. Apparently Nyx planned the meeting without me. I feel like I have a secretary that just wants to give me work when I don't want to.

Nyx came up to me and slapped the back of my, "We are having this meeting to discuss terms of our assistance to defeat Kronos and not focus on unnecessary things. We need to also plan on how to attack Kronos's armies and defeat them." Is this what it feels like to have a secretary because I wish Nyx didn't act like mine.

"Oww, why did you hit me again" Hades

"Because you were thinking something bad about me," Nyx said. How does that woman do that?

Turning to our guests I welcome them, "Okay, Okay now who's the leader or leaders of your group so we can get this over with and defeat the big guy" This is so boring I wish I made a

Zeus POV

He lets his subjects walk all over him, this place needs actual an actual king, not some idiot who does whatever he likes. This looks like it will be easy to appoint myself leader of this group. He may have released the Cyclopes and the hundred handed one, but I know what they really want. They want revenge and I can use this. Kronos promised to release them if they made him a weapon powerful enough to defeat Ouranos, but after it was completed he used it against them and imprisoned them again. Gaia then blessed it, but it was already strong enough to defeat grandfather. They are only useful for their skills after which whatever happens doesn't matter.

Hades at the moment has all the cards. He has the Underworld as his domain and is powerful. He has smiths with unmatched skills and he has three primordials by his side.

"I am the leader of this group," I then turned to the Underworld's people," and I will defeat Kronos and give all of you peace."

"Oh okay then can you do it quickly then because if you don't need me why are you here?" replied Hades. Is he an idiot? Of course, I need more powerful people to win. The prophecy never said how I will defeat him. He has armies of monsters and Titans by his side. I can't take them by myself.

"I never said I did not need you, I am prophesied to dethrone Kronos, but I need help with his armies of monsters and the other Titans. Cyclopes were it not your skills that created his scythe and what does he do he betrays you why are you here and not seeking revenge. I need all of you who are hiding in the Underworld to follow me and defeat Kronos or he will continue his reign. " Mother told me that the primordials fear Kronos's scythe as it is both built by the Cyclopes and imbued with the power of Gaia.

One of the Cyclopes raises the head to me to speak and says, "We are not hiding, in the END, it is our home and it is not up to us to follow you, but Hades as he is our king. If he were to tell us to follow you then we shall." All residents of the END are in agreement with the Cyclops.

What is this bullshit, they would choose to stay in this place and follow an incompetent leader who is not even paying attention to me? What does he have that I cannot offer? I can offer them a home and a goal. I must turn the tides, it looks like they are unwilling to follow me without the say-so of my brother. He has leverage over them or something. I have to question his integrity to lead.

"Hades what say you, will you not follow me. You were once in Kronos's belly were you not? Why did you not come to rescue your siblings? You can create portals and you have created one while you were there why did you not help them? Do you not want revenge, do you not have the courage to face the titans?" Let's see how he responds to my questioning.

Hades then replied in a disinterested tone of voice, "First off this place is called the END, not the Underworld. To answer your questions in that order, No, yes, didn't feel like it, could only create a portal from the inside not outside, no I don't really care about the Titans, and no I don't really fear them."

That response was unexpected. I expected him to defend his decision to not save his siblings or stammer, but instead, he is blunt as a hammer. It sounds like he is honestly disinterested with us. I just saw nods and signs of exasperation from his group. It feels like this is how he usually is. This for some reason irritated me more than anything. I had grown up in a damp cave all my childhood hiding from Kronos. I was the one to free my siblings with a promise to dethrone Kronos and take up leadership. I still have nothing to show for it. All I have is a small island and a terrible battleground if we were to be attacked. While here is Hades who by the looks of it has been living in luxury. All he has done is escape our father and came to the Underworld. Instead of seeking asylum and becoming their servant, he becomes there king. And from the sound of it, he was made their king without any struggle. I don't know why, but whenever I see that disinterested look I want to hit him. He holds all the cards and he knows it judging by his attitude. The worst of all it looks like he genuinely has the loyalty of its inhabitants.

"What will happen when we defeat Kronos?" Hades asked

The question was spontaneous, but I already expected it.

"Once Kronos is dethroned, he and all those that supported him will be thrown into Tartarus. We shall set up a council which will govern all gods and titans. While the Titans have Mount Othrys we shall occupy Mount Olympus as our base. We will elect a king and a new rule of peace will take place." I have given this speech tens of times and have prepared this answer for all of them. I see some nods from the Underworld dwellers and see some approval.

"Why do we need a king? Shouldn't the council be enough and who will be on this council? How big is the council? You just said we will be on the council, who is included in this we?" Hades's response threw me off. Why don't we need a king aren't you the king of the Underworld. Do you not have loyal subjects that do your bidding, who are you to say this world needs no king.

General POV

Hades's response stumped everyone, even his siblings who were still infuriated by Hades and his life of luxury. They thought Why do they need a king?

"Are you not the king of all these people, it just proves there needs to be a king."

Zeus's response proved a point. But the question was why did they choose Hades as king? Zeus's group were satified with the response as it proved they needed a king.

"Eh, I am the ruler of the END, not its residents, they just started to listen and follow me so I never really saw myself as their king mostly just their friend."

All the residents had smiles over Hades's response like it was expected he would say that. Hades himself never viewed himself as king, but his kindness and natural charisma drew people towards him. He was just so different from what people expected a normal person should act like. He was someone they could follow to make the right decisions. They were against many of his decisions, but each of them turned out for the better. The END was their home now and he was their king even if he would never admit it.

"You know what, this topic is tiring. We all want Kronos gone we can discuss what the council and election for king will be after he is gone. Lets now focus on getting rid of Kronos and his armies." Hades's response confused many of Zeus's party.

"Fufufufu looks like things are about to get interesting." Nyx

As the meeting came to a close all Zeus's group were escorted to a room in the tree.

Each room was luxurious beyond anything they have seen.

Zeus POV

He just made a decision just like that without even discussion on terms which they brought us over for. What is wrong with him? Well, this works in our favour as I can get weapons from the Cyclops and have a fighting chance against Kronos. Once I become king everything will be set right. This bed is really soft I need one like this. Zzzzz


Next chapter will be planning and the war itself.

I wanted this chapter to show how Zeus thinks and feels.

All the gods are jealous and angry at Hades. This will affect his relationship with his family.

Nyx is an aunt figure for Hades, not a mother or lover. She is like the secretary who asks permission before making a decision. She is not the leader she is just the most level headed one.

I want to include some family bonding with Rhea, Hestia, and Hades in the following chapters.

Humans have not been invented yet.

Hades is a carefree character and gets bored really easily if he is not doing something and this meeting really bored him. Like I said before he is a new person with jumbled up memories that have no significance. So he is an adult that acts like a child sometimes. In some of the novels, I have read about him. The guy that reincarnates as him has wishes and wants to be powerful. I feel, yes, Hades needs to be powerful, but he should not want to be powerful. He always is reincarnated after the war in the Underworld, I wanted to show the war. I wanted to portray a Hades that just doesn't care about what others think of him and are drawn to him because he is different. He does not understand intimate relationships and he will not until later. He is the ultimate Minecraft player and now he is about to be reintroduced to PVP.


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