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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
Author :v29
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13 War part 4

Atlas POV

Something is wrong, Hyperion has disappeared. The days grow dimmer, as there is less and less time for the sun to remain in the sky. The god Helios can drive the chariot, but our king does not trust a god to do a titans work, as it should be. I was told to collect Hyperions army to add to my own I found all the monsters in Crete gone. A battle took place, I could see celestial bronze swords and spears. This is disconcerting, it feels as though we are at war with another force. I bring my findings to Kronos. My king had finally had enough and told me of his children. How four of his children had escaped his stomach. I will have been assigned to hunt them down and capture them. With Tartarus closed off we can only chain them down till we devise a way to get rid of them. I have notified Kronos of unusual activity around some unknown island.

My army is made up of dragons and flying monsters. At Mount Tamalpais, my army was attacked since we could fly I called for a retreat. I saw hundreds of boats and miniature versions of us attack my encampment. Kronos had said it was likely Prometheus had joined his children and those are his creations. This is disconcerting, they are immortal, but are not gods or titans so that allows us some options. They can be injured, but they will heal. There is only one true way I think we can defeat these humans. They rode these creatures called horses, they are not monsters but something different. I hate to say it, but I have to employ the help of my father, Iapetus. At least he will be useful for once.

I have tracked and located the unknown island with the mist surrounding it. I heard word from a dryad I was once with, that Zeus had begun negotiations with the traitorous winds. I also heard Oceanus may be working against us. The seas are untrustworthy, that is why Kronos has a dependable army that governs the skies. Our main objectives our Prometheus and Epimetheus as they are the creators of these humans.

As we approached the Island only mist was preventing coordination. We had figured out that Zeus was the one controlling the storms and with him gone, there were no clouds preventing us to fly over the Mist.

"Well well well, look what we have here" I estimate twenty thousand humans occupying this Island.

General POV

Atlas ordered a straight-on assault on the humans having his dragons rain fire on from above. The humans had not expected an attack were at a disadvantage. Out of the army of twenty thousand, only ten thousand were uninjured and called for a retreat. Even so, the dragons themselves were not unscathed as out of five thousand dragons, two thousand were brought down. While the humans and gods fell back, Atlas and Iapetus searched for Prometheus and his brother as they were the keys to their success.

Atlas had finally found Prometheus and Epimetheus, the true battle began. What Prometheus didn't know was he and his brother were led into a trap. As they were ready to face Atlas, Iapetus

was crafting a curse to affect the power of fate. An extremely powerful and binding curse the likes of which will give his name the Titan of mortality.

Toward the back of Prometheus and Epimetheus, Iapetus chanted, "I bind all creations from your hands to forgo immortality, that which you create will be bound to fate, all you have thought perfect will become imperfection. I curse you Prometheus and Epimetheus."

All was lost for Prometheus, his greatest creation, man, was now mortal. All the ten thousand injured now were dying in mass, no longer healing. Unknowingly, Iapetus had also cursed his Atlas's army as dragons were the creation of Epimetheus and with that said injured dragons would perish as well. A great blow dealt with both sides of the war, but Atlas thought this was necessary as Humans could reproduce and multiply.

While Atlas was concerned of the ramifications of his father's curse, vines wrapped around him while fire hit Iapetus. Demeter, Hestia, and Rhea had arrived to find Prometheus and Epimetheus. Rhea had witnessed the curse at the last minute and knew they were at a disadvantage. With all her sons gone from the island, no one is there to protect it. The attack took them by surprise, as she ordered a retreat to the sea, she needed to find Prometheus.

A short battle took place between the women and Atlas as Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Iapetus were weak from the curse casting. Atlas batted all attacks that were thrown his way. Vines were torn, fire was worthless, and Rhea's spear did no damage. Even worse, as fates would have it everything slowed down. As if everyone was trying to walk through syrup, Rhea knowing they stood no chance and Kronos had arrived.

Kronos POV

"Hello, my lovely wife, what have we here," as Kronos turns his head, "Hestia my daughter it seems more than just four children had escaped. That only leaves Hades. Now the question is how did you escape me, Hestia? Answer quickly or don't it doesn't matter. Atlas capture and chain them."

Kronos looked to leave when a bolt of lightning was about to strike his back, but just before it would hit him the bolt froze in mid-air as well as Zeus himself. Kronos had heard that Zeus was coming back to the Island and he could not afford this opportunity to go to waste. He needed Atlas to complete his plan to turn these abominations mortal. With that done finding Hestia and Rhea was a bonus unto itself. Noticing the bolt in Zeus's hand he knew the only way there would be a powerful weapon such as that was if his brothers were realised from Tartarus. Zeus was powerful and he could not contain him in a time field for long. "Atlas leave and take my children and these three Titans with you. I will hold off Zeus" That weapon is powerful and he did not know its capability. With Zeus's weapon in hand allowed for him to break the time field, but he was exhausted enough for Kronos to escape. He needed more information about his sons and if they all had weapons. So he did the only thing he could do, he retreated.

His paranoia got in the way, wasting a precious opportunity he would later regret for thousands of years to come.

Hades POV

I have never been angry before so this was new to me. When I went to meet Zeus and Posideon on our next plans I heard the news from them that mother, Hestia, and Demeter were captured, earthquakes like never before. Darkness roamed the lands as I could not calm down. I wanted retribution like no other. This was new to me and it took me a couple of days to calm down. We decided we needed a plan. From what Zeus has learned Kronos is not keeping them at Mount Orthys, we cannot do anything without knowing their location. It frustrates me to no end.

Another thing to add to my problems is that though Iapetus curse affected the human immortal body, it did not affect the soul. Humans are now useless to us and our burden. We stripped them of their weapons and melted them down so someone else may have use for them. We have souls needing to be organized and judged for their actions according to the fates, that responsibility relies on me. With this, I have decided to make a place in the END as a way to manage souls and judge them for there actions. I am excited to build it, but at the same time anxious without Hestia. I want to rescue her now, but Nyx calms me down and tells me to leave it to Zeus to figure out where they are held. Posiedon now feels rushed to take the sea. He must grow stronger in tactics and defeat the Kraken fast. Today was a terrible blow to all of us.

Unexpectedly we brothers are getting along more than ever before. We are now working together and have constant communication between each of us. Iris right now is the most important goddess at the moment and we all realise it. Each of us have tasks we have to accomplish. This war is going to last longer than we all hoped. We all thought this war was going to be easy as we had everything going for us, we had an immortal army, we were gaining the realms, and we each had powerful weapons. Now though, we lost the army and most of our family. We lost two of our commanders and have gained more burdens with our mistakes. Zeus had learned a lesson though, he needs all of us if he were to take down Kronos. His time field would make us vulnerable indiviually, but if we attacked together we may be at an advantage. All said and done I need to work on the afterlife for the humans.


Disclaimer: I don't own Minecraft of Percy Jackson.

I wanted the war to not be straight forward. Like in some novels I read, the guy is overpowered and wins every battle. Where is the tension, the lessons, I want my characters to learn something from the consequences of his actions and to grow as individuals? Hardship causes people to grow and Hades will slowly start to act more human again.

Till now Hades did not necessarily know or remember emotions. He gained happiness, and that is it. He had never known sadness and loss. He did not know anger. I want him to grow as a person. He will still love to build and gain ideas from Minecraft, but I wanted to show growth of character. Hades had apologized to his siblings and that was one of the first steps. He basically avoided anything that was inconvenient and got in the way of him building, but he can't do that now.


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