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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
Author :v29
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14 War Part 5

Hades POV

A month has passed since my mother and two of my sisters were captured. I never had been stressed and worried before and has been starting to get to me. I try to put my work into building the afterlife for the humans. I created it on the memory of the Percy Jackson's afterlife with the Elysium Fields, Asphodel Meadows, Mourning Fields, Isles of the Blessed. The realm created the Elysium Fields which made me feel robbed. I wanted to create it, but at the moment I really didn't care. I had Tartarus contain all the souls which were evil and could not be redeemed. Right now there are not many souls, but I want to create a system which would allow for expansion and influx of souls. This would allow for war and an increase in humans to not affect the ENDs ability to contain it. The afterlife is beyond the location where a portal can be opened from, meaning I went far enough away in the END that there was no corresponding location on Earth. I asked the rivers Styx to surround the afterlife, Acheron the river of pain, Lethe the river of forgetfulness, and Phlegethon the river of fire to come to the END and have a place in the afterlife. At first, they disagreed with me, but after reasoning with them and the need for there powers, I was able to convince them to move their rivers here to the END. They were made a part of my council and given free access to roam my realm.

I have been pestering Zeus almost every day to the point that Zeus had to ask Iris to stop allowing me to message him unless it was an emergency. Posideon had finally become the king of the seas taking Oceanus's place. The wedding is postponed till the war is won, but from the looks of his relationship between him and Amphitrite, they are happy. Hmm, maybe I need to marry someone? Noone really catches my eye though. I want someone to build structures with, I don't see any goddess wanting to join me though. Even Hestia doesn't understand the joy of bringing ideas into existence through your hands. After a month of searching, Zeus had finally contacted me and says he has a lead.

Poseidon POV

This last month has been hectic for me and my brothers. It has been the first time I have seen Hades being angry. Over the past month, he has been pestering Zeus on the location of our mother and sisters. Hera has been less attention-seeking and has been looking around uncertain of what she must be doing. She has mostly stayed with the other goddesses that are occupying the oceans.

For the last month, all I have been doing are tasks set by Oceanus. Either creating rivers with only my powers or training my water control without my trident. I had to do some tasks for some naiads to clear any blockages in their rivers. I had gotten to know the gods and titans of the sea as well as showing my prowess. My last was to take down the Kracken alone without my trident. The Kracken had been my most difficult foe. With my trident, I could have easily defeated him, but Oceanus had shown me I needed to prove I was powerful without the weapon. I would never be able to truly rule the seas by a power that can be taken. I had been strangled and had chunks of my flesh bitten out of me. I was only able to avoid being eaten by turning into water. I only won because I gouged its eyes out with a high pressured water slash. It was my greatest victory by far. The best part of it all was a frantic Amphitrite to monitor my recovery. I would battle the Kracken a hundred more times if this is the treatment I would receive; Oceanus was amused by this.

Zeus has been looking frantically for Rhea and has been contacting all the gods, there had been some weird movements around Mount Orthys. He suspects that is where they are hidden there as they have no other location to keep them. It is being surrounded by a hundred thousand monsters with Iapetus and Atlas guarding it. Without our army, only my brothers could go there. By ourselves, we will approach the mountain. Kronos is also going to be there

Kronos POV

I had my prisoners in spiked golden chains hanging at the bottom of my mountain. This past month had not been fruitful. The dragons we once had were now all dead with only a few remaining. Zeus, my most hated son, had spent the last month playing search and destroy with them. I only had a hundred thousand or so monsters left and I called them all to Orthys. I had gotten information from Rhea after a threatening her daughters. Loving her children more so then I cost her dearly. Hades was now the ruler of the Underworld, it seems and he had escaped through his powers over space and time. He not only controls the Underworld but has freed my brothers from Tartarus. They had made him and his brothers weapons on par with my scythe. I can not fathom what plans he has made. Only I have the possibility to design something to block his powers. What is more frustrating is that Oceanus has betrayed me as I expected. I called Atlas, Iapetus, and all the titans to come here and stay close to the mountain, I can't afford any more deserters.

Zeus POV

It had been decided by myself and Oceanus that there would be an all-out assault on Mount Orthys. All the gods and titans we could bring to our side. We had no army, we had only three big hitters really. My brothers and I will lead the assault and finish this battle once and for all. By the time I am done Mount Orthys will be no more. Hades told me and Poseidon, that he could not open a portal around Orthys because of Kronos's ability to bend time is always active around him. He dilates time with different speeds at random times, destabilizing the portals. The only way to bypass this is to open an obsidian portal which would only last a few minutes. We have no choice, but to go by land and face his army head-on. We are rushing it from the perspective of many peoples, but we have no choice. Kronos has all the cards at the moment and we need a deceive victory. People are starting to stop believing in our cause if we do not show a victory. And with that, there is a less of a chance of rescuing my family. Hyperion was defeated, yes, but no one saw it and it was a sneak attack. We need to show our superiority. This may be our final stand. We need to show that they need a better leader.


Disclaimer: don't own Minecraft or Percy Jackson

Finished with work so I was able to work on this. Sorry was so busy today. It looks like I will be updating late tomorrow as well. I will be able to get a chapter out though. Thank you for the support and comments. The Paragraph comments were really helpful in pointing out mistakes. I started this on my phone not expecting it to go so well. The final battle for the first war will be next.


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