Minecraft Player reborn as a God
15 War Part 6 Final
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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
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15 War Part 6 Final

Hades POV

From Zeus's information gathering, all of Kronos's forces are at Mount Orthys. We are about to perform an all-out assault against the stronghold. Our armies have been reduced to nothing, our support from the gods is at an all-time low. We literally lost the support of the wind gods because of our loss. Zeus won't be able to conjure up storms around Orthys. The area surrounding the mountain is barren so there is no water for Poseidon to manipulate. We cannot rely on Oceanus's army because most of the creatures are need water. I can't make portals that are stable enough to pass through for any tactical advantage. Most of the gods and Titans on our side can't even fight properly, they don't have the domains for it. From anyone's perspective, we cannot face Kronos's because we have no advantage. A lot of the gods on our side even desserted us to join Kronos. Though it looks like we are at a huge disadvantage I still have one or two trump cards left. Today will be the day that Kronos learns a lesson all gods and titans shall forever implant into memory.

Zeus POV

Today is the day I fulfil the prophecy, I will smite down Kronos and take his place as king of the world. Just like Kronos and his father, it will be my turn to rule. We may be at a disavantage, but fate is by my side. With Hestia captured Hades has been acting unstable. I could use this to my advantage when I bring up the next kingship. A king should rule the sky and look down from above. I will stand the victor today, it has all but fated.

Kronos POV

Dawn approaches and I feel my sons and less than a hundred gods with them. Pittance to what they approach what army do they have has been wiped out. I mock Prometheus for his creations. They are not worth the effort to dispose of yet. They created them and gave them purpose, but were thrown away when they were unneeded. He could only look down in sadness knowing they are pathetic mortals. I have dozens of gods and titans by my side, their army is pathetic. They plan to attack me with such a small force. I will finally put an end to this prophecy when I capture all of my children I shall slice them into a thousand pieces like I did my father. I will not take any chances. I see a god in black armour approach my army ready to speak.

Hestia POV

The chains are really painful. Spikes through my hands and golden icor drips from my being. I feel weak, but I know my brother will come. I am surrounded by all the gods and goddesses captured during the attack of the Island. It is a depressing site and I don't know what is to come. I know my brother will come, but can he really beat Kronos, can he win. The army is huge and Kronos has more gods than all my brothers have combined. All of them follow in fear of Kronos's power. He wanted us as a demonstration. He plans to cut us to pieces. I see gods approaching the army of Kronos. I can't make out anyone, but I know my brother is in black armour. I hope he wins.

General POV

It was at dawn that the Zeus and his army moved. Hades came alone from the END not caring for the worried looks from his brothers. They expected him to bring at least Nyx, but he had forgone that. He just stated he was all that they needed. Arrogant and overconfident was all that was seen by the other gods, even Zeus and Posideon. Hades in all black armour had his helm in his hand and staff in the other. He had his sword sheathed approached the army of Kronos.

"Kronos, I am Hades this is your first and final warning, surrender now and release all of our allies. If not you will you face the consequences." Hades yells confidently to the army and the mountain trying to get Kronos's attention. For the gods following him including his brothers, he looked like an idiot. Posideon even tried to drag him back.

"Hahahahaha, why should I surrender to you, you have no power here, you can't teleport, make portals, no storms and be made, no water to manipulate, what can you even do. You are no match for my army. It should be you that surrenders yourself to me. And once you do prepare to be sliced to pieces."

At this moment Hades sees where Kronos is and notices gold dripping from the mountain. On closer inspection, he sees all the gods that were captured as well as his sister Hestia. They were decorated around the mountain like a Christmas tree decoration. Hades's anger causes spiked and had caused earthquakes.

"I was hoping for that answer. I am going to teach you a lesson Kronos." Hades puts on his helmet of darkness and grips his staff in both hands. "And that lesson is FEEAAARRR!!!!" Hades implants is staff into the ground creating a shockwave of dark energy in the direction of Mount Orthys. An aura of fear amplified by the staff causes monsters all around to attack each other fearing for their sanity. The worst fears possible, they could not escape. Some felt pain that was unimaginable like they were playthings to a higher being. Some felt like they were hunted as prey for others. All their worst fears came to life in their minds. Kronos felt as though Ouranus was next to him and attacked Atlas and Iapetus. No one could have predicted this. Hades himself just calmly walked to toward the mountain as a pathed formed for him.

The gods followed Hades just gaped at his power. The power to destroy armies without doing anything. Even Kronos was effected. This event would be forever implanted into their minds especially in the mind of Zeus. The helm of darkness had abilities unknown to them. Abilities that could change the tide of war. As Hades went up the mountain he asked the gods to release the ones that were captured. All the gods and titans that were not on his side were fighting each other. To see his family in chains and do nothing, they deserved far worse. For an entire day he lets his aura out in pent up anger as the army of Kronos was slowly destroyed. When only a thousand monsters remained and all the gods and titans maimed and unable to fight he released his aura.

The ones that followed Kronos were speechless, and curled up in fear of Hades. They had never felt so helpless and broken in their entire lives. The power to influence the minds of all beings in the world was such to be feared. Hades had called all his family together and they were finally going to deal with Kronos. As they approached the throne room they notice ruins and Atlas with his father beaten. Demeter uses her plants to bring them closer to be chained as prisoners.

The throne room itself was locked. Hades had cut open the door and what they found surprised them. Kronos was in a destroyed throne room. Everything had scythe marks on it. He was ragged and distraught. As they approached Kronos they noticed his weakened form. Hades had taken the oppurtunity and kicked him in the face. Zeus took his lightning bolt and shot him at his throne and took another to destroy it. Kronos was shocked beyond belief as all his plans were destroyed his mountain crumbling before him. The power he had obtained was being drained as his throne was destroyed. Posideon took the opportunity to blast him with his trident and Hestia had taken the opportunity to take his scythe while he was distracted. Demeter had wrapped him up in vines and golden chains.

The gods themselves were shocked at how they won. They had finally captured the king and all his followers. It had to be the most anticlimactic win ever. Zeus though was more so disturbed by the implications. He had thought the most powerful weapons in the world were the sword, bolt, and trident. He would never had guessed Hades's most powerful weapon was his helm. There was no protection he could conceive that would protect you from it. With just a though he could win any battle. Hades's actions though would be remembered by all gods making him feared.


Aphrodite will be introduced after the war but will be shown importance after till the Giant Arc.

Next is the aftermath.


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