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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
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16 Aftermath

General POV

With Kronos captured all that was left was to round up and kill all the monsters that remained on the battlefield. Zeus had ordered for all captured gods and titans to be taken to Mount Olympus to be judged. As everyone left the Mount Orthys Zeus used his bolt to destroy the mountain as a symbol of their victory. As all the gods and titans that were captured were recovering, Hades decided to come into the room without his armour and weapons.

Hades POV

I realised I made a grave miscalculation when I faced Kronos. I forgot to channel my helmets power properly during the battle. While I did curve my power from the gods by my side, I did not take into account my anger and used the helm's full power against all the chained gods and titans during the final battle. All the gods captured had been affected by my helm and gained an instinctual fear of it. Good thing I put it away and changed or else it would cause some issues. They probably don't know it was me that caused their torture besides Hestia. Speaking of which I notice her with mother and Demeter.

"How are you guys doing?" This month must have been tough for them. Being hanged from spiked chains must have been painful. Just the thought made me angry. My thoughts were broken by my mothers hand on my shoulder.

"It could have been better, but at least we won. I never expected to see you angry before." My mother soothes my anger.

"Well, with the humans dying I have to manage their souls and afterlife. It was stressful worrying about you guys and mmanging the humans. I made the process automated as possible so I don't really need to get involved directly most of the time which is nice. Now the war is over you can visit my realm more often." I wanted to show my realm to her. Over the course of the war I have grown to be attached to my mother. It was nice having her and Hestia around. I turn to Hestia and see she has recovered.

"Hi brother I would love to see it too and I will visit often" Hestia decides to join the conversation.

"Visit do you not want to live in my realm than" I guess Hestia wants to live on earth. I guess that's alright. As long as she is safe.

"Brother I would like to come to the END with you, but I feel my place is here my place is on Olympus." Hestia says to me. She looks firm in her decision.

"Well, okay then it is your decision" I guess there is no convincing her.

General POV

Hades decided to leave for the END to notify what was going on with war and bring them back to Olympus to judge those that willingly sided with Kronos. As Hades had left Zeus decided he needed to demonstrate a show of force. Zeus had wanted to show his prowess during the final battle with his lightning bolt, but with Hades taking the show he had only shown his power by destroying the mountain. He decided he needed a show of force, so he called all the gods and titans that were on Olympus to him. He took a bound Kronos and cut him into a thousand pieces and shoved his remains into a casket infront of all the gods completing the prophecy, but not before Kronos cursed him as Ouranus cursed him. Poseidon had tried to stop Zeus from doing the same to a bound Atlas. Poseidon called for Hades who summoned his sword and cut the sycthe out of existence. Poseidon was more so concerned for Zeus cutting down a defeated opponent than Zeus using the scythe itself.

"Zeus what are you doing, they are already beaten, there is no reason to face a beaten opponent." Poseidon was concerned for the message this would spread among the gods as they would be as cruel as Kronos and his regime.

Posideon and Hades's actions were seen as an insult to Zeus, but against both brothers, he could not do anything. Posideon decided he would watch over Zeus while Rhea and Hades decided to judge the offending party. Most were sent to Tartarus as they willingly contributed to the war. Prometheus intervened and brought the fates, Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos as some of the prisoners had a punishment which was tied to prophesy. Those included the likes of Calypso and Atlas. Hades did not agree with Calypso's punishment and allowed her freedom on the summer and winter solstices until her part in all prophesies are rescinded.

Zeus again proposed a vote for someone to be king. Many felt they needed a king as Posideon was ruler of the Oceans and Hades was the ruler of the END, and Zeus finally became ruler of the sky as each brother were to rule a realm. Many agreed that they needed a king to guide them. Most gods feared Hades's power and did not want anything to do with the Underworld, so Hades was not a choice to be made king. Not that Hades would care or listen to anyone who would try to order him to do something he did not want to do. Poseidon would not become king, as some felt he was biased to sea life. Zeus, as the one to gather most of the gods together, felt he was best suited for the position of king.

Zeus as his first order as king proposed a council made up of the most powerful gods and goddesses to rule over them. Hades was against this and suggested all the gods and titans be apart of this counsel. He was rejected by Poseidon surprisingly. Poseidon felt those that actually did something in the war were the ones that should be recognized for their accomplishments. While Hades could argue he felt no need to get worked up over something that did not concern the END. The council was made of Zeus and his siblings, with Helios and Selene as well. Zeus decided to lighten up the mood and celebrate their victory.


Zeus will not kick the Titans off of Olympus till they do something to jeopardize his rule.

Next chapter will have a lot of time skips.


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