Minecraft Player reborn as a God
17 Meeting the Fates
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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
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17 Meeting the Fates

Hades POV

Another week has passed and a meeting is to take place as the fates are going to finalize our domains. Apparently, when we gods or titans are born we have an affinity for a certain element or domain. For instance, Atlas had the affinity for regeneration meaning unlimited stamina and endurance. Like this, each god must be assigned a domain to govern over and be responsible for. The previous king, Kronos, did not allow gods to gain domains as it would increase their powers. Poseidon and I are exceptions as we gained kingship of our realms before domains. If the gods had their domains they would be on par in power with most of the minor Titans. Zeus was powerful because he disguised himself as a Titan with the help of Rhea to obtain his domain over lightning and thunder. Now as king of the sky he is now the god of the sky, lightning and thunder. With the extra element, he became much more powerful. Zeus was not going to tell us about getting domains, but Rhea had brought it up. I am starting to dislike Zeus he has become more arrogant and cocky recently.

As the ceremony went we each stood one at a time in front of the fates. Apparently everyone decided it was a good idea to be 50 feet tall in front of the three 5-6 feet goddesses. I mean it just looked wrong. Poseidon became the god of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses. Hera became the goddess of Marriage \u0026 Birth. Demeter became the goddess of the harvest. Even Hestia followed in her siblings' example and stood 50 feet tall. She became the goddess of the hearth, the right ordering of domesticity, the family, the home, and the state. Rhea was proud of all of her children.

When it was my turn I decided I at least needed to be eye level when I stood in front of the fates and shrunk to 6 ft 6. Later I would learn that I had unknowingly made a statement that he saw all gods no matter how powerful as equals. The fates and all the gods were surprised of this as no one had done this before. The fates did not choose their height, their power was based on the ties of fate and as such needed no power for themselves. So the power they actually wielded was very little, a gods power is matched by their height. A god would never lower themselves to a minor god, even the fates were barely considered gods more like immortals with magic.

There was an awkward silence in the air and I was getting anxious. I think I may have done something offensive. I tried to introduce myself. "Hello, I guess we haven't met yet nice to meet you."

General POV

"Hello, I guess we haven't met yet nice to meet you." Hades as tried to make conversation.

This caused another awkward silence. The fates were stunned, normally gods looked at them in disgust as they have some control over their fate and how powerless they actually are in every other aspect. They are forced to live in a swamp and Zeus did not seem to want to change that.

"How are you doing this fine day?" Hades again tried to break the ice with the fates, but was met with another pause.

The fates while curious about Hades and his demeanour, but decided they would read his fate like any other. The fates looked down on their thread ignoring Hades. Hades decided that this was how they are and to just go with it. The fates looked at the thread and searched. They continued to search, besides his domains Hades did not have his fate written down in destiny. It was like looking at a cave painting, they could see the image and what it was, but no it had no depth or explanation. Unlike Kronos, they could read how he would be overthrown and cut into a thousand pieces, how he would rise again in a couple of thousand years. They would know the important events to pass surrounding the past king. Hades' future, however, was a hazy image that they could not predict. They decided it was best to keep this information to themselves and give his domains.

"Hades you shall be the god of the END, space and time, the dead, fear, darkness, riches, and building." The fates proclaimed. Hades was happy with this and moved on to talk with his family.

A hundred years passed and many things had happened. Zeus had married Metis, but because of the prophecy by Prometheus proclaiming his son from Metis would end his rule. After hearing that Zeus ate her while she was pregnant. He then raped and married Hera a decade later. Upon hearing of the **** of his sister, Hades had stormed Olympus and laid a beat down on Zeus hitting him with his staff so hard he permanently injured his balls. Hades destroyed Zeus's temple and one testicle of Zeus permanently. Hades was subsequently banned and the council only able to come during the winter solstice. He was not invited to the wedding their wedding, which Hades thought was for the best as he would have layed another beatdown on Zeus. Poseidon did not intervene as he believed Zeus was king and a king should not be questioned and though disapproved greatly did nothing to support Hades.

Another major event that happened was Prometheus giving fire to humans stealing it from Hestia's hearth. Zeus saw this as the final straw and punished Prometheus severly. Zeus decided all titans were untrustworthy and banished all titans from Olympus. His mother decided to leave as she could only follow her friends even if Zeus wanted her to stay on Olympus. Hades decided to invite them to the END. Only about half the Titans agreed while the others joined in the coming decades hearing of Hades's realm. The Titans had come to enjoy his realm and found it fascinating.

A problem occurred two decades after fire was given to the humans, though for Hades it was not seen as a problem. Humans had discovered how to enter the END through obsidian portals left behind during the war. They entered Hades's realm and were surprised how welcoming Hades was. Hades explained how to travel eight times faster in the world and how to open portals. The humans could not live in the END but could use the highway that was built. Zeus was against the humans being allowed to use the portals, but under the threat of another beating, he decided to allow it. Zeus had grown to fear Hades and would always have a suspicion his rule was under threat. Though they were not allowed into cities of the END without permission, they were able to see for themselves the architecture of the gods. Hades loved to show off his builds and would sometimes take a human randomly from the highway to show him around. He would even ask their opinions and ideas. Many humans started to worship Hades as he was seen as a benevolent god to humans.


"Hades you shall be the god of Minecraft."

"What the fuck is Minecraft." Zeus

"It means crafting mines, I think" Poseidon

"I can't be its god that responsibility belongs to Notch and Herobrine." Hades



Sorry, I am updating so late. Had a lot of meetings today and am tired. Let me tell you guys staring at a screen and going through online conferences is really annoying.

Sorry meant Metis not Thetis


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