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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
Author :v29
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18 Traveling


I noticed there were a lot of errors last chapter.

Thetis was supposed to be Metis

Sorry for the confusion I was really tired and did not reread my work.

Hades POV

It has been twenty years since the titans were banished from Olympus and I am bored. Hestia officially stays on Olympus and the afterlife is basically automated at this point and ever-expanding. I took the Egyptian idea of judging souls with a scale, but instead of using the heart I just have them stand on a gigantic scale and weigh their crimes against their remorsefulness and benevolent deeds. This meant that any person as long as they are truly sorry for what they did would be forgiven for that action they are truly remorseful for. But to truly get into Elysium they needed good deeds. It was almost perfect, although some souls needed to be judged by me personally, it could be run without me. The Titans that were banished from Olympus were happy with their new home as well as the fact that I allow all residents of the END to be on my council and have a voice. The Titans were surprised as my council was not ruled by strength, unlike Zeus and Kronos's. They appreciated this and even invited some minor gods had come to live here. I always welcome new arrivals. Humans started to rely on my highway to go to other settlements to trade.

I have grown bored with the just building and decided to add an arena with armour for fighting and parkour courses. Both have gone great with the populous. People like to party and I provided a whole building for that. The biggest building in the END right now is the Library of the END. I consider it one of my greatest masterpieces as it holds the ever-expanding written works of humanity. Any work of literature or writing is copied and recreated in the library. No matter the language or area the library will copy it and recreate it. It took a hundred years to create and another fifty to have the ability to recreate literature. A lot of titans like the library, especially Hectate as she spends the most time there.

Right now I feel bored and in need of inspiration. I feel restless, with nothing to do and all my duties have been taken care of I think I will travel the world. We are not the only pantheon as there are the Asgardian, Egyptian, Eastern, Hindu, Yahweh, and many more. I kinda want to visit them and see their architecture. I spoke to Nyx of this and she was completely against it as it may cause war. I just told her it would just be a couple months every year. It's not like I am going on a huge journey around the world. I may have lied there and it was a going to bite me in the ass later.

"You are what, do you know what kind of trouble you would be in if any gods find out. There will be war?!!!" Nyx overreacted

"Relax I have my helm and from what I know of Zeus he would ignore all other pantheons. It would just be a couple of months, it's not like I will miss the winter soltices" I tried to calm her down. I found out later I missed twenty-four.

"Relax, Relax do you even know the consequences of you actions... blah blah blah blah blah" I kind of zoned out after the first fifteen minutes of her lecturing me. It took a day to calm her down.

The first place I visited was the Egyptian gods. Boy was that an experience, I never seen such a depressing atmosphere in my entire life. Their afterlife, though efficient was very depressing. Who wants to farm after they are dead. The gods themselves were so humble in their living arrangements. Though it was weird they would possess humans and did not necessarily have a physical form. I did not know how to approach them as they were really depressing to be around. I guess from a god of the Grecian pantheon they would appear boring.

The next year I visited the Asgardians. They are kind of like our pantheon, they do have unique buildings though. I did not really find them interesting as I would have thought. I thought of the movie Thor and compared it to them and found them lacking. I decided they were not worth my notice.

I may have almost caused a war with Yahweh's pantheon. An angel saw me snooping around in the garden of Eden and we fought. More like I knocked him out with my staff. Next thing I know I have a small confrontation with Yahweh himself. I had used my helm to strike fear into his army and nearby humans saw this. When I went home I found out the humans thought I was the devil himself and all the sinners that were supposed to go to Yahweh's domain now go to mine. I had to meet with Yahweh to discuss this in my domain later. He was more distracted by my home than anything else. We worked something out and he would take any human under his pantheon that he asked for specifically. I basically am part of Yahweh's pantheon and at the same time, I am not. This also confirmed the fact that I would not be like other Olympians who would lose power as fewer humans believed in them. I would continue to have people who believe I exist.

The eastern and Hindu pantheons were interesting as I learned from Buddha how to find peace within myself. Buddha was the first person I have met not affected by my helm. He forgave me for using it and helmed me more than I could ever repay him. I found myself less impatient and restless. I gained the most from this trip, they did not give me ideas on buildings or architecture, but what I gained would help me for years to come. I would come to Buddha more often than not over the years. I later learned I was used as an example as even a demon could find peace.

I came back home only to be chewed out by Nyx. Apparently Zeus has been asking about me and what I have been up to. I just ignored that and I will probably just get this over with during the next winter solstice. I decided to see what was new in my pantheon from Nyx. Zeus had a kid named Ares recently and I was supossed to show up and greet the prince. I completely ignored that. He also had another child with Leto named Apollo and Artemis. Hera had thrown a child from Olympus because he was ugly, his name was Hephaestus. He had a kid with one of Atlas's daughters named Hermes. The daughter of Metis was born inside Zeus and Hephaestus had to break his head to get her out or something. The last one made no sense to me. All of his children are now on the Olympian Council. It looks like I have to actually show up to this one and explain myself.


Sorry this is just Hades travelling. I had no clue what to do with this chapter. I just wanted to do a bunch of time skips, but to me that would not flow right. So he travelled while stuff happened and learned peace. He was restless continously building, now though he has become more calmer and now is ready to find love.

Hades character development so far

Restless Idiot no knowledge and likes to build

Restless Idiot with knowledge and likes to build

Not an idiot and can use knowledge from Rhea

Gained emotions such as anger and frustration and likes to build

Gained peace with his emotions and likes to build

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    《Minecraft Player reborn as a God》