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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
Author :v29
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21 Plotting

Aphrodite POV

I am ignored again, fifty years of trying to get his attention and he just ignores me. I am the goddess of love the most beautiful being in existence. I have sway with all the gods because of my beauty what does he even do. He ignores my advances every time. Well, no more I will personally see to it that his love life is ruined. I will find all of his mistresses and curse them to chaos.

Posideon POV

Hades has been treating this council as a game. He openly naps and disrespects me and Zeus. I asked him once why he sleeps during the meetings. He told me, "I am only here as a formality, I do not have any problems with my realm like yourselves and many humans very much appreciate the END. The Olympians are made up of mostly children of Zeus. Wasn't the Council made to guide the gods, not sleep with all of them and have orgies all the time? You people do not really set the bar high as examples of what gods should be like"

After that meeting I go home and I realize many women avoid eye contact with me. I am both angry and frustrated at the fact that I know he is right. I realize that all gods have their problems to point out we are the cause of them. I have caused a lot of problems for my realm sleeping with many goddesses, naiads, humans, monsters, mermaids, and any beatiful woman that had caught my eye. There seems to be lots of problems with my kingdom and I may be the cause of most of them. Many of my sons have caused problems in my name throughout the oceans. Much of the goodwill I had at the beginning of my reign has diminished.

Hades POV

It has been a hundred years since I have returned from my trip. The years just flew by as I was way more relaxed. I built fewer buildings and focused more on building a community. I arranged for many community events to take place even humans could join. We had human food of different cultures and played sports like basketball and football (soccer). I focused on social activities and hosted a few parties. The one thing I hate about the time period is the music. It felt so dull and one dimensional. I brought pop, rap, hip hop, jazz, and any music I could remember really. I frankly hated Apollos tastes as it was just dull.

The meetings were so dull and boring on Olympus I actually found it best to treat it as nap time. They tried to wake me up a couple of times telling me the meetings were important. The fact that Zeus and Posideon actually had legitimate problems with their realms and I did not did grate them. It probably stemmed to the fact they treated their gods in their realms poorly. I kind of treat everyone in the END as a family and we all get along. The fact that they sleep around so often and then expect everyone to respect them boggles me.

During each meeting though there is one goddess that keeps trying to get my attention for some reason. I don't really know what she wants, but until she asks I will just ignore her. Athena though seems oddly interested in my library and she decided to visit my realm. I later learned she had visited Poseidons realm as well but found that she did not feel comfortable there and left quickly. I guess there are a lot of problems there. She was actually intrigued how humans were using my portals to travel great distances. I showed her my road network and my architectural projects. She was pretty impressed by many of the buildings, but what most impressed her was the library. Athena was fascinated by the amount of literature in one place. She had built a permanent residence here in the END and visits more often than not. Her visits had been getting more frequent lately. Many goddesses started to also seek residence here in the END for some reason. I asked them once why more goddesses than gods are seeking to live here. The gist of it was it was a safe place and they did not have to be in fear of getting abused. Apparenly the other realms are feeling great disatifaction to Zeus and Poseidon.

General POV

"Zeus I do not want our daughter to be introduced to Olympus" A frantic Demeter tries to persuade Zeus against her child being introduced into a den of rapists. Demeter knows if her daughter were to be sent to Olympus, she does not want to think about what would happen. Her daughter was a goddess and was beautiful and already has many suitors. Olympus recently had grown to be a place known for degenerate gods preying on female goddesses. They get them drunk and **** them. That was how she got pregnant and she would not want that for her daughter.

"She is my daughter and she will be brought to her home" Zeus stated as a fact. He had grown more unruly over the years, while Hades had left for a quarter of a century he had seen more and more opportunities to flaunt his kingship. He had bedded practically anything that moved. The only consequence to his actions was Hades's punishment more than a century ago. He still had the scar and almost lost the ability to reproduce. Truth be told he was glad he had Hades kicked off Olympus as it gave him more opportunities to do as he pleased. He did all this without knowing the disarray he causes. Many gods and goddesses started to ignore their duties and all the goddesses in both his and Posideons realms felt unsafe causing Gaia to become upset.

"Fine as long as she is introduced during the winter solstice that is my only condition." Demeter knew she could not argue with Zeus, the only real safe haven on Olympus happened when Hades would show up. All the gods and goddesses were on their best behaviour at the time. His wrath was legendary, but for those that knew him like his siblings, he was an easy-going god who only reacted to major crimes. Demeter knew this and planned to have Persephone protected by him.


I am still deciding and reviewing the POLL so its either Persephone or Athena at this point. Sorry, this chapter is so short had a long day working.

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    《Minecraft Player reborn as a God》