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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
Author :v29
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22 Interlude #2

Athena POV

I was born in my father's stomach. Metis, my mother, raised me inside Zeus, she was the titan of wisdom, prudence and deep thought. She taught me everything she knew from her wisdom to the history of the world. She taught me so many things, I knew I had to escape from the stomach somehow. Metis told me that Hades was able to escape from Kronos while in his stomach, but I knew I would not be able to do that. Instead, I worked up a plan, I would rest in Zeus's head and cause a commotion like no other. Zeus would be forced to see what was wrong and then we could escape. My mother agreed to the plan but made one change to it. She would rest in my stomach till and escape with me and when we find an opportunity I would release her. She would still be able to communicate with me though as we both actively sought a connection. I did not really like this idea, but it was the only one which allows us to escape Zeus's wrath.

When I escaped Zeus's head I had to come up with an excuse why I was even there. I explained to Zeus I was his daughter born from his thoughts. He actually bought the excuse. I could not believe it, he did not even question it. Zeus introduced me to the other gods and made me an Olympian all in the same day. He explained how I was born and everyone actually believed the excuse. I met all the gods beside Hades, apparently, had a major fight with Zeus over his indiscretion with how Hera and Zeus became engaged. Zeus had consequently kicked Hades from the Olympian council.

From what I see from Olympus now it was probably a mistake. I talked to the other goddesses and they explained as soon as Hades was kicked off of the council and barred from Olympus, Zeus decided it was open season to prey on everything that moved and all the other gods followed. Though everyone feared Hades, he at least kept them safe and that is for me the most important quality of a king. I actually could see many gods vying for me and it had been getting worrisome. My mother told me to seek out the only being on Olympus that could actually protect me, Hestia. While Hestia lives on Olympus, her connection to Hades kept her safe. Everyone fears the Olympians as they constantly abuse their powers. Hestia's connection to Hades was both a blessing and a curse for her. She could not form friendships with others, but no gods would dare try anything with her. I was the only one to actually seek her asylum.

A decade goes by and news came that Hades was actually coming to Olympus, it is a surprise for all of us on Olympus. As soon as that message was heard, it was like everyone got their act together. It was like a den of debauchery became a religious place of worship and everyone became celibate. His name alone is greatly feared and respected, I was looking forward to meeting him. He came in the during the meeting time in oddly dressed clothes. They looked pretty functional and comfortable from my opinion. He looked at his stone chair and immediately changed it to something comfortable. It was pretty disrespectful of him to do this and Zeus called him out on it. Hades just waved him off barely paying attention to him. It really looks like he does not want to be here. During the meeting, he talked about his new buildings and all. My mother told me she had never been to the Underworld and heard it was a dark and gloomy place. I have heard mixed things about his realm which was now called the END. He said he built a library, I really want to see it.

He essentially sleeps through most meetings, but no one calls him out on it. Zeus wants Hermes to send messages to him, but Hades ignores him and continues to nap. Hestia told me that Hades is a laid back god and only really gets angry when you actually deserve it. He is usually calm, but if something were to make him mad no one could stop him. I asked Hestia to get me in contact with Hades and allow me passage into the END. He gave it readily and I visited a portal humans use to transport goods. Hades met me on the other side and gave me a tour of his buildings. Our final stop was the library, it was not the tallest but it was the biggest building I have ever seen. He explained to me its functions, imagine reading any book in the world, even my mother was excited. A couple of years go by, I want to ask him for my mother's asylum in his realm. If he would give it, only then I know she will be safe.

Persphone POV

My mother Demeter raised me by herself with some dryads she had trusted. I am not allowed to do a lot of things. My mother has always been frantic on the topic of gods. I am not allowed to go near them. She never explains why I am just to follow her instructions. The dryads though support my mother completly. I made a friend with Artemis, she told me that all men are disgusting pigs and it is better not to know them. My mother though did not agree with that statement, but with the message to stay from men and allowed our friendship. Artemis showed me how to hunt and fish as well as introduced me to her hunters. It was fun being around them and my only joy these days. My mother showed me how to use my powers to make trees, plants, and crops. Basically any vegetation I can make, bees are attracted to me and produce bountiful amounts of honey. I really love nature and everything about it.

My mother had been less frantic lately. Apparently her brother, Hades, had come from the END and visited Olympus for once for the first time in a quarter-century. She had never liked Olympus and refused to allow me to meet any god from there. I was though allowed to meet some titans though. It was all confusing to me. My mother feared contact with any male god that was from Olympus or the Posiedon's realm. It was like there was something going on in that place. I asked my mother about Olympus, I heard it was a beautiful place, but she refuses to let me see it.

She explained to me that Olympus is not how it used to be and under the beauty their lies many things wrong with the place. After the god, Hades had been banished Zeus had gone out of control and all the gods followed in his example. I found out I was a product of **** from my mother and my father was Zeus. It explained so much, why my mother doesn't want me near any god, why she doesn't want me to travel. She fears for me that I would be tricked and suffer for it. I can tell she had been scarred by Zeus and I don't think I could forgive him.

She had been more restless lately this year, my mother told me that I am to be introduced to Olympus by Zeus as his daughter. I was actually scared, the gods do not know my existence thanks to my mother. My mother explained that I would be introduced during the winter solstice, the only time it is truly safe around Olympus for us goddesses. Hades will be there and my mother told me to ask for his protection if I get the opportunity. If I do get it no god would dare try anything with me without my permission. My mother gave me this one task, I better complete it.


Ended a little early today so here is an interlude. More background on what is going on.

No one likes Zeus as he has gotten out of hand.

I decided not to have Athena be born from thoughts she will still have the ability to think up children.

Next chapter I decide who Hades will be with, either Athena or Persephone.

Athena had a longer section in this interlude because I found more information about her than Persphone and can infer more about her background.

Demeter is a victim and her actions are more ecentric because of it. She does not want her daughter to experience the same thing she had.

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    《Minecraft Player reborn as a God》