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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
Author :v29
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24 Demigods

General POV

The world of humans has changed much in the past two hundred years. The age of bronze is upon has begun and the with the children of gods lead man. Many human villages now able to cross vast distances of land through the use of END portals benefited the early rise of civilizations. Islands separated by vast oceans could now trade and communicate with others far easier and with that markets opened for trade. The markets expanded and more people connected to each other. The only downside of the of this is that monsters now had started to attack these markets. Demigods are the only ones to actually face these beings head-on, but most die without the proper tools. Only those that are demigods of Olympians were gifted celestial bronze weapons causing much in fighting for the honour of wielding such a weapon.

Many demigods were jealous of the END demigods as they were allowed permeant residency in the END as well as many benefits that come with it unlike those of Zeus's faction. Demigods of the END were able to get to obtain stygian weapons easily and were the only ones able to wield them causing factions among all the demigods to appear mirroring their parents. Stygian weapons were able to kill monsters indefinitely by absorbing their essences into the blades when killed. These demigods were better trained than their counterparts and learned under past souls that were masters of their craft. This caused more humans to ask the END demigods for protection more often than nought. Regular demigods of the other faction had to avoid praying to Hades to allow them access to use the END portals which would draw the ire of Zeus. Hades had provided a safe haven to learn and a home to live in peace.

Over the years many demigods rallied into groups and formed kingdoms like Thebes and Orchomenos where their children, legacies, inherited their rule, but the most prominent demigods was a teen named Minos. Minos being the son of Zeus allowed him to have more authority than others and he was a grand manipulator. He was extremely persuasive and gained the support of Poseidon to sail to the Island of Crete and conquer it. There he started his rule proclaiming himself as its king and conquered all the surrounding islands becoming one the most powerful nations in the known world. Minos was able to obtain many celestial bronze weapons from Hephestous and created the first military that would be able to kill monsters. This alone drove him to be one of the most respected demigod in the lands and humans started to go to him to join his kingdom.

Athena POV

When Persephone was taken to the END by Hades, I felt sad and alone. I like the END with its magneficent archeticure to the library. It was an endless road of expansion and creativity. Hades had shown me an illusion of how it was and a timelapse of how it changed and I have to say he is one of the most creative god in the world. He sees things differently, he has never looked at me with lust in his eyes like I see the gods around me do so. My status as Olympian and Zeus's daughter prevents them from touching me, but it is only a matter of time before someone tries something. I was thinking of taking the vow to be an eternal virgin, but I think I found someone I would want to be with.

After the solstice I started to visit the END more and more seeking audience with Hades which he easily gave. He was handsome as all gods were, but the way he carried himself spoke confidence and he looked professional. I actually went so often to the END I was considered an official resident and invited to the monthly meetings. I saw many titans, goddesses, and demigods there. There they made laws that would affect not only gods, but the demigods as well. Hades proposed seperate laws for immortals and mortals. Which made sense really, but Hades tried to make everything fair. What was different about him thought was he treated everyone equally and didn't show favorability between anyone.

I grew annoyed as I found out, Persephone had started to visit the END. Anytime she would come to visit I would tag along, much to her annoyance. Hades had created something with the magic of Hectate called bonemeal. They created skeletal monsters that would show up around these spawners and attack anyone they see. When killed they drop bones that could be made into this material. Bonemeal could speed up crop production exponentially.

Pesephone thought this was a gift for her as she used a lot more power nowadays because of Apollo and his laziness, but I know it wasn't. She is taking more of his attention lately. I decided to help him organize his paperwork and set up a way for documents to be easliy read. I liked how appreciative he was. He is an honest intellectual who knows how to strategize. I think he is the perfect match for me, unlike that airheaded who only thinks of trees.

Recently Posiedon and I had a competition for a city. He gave them a saltwater fountain, what an idiot. Humans can't even drink saltwater and he suggests to give it to them. I gave something more sensible, olives. They can make olive oil to cook with, eat it, or use the oils for various things like a moisturizer. Of course, I would get the city named after me, Athens. Posiedon, as usual, threw a tantrum when things did not go his way.

Persephone POV

Athena has been ruining everything lately. She ratted me out to my mom of all things on my trips to Hades. Every time I visit she is always there, like she lives there. I know for a fact she is just distracting Hades from his work. Speaking of Hades, he is the kindest person I have ever met. He gifted me bonemeal that would magically grow vegetation. I was so happy, I have been extremly tired recently being overworked thanks to that idiot Apollo. Now though plants do not need that much energy to grow, I just need to make the seeds and they will automatically flourish without my help. Mom though finds them as an insult like she isn't powerful enough to do her job. Honestly, though she has been tired and secretly appreciated my gift. She just doesn't like me spending time alone with a god.

Recently though I feel like someone is following me. I did not want to ask my mother as she would go overboard tightening my already substantial protection. She is too overprotective sometimes. I hear flutering wings sometime during the day when I open an END portal. I think its Hermes that's stalking me. I tell Artemis about it, she came back and told me it was not him. I am growing more worried now not knowing what to do. I fear it may be one of the Olympians. I can already hear Athena making fun of me for not figuring it out, that know it all.


This may actually turn out to be a Harem after all. I thought about it while going through the polls and decided that people liked Athena and Persephone. I personally don't like the harem approach, but I already laid the groundwork in a previous chapter.

Sorry if there was no dialogue, but these chapters are basically time skips till the solstice and the freakout. Freakout is intentional. I will let you guess what it will be.


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