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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
Author :v29
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25 Distress

General POV

In a bedroom chamber surrounded by flowers and the smell of musks. Aphrodite sitting on her bed facing a kneeling god.

"Eros, tell me what you have found." Aphrodite had been waiting patiently for the first time in years. Hades had proven he was attracted to women, but he had not chosen her. She would usually get a god wrapped around her finger with one look, even Zeus was subject to her charms. She had to know who this goddess was and what made her different, what about her caught his attention.

"Mother do you really need to do this, I mean she is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, two Olympians." A winged god now known as Eros was very agitated by the fact he had to stalk and find out information about an Olympian. If he was to be found out, he could not imagine the punishment he would face from Demeter.

"Do not worry about them, I can take care of Zeus. Demeter will be harder, but still manageable. Now tell me what you have found." Aphrodite leaned forward and eagerly awaits for something she could use.

"From what I have found out Persephone frequently visits the END as well as Athena. It may seem like they have a rivalry for Hades's attention. Demeter worries every time her daughter leaves the house. She is very paranoid and even when alone Persephone has many dryads feeding information back to Demeter. The only time Demeter does not know about Persephone is when she is in the END. Athena seems to like Hades, I feel she had realized this last Soltice when Hades took Persephone to the END. Demeter does not trust Hades with her daughter and may be going insane without her." Eros reluctantly gave his report. He further went into depth about how many times leaves to the END and how Demeter has responded to each one.

"Interesting, very interesting and if something were to happen to Persephone, let's say she disappears, how would Demeter respond." Aphrodite knew how much Persephone loves her mother if she were to be driven insane knowing it was her fault, the girl would break. She could feel the affection of that girl. She loved drama and this would be perfect entertainment.

"She would not take it well mother. I do not think you should do anything. Demeter might as well go insane wondering what has happened to her daughter." Eros was now frightened on what would happen to him if anyone found out of his involvement in his mother's plan. No one angers an Olympian without fearing to be kicked off of Olympus and being hunted for the rest of their immortal lives. But this plan had the possibility of angering Hades, and even he is not stupid enough to do so.

"Well then I won't do anything, my son, so you do not have to worry." Her answer eased the worries of Eros, but what he didn't know was that Aphrodite was going to go with her plans and if Eros knew he would inform Zeus.

Persephone POV

I noticed recently, that feeling of someone follwing me was gone. Today was a great day as Apollo was high in the sky. My dryad friends help me grow more trees. They seem to love bonemeal. It was a miracle in of its self, these things could grow trees in seconds and effects all of the surroundings as well. I helped build farms in the END with the help of bonemeal none of these farms were big. Hades invented something called a composter that also creates bonemeal and all of the farms has one. END Demigods started to sell the bonemeal to humans and fields have been flourishing on gaia. Many humans pray to me now for the material as Hades had created it as a gift to me. While humans are allowed into the END the cannot leave a highway unless it is to go to a city. Some humans have been burnt badly and died because they opened a portal into a Nether biome. They figured out though if you leave a stick in the portal and wait if the stick returns back burnt it is a nether region, if not they can continue till they find a highway.

A few weeks had passed since I noticed that I was not being followed and something happened. Aphrodite, the goddess of love came to visit me herself.

"Hello, I am Aphrodite the goddess of love, I felt you needed a little push for reaching love" Aphrodite was looming over me, I could quite put it, but there was just something in her eyes that was unsettling.

"Hello lady Aphrodite, how may I help you today," I responded

"It's not you helping me, but me helping you. I noticed your love for Hades and it did not sit well with me if you did not seek it out. I arranged with your mother for you to stay with Hades till he falls for you." That did not seem like mother at all, sending me off without supervision or anything. Though the prospect of staying in the END is very inticing.

"I will notify my mother that I will be going then and I will need to pack my things," I said. I should see my mother before I go.

"There is no need I have already packed your things, also your mother feels if she sees you she may not let you leave," says Aphrodite.

I am so glad mother has finally seen reason and let me go. I can finally be my own person and gain independence. I love mother, but she can be a bit smothering. After finishing up the my duties for today, I open up an END portal and depart to Hades.

Demeter POV

My daughter has not come back from her duties this week. I grow worried about her. Maybe a god had taken her or Zeus had her taken to Olympus. I just feel something is off. A week has passed and no word for her I feel my greatest fears have come true and some god has made her his plaything. No I have to stay positive, just maybe I am overthining things.

Another month has passed and I notified Zeus, but he was too preoccupied with Aphrodite. He told me he would have Apollo search for her. After a month of waiting, I find Apollo with Aphrodite. That bitch, I swear fucks everything in her sights. I realized Olympus is not going to help me then I shall make them. I swore on the River Styx to them that I would not perform my duties till Persephone is found.

Three months pass and without my care, the lands grow cold. No crops can grow unless humans have bonemeal. Humans are dying and the gods notice. Zeus has asked Artemis to find Persephone with no luck. I grow worried if Persephone is not found the world will freeze over and all humans will die.

Gaia POV

I have been watching these gods do whatever they want for the past couple hundred years. Each year they grow more decrepit. Now this god in charge of the world's growth dares to neglect her duties and allow the world to die, well no more. I will destroy them and build the world anew. I do not need these mortals and their other creations. The titans at least performed their duties, but these gods care nothing for them. I need something better than gods and titans. Something better and stronger that cannot be defeated by any of them. They will know retribution for what they have squandered and the pain they have caused me.


Sorry for it being so late I had an idea on what this chapter was supposed to be about, but I did not know how to implement it.

I noticed some novels I read have this don't read this chapter as its first chapter. Then say something over and over again. What is up with that?

This is kind of like snow white and the queen.

Persophone believes Aphrodite becasue she is a goddess, not a god. She feels because of this that she is trustworthy.

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    《Minecraft Player reborn as a God》