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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
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26 The Farmer

Kryos POV

This cold is something we humans have never seen before, our crops are dying and many are becoming sick in the village. Our food storage can only last us a month and a half more. Banditry had increased in these lands as more and more people cannot farm. We cannot support each other anymore, and even the animals are dying because of them not being able to withstand the weather. We cannot go on like this, we pray every day to the gods for help, but none of them deigns to look upon us. My wife, Chloe and my daughter Penelope had gotten sick. I have no choice, but to journey to seek a god no matter the importance, just someone that would listen to me.

I travel alone for two weeks in the direction of Mount Olympus. No human is allowed to visit the homes of Zeus and Poseidon, but I heard rumours of a way to visit the END. I heard rumours about the place both good and bad. Some say it is the most beautiful place they have ever seen, but also I have heard it is the most dangerous place like no other where you would burn alive in seconds.

I heard that Lord Hades had gifted the goddess Persephone something made of bones that could grow crops almost immediately. I have seen it with my own eyes last night and it truly a gift only a god could create. Apparently, END demigods trade them for animals and vegetables. I was able to ask a trader to get in contact with an END demigod and seek an audience with Lord Hades. The trader was not optimistic of me meeting Lord Hades, but seeing that there might be a way to end this neverending cold he obliged.

I just pray that my village can survive a little or there would be no hope. It took another week for us to find an END demigod standing outside an obsidian monument. He was very tall and had pale skin with black hair. He was well built and well-armed with a steel shield and sword. The demigod seemed nice though as he listened as I explained the situation and how I would need to seek an audience with Hades. He looked at me and decided to grant me passage through the END and he would guide me to Hades himself. He takes a flint and steel and prays to Hades then he lights the monument structure and a black void appears surrounded by purple haze. I could not believe it may my luck, Tyche must be looking down on me.

The demigod told me his name, Alexius, takes me on the highway to a city in the END. Alexius he was aptly named as he helped me understand the laws of the END and how to travel this place. He was actually the demigod son of Tyche, the goddess of luck herself. I am now firm a firm believer that the fates are guiding me on this quest. Soon we came upon a city and a temple dedicated to his mother. I saw the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, with no flaw on her skin whatsoever. She stood out like a torch in the middle of a dark night. I kneeled down and dared not look at her. Alexius went and hugged his mother and explained the situation. Tyche told him that she will send a message to Hades, and it was up to him to accept.

Hades did accept, which was a surprise to me as I was a just a farmer usually gods would only visit only those of high status like kings. I was fully expecting Hades to reject me. I was escorted to another highway by Alexius. He took me to a much bigger city with buildings as tall as the sky everywhere. We went to the biggest building and stood in a weird box and next thing I know I am on the top floor. I was escorted through a corridor by a beautiful woman. She was a demigod as well as working here. We entered a double-doored room and all I saw was a couch and a big desk filled with papers. Behind that desk, I saw a man with purple eyes looking at me before he spoke.

"You know, this is the first time a human has come all this way and asked for an audience with me. I was actually wanting an explanation for the increased number of souls joining the afterlife. I at first thought it was a war going on, but the deaths were of starvation or sickness. I then thought Pandora's box was opened again, but that didn't explain the dying of cold weather. Tell me what is going on, this number of souls is even burdening my system which I have placed here and for once is needing my full attention." Lord Hades sounded calm, but I could see the anger in his eyes. He looked at me like he was looking at my very soul. I felt very unnerved about being in front of him, but I had to answer.

"My lord H-Hades, my my name is K-kryos a poor farmer, the lands have grown cold. Crops cannot grow and what was there died. A-animals can't feed off the land and cannot eat from the lands. Everything is dying my lord and we are running out of our food stores. We were not prepared for this cold and as much as we prayed nothing has changed. E-everything is terrible, my village is dying, my wife and daughter are sick, and I don't know what to do." I tried to convey what was going on the best as I could. I stammered a little bit though. I only hope Hades will help.

He waved his hand and gave me a small blue box. He still looked rather angry.

"The winter Solstice is in a weeks time. I will bring this matter up with the gods on Olympus, right now that is all I can do to help. What I can do for you though is this here is a shulker box, inside I have given you nine stacks of sixty-four carrots, nine stacks of sixty-four steak, six stacks of sixty-four potatoes, and two enchanted golden apples. These apples will heal your wife and daughter as I have no record of them. You will just need to place down the box for you to use it and nothing inside the box will rot. I will escort you myself to your village." I was surprised by the generosity of Lord Hades. A god willingly escorting me, a farmer, it is unheard of.

As promised Hades did escort me to my village. He escorted me on the END highway and opened an END portal to my village, he left soon after. I exited the portal the cold water droplets floated everywhere as I remembered. I went to my family and gave them the golden apples and miracle happened they were no longer sick and looked healthier than ever. A week later, just as Lord Hades has promised the coldness stopped and the white water became regular water. Crops began to grow again and I could see animals. I prayed to Lord Hades more than ever before. Unlike the other gods, he had answered my prayers. The villagers were able to eat the food provided by Hades and celebrated for the first time in months. A yearly festival is created in honour of Lord Hades.

A few years passed, and only half a year is now cold, but we can survive at least. News of my quest became known to all throughout the lands by the trader and I became a hero. My family status was elevated and I was even summoned by King Minos himself and given land and a title because of my deed.


For some reason, this was not posting and was only being saved as a draft. It kept on saying authentication error. I am sorry for not noticing.

Alexius is a name that means helper. So his name fits aptly.

I still have no clue why people have this don't read chapter with "dontreadthis" over and over again.

I wanted to give a perspective of a human for once.

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    《Minecraft Player reborn as a God》