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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
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Persephone POV

The past five months have been the best days of my life. I never had experienced this sort of independence, it felt so freeing. It felt so good not to have anyone looking over my shoulder telling me my schedule for today. I definitely won't miss mother's dryads nagging me and telling me how I shouldn't wander off and look at flowers or how it is dangerous in the forest. Anything I wanted to do would be shot down as I was confined to one place. Every day was dull, I wouldn't even be allowed by mother to use my godly powers. It felt so different being in the END where they practically allowed me to do anything I wanted to do.

When I first came here and told Hades that I was going to live here he decided to build me a house. It was huge, I never have seen one this big before, Hades called it a mansion. I never lived in a house before, most of the time mother and I travelled and we used built temporary huts using our powers. It was a way to keep off the track of the gods as well as an easy place to build and rest. We only used them temporarily, as gods don't sleep, but in the END, apparently, gods can sleep.

Here there is Hypnos the god of sleep, Pasithea goddess of relaxation, and Morpheus the god of dreams, with all three here all the gods are able to sleep. I never knew what it meant to dream before, like going through endless flower fields or relaxing on a beach without a care in the world. My first time sleeping was quite an experience and only residents of the END can do it. When I told Hades of my dream of the most beautiful flower garden, he told me he was going to make it a reality. I thought it was the most sweetest thing he has ever said to m.

Hades wants to build a garden in my name, the garden of Persephone, I like the name, but I want to change it to the Garden of Hades and Persphone. We would have started it, but souls have come into the afterlife at an increased rate, Hades does not know why though and he has been extremely busy for the last two months.

Athena hasn't visited the END since I came here. I don't think she knows I am here, this gives me the perfect opportunity for me to monopolize Hades. Though that is getting harder as Hades has a lot of work. It is strange though that everyone is busy these days. I heard a mortal had come to seek an audience with Hades and he might have found the root cause of his problems. Hades for the first I have seen him is angry. He says he needs to keep a closer eye on his family from now on or else he fears that the world will end. Apparently, the Olympians are the cause for the number of deaths, not war or anything.

Athena POV

Early this year around the summer solstice, an excited Artemis came to me with an idea. She proposed a land with only women, warriors all. She told me that we could create an island and the perfect female paradise. A land where women blessed by both of them that no one if on the island would age. I asked her how they would reproduce as there would be no men. She told me that all they needed was clay to create daughters. The land would be a perfect matriarchy with no foolish kings. I did not necessarily agree with the sentiment that all kings are foolish, but frankly, I wanted to see what would happen if a queen did rule.

This project that Artemis proposed sounded very interesting and spending time with Hades has got me excited to have a building project of my own for once. So I agreed to Artemis about the idea. First, we scouted a rocky island with no inhabitants. We then had to terraform it which took about a month as I wanted to make it look perfect. I had Demeter bless the Island to always be bountiful in harvest. It was a good thing I asked her to a month early as the next month she swore off helping the land grow vegetation till Persephone was found. I think I know where Persephone is, but I want to finish building this Island first.

The first few months I was building the structures and terraforming this island. I want to show off this to Hades later and I want it to be perfect. When that was done we created the first women of the Island of Themyscira. We taught them everything they needed to know from fighting to politics. I taught them geography and how to build. Artemis taught them how to hunt and about men. I probably should have been watching her when she taught them about men because form the disgusted look in their eyes. We had a competition for the strongest warrior and the greatest mind shall be queen. The most intuitive of the bunch, Hippolyta, won the competition and became queen of the Themyscira. As we finished everything it became time for us to visit Olympus for the Winter Soltice, six months flew by fast I can relate now how Hades loses himself in building all the time.

Hades POV

The last two months have been torture for me. The system I implemented was made to correspond to the increase in civilization and for wars, not plagues and mass death. I don't know what's going on and had to judge many people personally. Many who died were children as they got sick and passed. The look in their eyes would haunt me for the rest of my days. I decided then and there that after this is over my family will need more direct oversight. I decided any child less than twelve will be going straight to Elysium. That lessened the burden by almost half. I felt both pleased because the workload was less and horrified. I did not find out what was the cause until a farmer named Kryos came and told me the situation. If it was a plague they would quarantine the people sick, but they could not have a plan for this. I need to get to the bottom of this on Olympus and when I find out who is responsible they will face my anger.


Sorry for being so late, I am not going to rush when putting out chapters because I do not want to post crap.

This chapter was for mainly Persephone and Athena and what they have been doing for the last six months. Hades is going to have to be more proactive with his family from now on so none of their shit flies anymore as the consequences of their actions affected him greatly.

It actually took a while to write down a timeline for this novel so I needed to do some research on the Giant war and who participated in it. Themyscira needed to be introduced before Hercules and the Giant war.

After this, there will be some fillers and then the Trojan war. I will make some changes to history. I am not going to give you a timeline on what is going to happen as that is for me and you will find out what happens when it happens. After which we will have interactions of the gods from different pantheons.

The modern era won't come up for some time. I am sorry, but I will not rush my story. So you will not see Percy Jackson for some time.

I want to have a transition for Romans and how worship would affect the gods.

I read all your comments and yes, Kryos the farmer will forever be written down as the man who saved the world and his story will be taught in history classes.

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    《Minecraft Player reborn as a God》